Alfredo Velasquez

Alfredo V.

San Antonio, TX
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100% Satisfaction Guarantee

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Try the first lesson and if you’re not satisfied we'll refund any unused lessons.
100% Satisfaction Guarantee

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Try the first lesson and if you’re not satisfied we'll refund any unused lessons.

About Alfredo V.

I studied classical percussion in college and then specialized on drums at the Drummers Collective in New York City. I have toured with bands and played many times in front of crowds of more than 25 000 people. I have TV experience as well. I also have worked as a session drummer on several records for big labels (BMG and Sony Music among them). I work as a producer and my approach to teaching comes from my love of Music in general. I have been a drums instructor for more than 30 years and my students always get the gigs. I speak English and Spanish. My teaching style is fun and has a very clear outline, remaining flexible within it. I keep learning and practicing every day, and am very open to having fun together while learning. If you practice, the results are shown on every lesson and you will really notice it!

*** Lesson Details ***
We start by learning how to Play, reading is not the first approach, but will be learned around the 3rd month . Everyone can do it and if you feel you can't, I'll prove otherwise during the first lesson. Afterwards we practice simple techniques and start with simple independence exercises, which feel great. You will be playing a beat with simple independence the first time we try it, which can be during the first lesson and no longer than three lessons afterwards. As you progress with the independence in rock style, we will work in other styles like funk, jazz, Latin, odd meters and African and the main focus will be that you become a great drummer. Whether you are aiming to become a pro or playing as a hobby, you will find great value in these lessons.

*** Studio Equipment ***
I have 11 drum sets, recording gear, guitar and bass amplifiers and a pa system.

*** Travel Equipment ***
His own set. I could also rent them a set if needed, but having their own set is better for me. Sometimes I rented a set to my students in order for them to decide if they wanted to buy one.

*** Specialties ***
I use the Drummers Collective approach. I teach styles such as rock, jazz, funk, Afro-Cuban, pop, Brazilian, etc...

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  • Speaks English, Spanish, French, Italian
  • Technical Level (4 Years). from ESCUELA NACIONAL DE MUSICA UNAM
  • Teaches Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

Reviews (8)

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Kyle M. May 6, 2018
Drum · In studio

Great first lesson. Instructor is both friendly and knowledgeable. Can't wait to continue doing more lessons with him and learning everything I can.

Kevin Apr 3, 2018
Drum · In home

My 12 year old daughter has a learning disability and a noise anxiety but really wanted to take drum lessons. She was extremely nervous and shy at first but Alfredo made her feel relaxed and comfortable. His encouragement and praise really brought out the best in her and after one hour of practicing together, she was able to use her arms and legs independently and keep a beat. He has a knack for explaining things so that even us non-musicians understand. My daughter is already looking forward to her next lesson which is a nice surprise compared to previous instruments and activities she's tried. Highly recommended.

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Jeremy Feb 21, 2018
Drum · In studio

Alfredo is a great instructor and he has a true passion for the drums.

donald Nov 22, 2017
Drum · In studio

Alfredo is an amazing drum and a terrific, thoughtful teacher. When I started my lessons with him, as an intermediate drummer, I thought I knew what I needed to do to improve. He listened to my thoughts and then evaluated my proficiency, and then together we modified my lesson plan to grow in areas I didn't even know were weak.

I've never worked extensively on my left foot- it wasn't something that I thought, for the music I was playing, I really needed to develop past the basics. Now, having seen what he can do, I'm working diligently to develop more 4-way independence and adding a powerful playing ability to my arsenal.

I will be working with Alfredo for a while and I really look forward to growing. I also enjoy my lessons simply because he's a great guy. And his custom made drum set that he built himself is awe-inspiring.

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Ambur Jan 3, 2017
Drum · In studio

Professional, organized and the lesson was fun!

David B. Oct 16, 2015
Drum · In studio

Alfredo is a great musician and a wonderful drum instructor. I'm thrilled with the material presented and the enthusiasm in which he conducts his lessons.

Tara D. Oct 29, 2014
Drum · In studio

He is very knowledgeable. He is always very patient and finds what works best for the student.

Alan W. Jul 28, 2014
Drum · In studio

Alfredo is an incredibly accomplished Drummer and musician! His professional musical experience and accomplishments are quite impressive. It's humbling to have someone with his professional music background as a teacher. But don't let his background intimidate you. He is very patient, and has a well structured methodology to teach you how to become a good drummer. Alfredo's technique is not directed to just learn easy groves to play along with music. Rather, he is committed to teaching you the proper techniques that will give you the foundation to become a skilled drummer if you are willing to put in the time. It's challenging, to say the least, but I think it will pay dividends in the long-run. When you are around Alfredo, it's obvious that he "loves" playing the drums, as well as composing and playing other music/instruments. It's also great fun to play your exercises, while Alfredo plays along with you (challenging not to be distracted) on his drum set or bass guitar. Great FUN!

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CEO/Main Composer
Aug 2003 - Present

Durazno64 Audio

My work as a Composer and Multi Instrumentalist can be heard at my company's website. We essentially make audio and music for T.V. and Radio commercials. I compose the music and play Drums, Guitar, Bass, Keyboards, Sax, Recorder, Percussion, Cello and use Samplers for many other instruments.

Sep 1984 - Present

Sony Music, BMG.

I was the drummer in two major Spanish rock bands during the 90's (Los Amantes de Lola and Los Necios). During the 80's I played with several Rock and Jazz bands. During the first decade of the century I played with different Jazz bands, Rock projects and some Progressive Latin Fusion bands. I also work as a session drummer since the 1990's and have played in several Mexican Artists Records (Eduardo Palomo, Sergio Arau, among others), and currently play drums in many TV and Radio commercials.


Drummer Certificate
Jan 1990 - Sep 1990

Drummers Collective, N.Y.

Orquestral Percussion
Sep 1984 - Jun 1989

Escuela Nacional de Música

Technical Level (4 Years).
Jan 1984 - Jan 1988


Piano Lessons
Jul 1977 - May 1983

Stella Lechuga Piano Academy

Music for Children
Sep 1969 - May 1976

Escuela Nacional de Musica



Professional Proficiency


Limited Proficiency


Limited Proficiency


Fluent / Native Proficiency


Certificate of Completion
Aug 1990

Drummer's Collective, NYC.

Attended several lessons with some of the greatest drummers over the Planet. Got my certificate during the summer of 1990.


15 years Accomplished Teacher
Mar 2013

Yamaha Academy of Music (Mexico City)

Best Spanish Rock Band And Record of the Year
Nov 1992

Mexican Association of Musical Press


Society of Authors and Composers of Mexico
Feb 1996
On behalf of Mexican and foreign authors we carry out various actions, procedures and legal procedures for the defense and protection of copyright, in order to ensure that the royalties generated by the use of musical works are paid correctly.

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