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Teresa Y.

Teresa Y.

In regularly scheduled Zoom sessions, Teresa coaches and champions her clients as they work to accomplish what they want most. Because pursuing what truly energizes and inspires us now, in THIS season of our lives, is one essential key to healthy longevity over the long haul. Client priorities include satisfying work, healthy relationships, creative satisfaction, effective leadership, vibrant health and well-being, and soul-centered living. A few testimonials: Teresa calls me out in the most beautiful and compelling way, reminding me to savor all that today has to offer while confidently turning visions and goals into realities. — Karen F., Philadelphia, Fortune 100 executive, wife and mom When Teresa and I began working together, I was stressed and overwhelmed, going through a variety of significant transitions. Now, with Teresa's wisdom and experience as a highly skilled coach and beautiful human, I have happily and successfully progressed through my transitions, accomplishing what I was hoping for, truly experiencing my dream in my family, career, and well-being. — Brianna G., California, career corporate professional turned entrepreneur Teresa got me moving when I was stuck in a career transition. Her holistic approach embraces a wide range of pathways to change. — Stephen M., New York, making a mid-life career change Teresa has a great presence—both steady and energizing. She has a deep sense of the artful and mysterious in life, which are assets in supporting others as they create new life circumstances. — Michelle L., Los Angeles, young creative on the rise I don’t have words to describe how thankful I am to Teresa for coaching our family through a trying time, probably the most difficult time of our lives. Her delivery was impeccable. I will be forever grateful. — Fran H., Los Angeles, during a season of crisis/opportunity I found Teresa on Twitter and started working with her on a whim, though I didn't really know what coaching was. But after two years of consistent work, I've transformed my life. So now I get what coaching is, and it makes sense. I needed a coach! — Jason M., London, artist/entrepreneur Teresa hit the right balance. In brief, she really listened, and she asked the right questions. So I actually had to start working on my goals. Getting to update her on my progress bit by bit made the difference. Basically, working with Teresa worked for me. — Mark Q., Seattle, attorney and musician
/30 mins
Christina S.

Christina S.

Are you ready to manifest your full potential? As a clairvoyant since childhood I am here to share valuable information to support you and your loved ones in your self-development - so you may live your full potential on all levels. As an IntuitiveLifeGuide my goal is to collaborate with clients to bring their potential into the light while empowering them to achieve personal, spiritual and professional goals on all levels. Through my unique mix of clairvoyance, psychology and teaching I adapts my communication style to be most effective based on personality, learning type and development. Through my lifelong clairvoyance I combine my intuition with a rich history of experience and different methods for your step-by-step path to self-development. For new clients I offer a 30min. FREE consultation, discussing goals and questions. I purposely offer my service to an affordable price ($85/hour), so everyone has the opportunity to reach out. Unlike other life coaches, I offer my consultation either on a regular basis or whenever the client needs a session (vs. a fixed program). Feel free to contact me!
/30 mins
Haley Shea B.

Haley Shea B.

Self actualization takes work. Sometimes it helps to speak with someone about how to make it happen. Life coaching can empower you to bring your dreams into reality through achievable goal-setting and raised self-awareness. As a strategy-minded cognitive scientist in predoctoral training, my life coaching approach is strengthened by experience and research in guided meditation and cognitive neuropsychology. I customize my approach according to each individual client's needs and characteristics in order to provide a personalized service and affirm sense of self. With the right support, you can cross the distance, climb the mountain, and succeed in what ever you put your mind to. Feel free to use the Ask a Question feature in TakeLessons before booking to learn more!
/30 mins