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Priscilla L.

The first thing I do before the first day of class is send out an enthusiastic email to introduce myself. We then Briefly discuss the learning goals for the course based on the visual literacy, technical, and intellectual competencies the students would like to achieve by the end of a period through the questionnaire. This is ideal for me to design the course or update an existing course for the student's desired outcomes. The customized syllabus and the schedule are completed along with a comprehensive strategy for what will take place during our lesson together. I incorporate technology all the time. I'm also inclusive driven because I believe everyone can learn no matter their capabilities or background, I also engage with my students by catering to their interests, and I embrace my dualities and share them with my students.
/60 minutes

Josiah J.

As a college graduate with two Associates degrees in Fine Arts & Associates in Digital Arts, and a Certificate of Completion in Digital Photography, I've learned a tremendous amount about photography and operating the camera. I'm eager to share this knowledge and these skills with my photography students. You'll learn the basic functions of your camera, how to compose a great photograph, and if you need help with editing and managing your photos I can help you with that as well. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions, I'm always happy to help!
/30 minutes

Jonathan Y.

A photojournalist and wedding photographer with 20 years of experience. Jonathan has a passion for teaching and loves seeing his students thrive. All ages and skill levels welcome. Lessons are customized and catered to the needs and goals of each student. You'll soon have the foundation to take timeless photos or take your skills to the next level. Shoot me a message, I'd love to hear from you!
/60 minutes

Julie D.

From the basics of camera operations to field sessions, creativity assignments to photo processing in Lightroom and Photoshop. We work together to develop training to meet your photography needs. I am known for my patience with students and am committed to your best learning experience.
/60 minutes

Joe B.

We go in an in-depth journey of light and shadows. I can teach in digital and Film photography. I am very knowledgeable in lighting techniques for portrait photography, fashion photography, outdoor, event and artistic expressionistic photography. My students will learn composition, lighting and artistic forms of photography
/60 minutes

Sarah L.

I got my first camera when I was 8 years old and have been a passionate shutterbug ever since. I can teach you how to use all of the manual features on your camera to get the effects you want to achieve, and I can help you to train your eye to see and capture memorable compositions. I encourage each student to find his or her personal style to express a unique vision. You don't need any experience to become an artist, just the desire to start noticing new things all around you and capturing moments to share with others! For in-person lessons, we will meet in an outdoor setting to learn photography in natural light and existing light conditions. Online classes can be held in any location you have access to over Zoom, FaceTime, or Skype.
/30 minutes

Kelvin L.

If you’re interested in learning photography – congratulations! Photography is a fun, practical hobby as well as an exciting career. Although learning photography does take a little patience, the rewards are certainly worth it. So, let’s start with the benefits of why you should learn photography. - The ability to record special events like a child’s birthday, graduation or the family’s vacations with clear, focused well composed photographs. - Never missing a picture of a special moment because you were searching for the right button or dial. - Taking photos that you and your loved ones will enjoy displaying on your wall. By capturing your special memories in pictures, you can have a way to document and pass on these memories to future generations. - Communicating through your photographs. A picture really is worth a thousand words! You can capture an expression that says it all. Or as we've seen in magazines like Time and National Geographic, you can shoot photographs that convey messages powerful enough to open a mind or convey just about anything you want to communicate. You don’t have to be a professional photojournalist to get out there and take some great shots
/30 minutes

Sergio M.

I can help you get an eye for a artsy photo and make the camera your weapon
/30 minutes
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Very thorough and smart..loved my lesson

Margot (Photography lessons with Jonathan Y.)

He is flexible, articulate and patient.

Lynda (Photography lessons with Jonathan Y.)

My son really enjoyed his lesson with Jonathan! He learned a lot about his particular camera and photography itself! Jonathan was very professional and helpful!

Conner (Photography lessons with Jonathan Y.)

Jonathan did a great Job helping me today. I am a total beginner and now I feel like I understand the workings of my camera better and am anxious to start taking much improved photographs. He was ve

Robin (Photography lessons with Jonathan Y.)

Very thorough and smart..loved my lesson

Margot (Photography lessons with Jonathan Y.)

He is flexible, articulate and patient.

Lynda (Photography lessons with Jonathan Y.)

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