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Joanne is so knowledgable, so patient and so helpful. What terrific instructor!

Robert (Microsoft Word lessons with Joanne T.)

I liked a lot her class. She is so polite and very friendly! I recommend her as a teacher!!!!!

Patricia (Microsoft Word lessons with Joanne T.)

Excellent Teacher. Some computer connection problems with her system at last lesson.

Mike Ryan (Microsoft Word lessons with Susan E.)

I have taken classes from Susan Edwards since 2014 till March of 2019. Her teaching is great and she is very patient with the student or students. I will be taking a class at Clackamas Community Colle

Ray Hebert (Microsoft Word lessons with Susan E.)

Microsoft Word Lessons

Microsoft Word is an essential program in today’s world. Whether it’s in the professional or personal world, Word plays a big role in writing, editing, and producing documents, including memos, resumes, novels, poems, and much, much more.

Microsoft Word was first released in 1983 and was one of the world’s first word processing software applications. In its early days, it was called Multi-Tool Word, and was rudimentary in its capability of producing documents. Over the years, though, it would steadily gain popularity, especially when it was paired with the Microsoft Windows operating system. Since then, it has become a much more dynamic software, offering users the ability to make tables and graphs, use images and graphics, and even apply 3D effects.

TakeLessons has assembled a team of expert Microsoft Word lessons teachers for both online and in-person lessons. Book your Microsoft Word lessons that will help you learn the software quickly and affordably. Sign up for today!

Certified Microsoft Word Teachers

As a legacy software, Microsoft Word has a lot of features. Because of its depth as a program, there is a lot to learn, especially if you want to attain mastery.

The Microsoft Word lessons teachers at TakeLessons make learning the ins and outs of Microsoft Word a whole lot easier. Our background-checked, certified Microsoft Word teachers bring many years of experience from using and teaching Microsoft Office programs. On the TakeLessons website, you can browse through teacher profiles, which list their starting rates, the levels and age groups they work with, and a summary of their experience. For an idea of the general price, the average cost of a 30-minute lesson is around $30-35.

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Online Microsoft Word Lessons for All Ages

Learning Microsoft Word isn’t age-dependent. Young children and adults can all benefit from learning the program. Because of its wide applications and uses, the software can be used in many facets of life.

Our Microsoft Word lessons for kids help your child get a good grasp of the software, showing them how they can use it for both personal projects and as part of their career later in life. Our teachers show kids how Word can be fun, allowing them to write stories, print documents, and put together creative material.

Adult learners have a lot of reasons they’re trying to learn Word, whether that's for professional work, a personal project, or a school assignment. When you book your lesson with our Microsoft Word lessons teachers (online or in-person), your goals will be taken into account when building your lesson plan.

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Microsoft Word Lessons for All Levels

We believe every level of learner needs a lesson attuned to their specific needs. That’s why our Microsoft Word lessons are crafted for where the student is starting out, matching them with a teacher who specializes in teaching that level.

Every teacher on TakeLessons will list what levels of students they work with, making choosing the right teacher a simple process. If you’re looking to take Microsoft Word lessons for beginners, our Word tutors will provide a basic introduction to the software to get you started with basic tools and word processing. Advanced lessons will take learners deep into the software’s capabilities and beyond what you thought Word was capable of.

No matter what level you’re at, our Microsoft Word lessons teachers can take you higher. Sign up today!

Microsoft Word Lessons Curriculum

Sample Curriculum for Beginner Microsoft Word Lessons

  • Introduction to Word
  • Indents and spacing
  • Spellcheck
  • Saving and printing
  • Different file formats

Sample Curriculum for Intermediate Microsoft Word Lessons

  • Using graphics
  • Graphs and tables
  • WordArt
  • Image formats
  • Advanced printing options

Sample Curriculum for Advanced Microsoft Word Lessons

  • 3D effects
  • Software integration
  • Merging documents
  • Tracking changes
  • Digital signature

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The best Microsoft Word lessons are just around the corner at TakeLessons. Whether you’re a beginner, intermediate, or advanced learner, our well-qualified, background-checked Microsoft Word lessons teachers can help you achieve your goals. Plus, all of our lessons are covered by a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Sign up today and start learning!


What is the best way to learn Microsoft Word?

The best way to learn Microsoft Word is through online lessons. There are many tutorials, YouTube videos, and online courses on how to use Word. Though these are all helpful in learning the basics and getting comfortable with the program, it’s even better to take private lessons from a teacher. A great Microsoft Word lessons teacher will help solve problems in real-time, showing you the fastest and most effective way to complete tasks and get your documents finished.

How long does it take to learn Microsoft Word?

It doesn’t take too long to learn the essentials of Microsoft Word. If that’s all you need Word for, then 10 hours of learning and practicing in the program will probably suffice. But if you want to take advantage of the complex functions of the program, more practice and lessons will be needed. For example, to get an official Microsoft Word certification, Microsoft recommends that you have at least 150 hours of instruction and hands-on experience under your belt. A great teacher, such as the ones at TakeLessons, can help learners get the basics down and take their Word skills as far as they want to go.

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