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Etana H.

Tempe, AZ
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100% Satisfaction Guarantee

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Try the first lesson and if you’re not satisfied we'll refund any unused lessons.
100% Satisfaction Guarantee

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Try the first lesson and if you’re not satisfied we'll refund any unused lessons.

About Etana H.

Hi! My name is Etana, M.S. I am a detail oriented, self starting designer with 12 years of professional experience under my belt. From print to web, design is not simply what I do for a living, it is my passion.

I run a Tempe, Arizona based business called SocietyJazz = ‘Society’ as in the totality of people and ‘Jazz’ as in all that stuff. Society Jazz brings together my core concepts: People .Passions . Environments.

I bring this philosophy into my teaching method: I believe that each person is uniquely different so therefore their love/passion in life and how they bring it into the world is their own. I use this philosophy to create unique lessons based on you, how you learn and what you want to learn.

There isn't a creative challenge I won't take on with you no matter your experience level. My greatest joy is to share my passion of Design with you.

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  • Teaches Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
  • Teaching since 2006
  • Teaches students 10 and up

Reviews (85)

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Arthur Jan 22, 2020
WordPress · Online

Excellent Session. Etana is a great teacher. She answered and explained every question I had, and went over the subject over again if I wasn’t exactly sure of a process or definition. I come away with a better understanding, something no book could do. I’m very satisfied.

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Anne G. Nov 27, 2019
Adobe Photoshop · Online

Excellent lesson.I learned a lot and Etana was very knowledgable about the topic

Peter T. Nov 11, 2019
Adobe Photoshop · Online

Etana does a very good job of walking you through various corrections in Photoshop.

Ellis Nov 2, 2019
Graphic Design · Online

My 14 year old son really enjoys his graphic design lessons with Etana. She is very knowledgeable about her craft and a true professional. She conveys information in a way that is interesting and exciting for teens.

Jay .. Oct 24, 2019
WordPress · Online

Etana did a great job helping me build my website one step at a time. WordPress can be very confusing for a newcomer, so I really appreciate her patient, thoughtful approach. My website doesn't look like anybody else's, so I know that she'll work with you to develop the website that you've been dreaming of but haven't known where to begin.. Highly recommended!

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Melissa M. Oct 4, 2019
Adobe Illustrator · Online

Very patient and thorough.

Dan Oct 2, 2019
Web Design · Online

Etana is absolutely a life saver!!! She has not only the knowledge but a giving attitude that no one has matched!!! She is the best I have experienced.


Melissa M. Sep 19, 2019
Adobe Photoshop · Online

Jacqueline D. Sep 10, 2019
Adobe Illustrator · Online

Etana is very knowledgeable and patient! She is a pleasure to learn from and we look forward to future classes.

Charlie Aug 30, 2019
Adobe Photoshop · Online

Dan Aug 14, 2019
WordPress · Online

Etana oozes of confidence that she talks the talk and she walks the walk! She rock!!! I feel that I am in good hands. Thank you Etana!

Dan Aug 7, 2019
Web Design · Online

Etana talks the talk, and walks the walk! Refreshing!

She is great and a good listener. With her at my side, I feel that I am going to get through this adventure, nightmare, website.

Thanks a million, Etana!!!

Samantha Aug 1, 2019
WordPress · Online

So nice and patient and helpful. We had issues getting the internet to work properly but she was very patient through the whole thing.

Cassie S. Jul 23, 2019
Adobe Illustrator · Online

Etana has been very helpful! She is able to figure out any issue I have with AI and help to find a solution. Our classes have been very efficient and easy to follow!

Jodi Jul 10, 2019
Adobe Photoshop · Online

She is awesome!

Kellie Jun 28, 2019
Adobe Illustrator · Online

So great! Learned so much in the first lesson can't wait for # 2 and more!!

Aidan Nicholas Jun 24, 2019
Adobe Illustrator · Online

She's the!!!!

Jackie H. Jun 23, 2019
Adobe Illustrator · Online

My daughter had her first lesson and Etana is great! Very clear with her instructions and engaging. My daughter is off and running and looking forward to her next lessons!

Sharon O. Jun 4, 2019
WordPress · Online

Etana is very patient and clear in her instructions. Looking forward to our next lesson.

Raymond Velarde May 31, 2019
Adobe Illustrator ·

Etana was great, very understanding and patient with me. Who says you can't teach an old dog a new trick! Anyhoo I'm excited of the possibilities over the next few lessons.

Sharon O. May 7, 2019
WordPress · Online

She has been most helpful in our first lesson. I have homework and am looking forward to the next lesson - Sharon

Matt May 5, 2019
Adobe Illustrator · Online

Etana is great!

Charlene S. May 3, 2019
WordPress · Online

1st meeting == confirming objectives, helping to dig "deeper," ensuring she answered my questions, and giving me some "take-aways" that I can use immediately. I have a very basic understanding of WP so this was ALL very helpful. Looking forward to the next lesson!

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Karen Peters Apr 30, 2019
WordPress · Online

So far great. Will be signing up for more.

Amanda Apr 29, 2019
Adobe Illustrator · Online

Etana was a great teacher! She was very knowledgeable, kind, and made sure to give me instruction that would help with my specific projects. I would definitely take more lessons with her.

Catherine Apr 18, 2019
Web Design · Online

She gave me great tips to start my blog and recognized my desire to be creative with it and pointed me in the directions to achieve that.

Sammye M. Apr 16, 2019
Adobe Photoshop · Online

Etana is very easy to understand and very knowledgeable. Looking forward to more lessons!

allan Apr 12, 2019
WordPress · Online

She took time to figure out what I had and what I wanted to get changed in the short term. Our first session went very well.

P K. Apr 1, 2019
Adobe Photoshop · Online

Carol Mar 11, 2019
WordPress · Online

I still have a lot to learn, but Etana is my lifeline to establishing my blog. She is patient, loving, knowledgable and helpful beyond expectations.
Thanks, Etana


Birdie Mar 3, 2019
WordPress · Online

Carol Feb 25, 2019
WordPress · Online

I am new to blogging, and a stranger to WordPress. Once I set up my account and got a domain name, I knew I needed help. I'm also new to TakeLessons, as well as a MacBook Pro, so I was very worried about my first lesson. Truly, I had no need to worry! Etana is a wonderful teacher, very calm demeanor, and seemed totally nonjudgmental about my lack of skills. I'm looking forward to next week's lesson.

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Riza S. Feb 25, 2019
Adobe Photoshop · Online

Great! Etana is informative and patient! Excited for my next lessons!

Kelly W. Feb 22, 2019
WordPress · Online

Etana worked really hard at educating this newbie! Friendly and knowledgeable, I plan another lesson with her soon.

Anita Feb 14, 2019
WordPress · In studio

Very knowledgeable

Lindsay Feb 13, 2019
Adobe Illustrator · Online

Etana is a great instructor...patient and very informative. Thanks!

Dwight W. Feb 12, 2019
Microsoft Office · Online

This is very rewarding in understanding computers.
Etana has been a pleasure to deal with and very patient with me as I was learning.

I have highly recommended her and Take lessons to friends already.

Thanks Dwight.

Charles Patti Feb 9, 2019
Adobe Photoshop · In studio

outstanding !

Jacqueline Mellett Feb 8, 2019
Adobe Illustrator · Online

Ethan very helpful. She took my project on board and gave me lots of helpful tips from the start. Very easy going and a lovely manner.

Chris O. Feb 5, 2019
WordPress · Online

A while back, I decided I wanted to start an investing blog. The problem was, I had no idea how to do it. I knew Word Press was one of the most popular programs for building web sites, but that was about it. I was able to secure my URL and get a hosting service, but I soon learned that Word Press was not going to be something I could efficiently learn on my own. After having a couple false starts with other instructors, I found Etana, and she is fantastic. She listened to what I wanted to do, and today I have a web site, which includes a blog, and I am able to post blog articles and pictures and do many other updates to the site. My regular weekly lessons with Etana are coming to a close, but she's only a click away if (more likely WHEN) I run into the next obstacle and need some help.

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robert H. Feb 1, 2019
Web Design · Online

Had a conversation about web design vs web dev which helped me clarify direction.

Travis O. Jan 29, 2019
WordPress · Online

Etana is very patient and knowledgeable. She has been able to guide me so far through the initial setup phase of my WordPress website by helping me choose a host and a theme, and giving me practical advice along the way. Thanks, Etana!

Dwight W. Jan 18, 2019
Microsoft Office · Online

All I can say is Etana has been a dream to with with and wouldn't want her to change a thing.

Mandy Dec 17, 2018
Adobe InDesign · Online

Great class! Thank you!

Dorothy S. Nov 19, 2018
WordPress · Online


Diana Nov 10, 2018
WordPress · In studio

I have hope now that I learn this difficult skill and do it myself! Very patient and understanding.

Stacey Oct 26, 2018
Adobe Illustrator · Online

Awesome first session. You are very patient and great at answering random questions as we go along. I'm feeling much more solid in this program.

Richard B. Oct 16, 2018
WordPress · Online

It is Excellent working with Etana as she is intuitive about what help your project needs and then walks you through it. I highly recommend her services.

Cynthia Oct 15, 2018
Adobe Photoshop · Online

Very easy to work with. She will break it down to your level and work with you and find out your best learning method. High recommended. I am continuing lessons. Cynthia

Tobi .. Oct 13, 2018
Adobe Photoshop · Online

Etana was great! And very clear, I'm looking forward to more lessons

Joan Aug 29, 2018
WordPress · In studio

Etana is AWESOME!! She is very patient, detail oriented, and takes her time to explain, and actually wants you to succeed in your endeavors!!! THANK YOU!

Ann D. Jul 26, 2018
Microsoft Office · In studio

Etana is very knowledgeable, professional and kind. She's the type of teacher you feel comfortable with immediately. I look forward to working with her!

Katrin O. Jul 21, 2018
WordPress · Online

Etana is a great teacher in addition to being an expert at WordPress. Highly recommend!

Courtnay Jul 13, 2018
Adobe Illustrator · In studio

Etana made me feel totally comfortable. She was knowledgeable and helpful. I plan on continuing to take lessons from her in the future!

Bruce T. Jul 11, 2018
Adobe Photoshop · Online

Great lesson from an experienced "Photoshopper." I appreciate her patience as I struggle along. Etana is very knowledgeable and an excellent instructor. Highly recommended for anyone wanting PS lessons, from beginning to advanced techniques.

Bryan S. Jul 8, 2018
WordPress · In studio

Good information and Etana is patient. Thanks again

Michael O. Jun 17, 2018
Adobe Photoshop · In studio

Etana... great teacher. I wish I was at her level right now. Looking forward to getting there.

Sherrie May 17, 2018
Adobe Illustrator · Online

Great lesson? Etana is so nice to work with.

Mary Apr 16, 2018
Graphic Design · Online

Extremely helpful and patient

Mary Apr 2, 2018
Graphic Design · Online

Aryana Mar 12, 2018
Adobe Photoshop · In studio

Etana is very knowledgeable in the program, and I look forward to future lessons!

Dennis L. Feb 26, 2018
Adobe Photoshop · Online

Charlotte Y. Feb 25, 2018
Adobe Photoshop · Online

Etana has a great ability of knowing what is best for the individual. She's is very accommodating. What I love the most is whatever project I have, Etana will help me with it and perfect it for me making it easier for me. But she is also very encouraging. If you have a particular project or just want an instructor that teaches you what you want to learn, she's your teacher! Very very appreciative of Etana! And very personable! I hope to meet her one day when I'm in her area! Or she's in mine.

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Charlotte Y. Feb 16, 2018
Adobe Photoshop · Online

Etana was great! I look forward to working with her more! She's very thorough and accommodating to what I wanted to work on. I loved that she gave me that option to do what I wanted and learn what I needed to learn. It saves so much time.

Dane B. Feb 15, 2018
WordPress · In home

Very helpful.

Cathy B. Feb 14, 2018
Adobe Illustrator · Online

Super helpful!

Cathy B. Feb 13, 2018
Adobe Illustrator · Online

I didn't know what to expect with my first online class and I am very happy!

Shon Feb 12, 2018
Adobe Illustrator · Online

Very helpful and understanding when I had a lot of questions and having slow moments.

Lainey C. Feb 4, 2018
Adobe Illustrator · In studio

I just can't say enough about her skill level and her teaching abilities..AMAZING!

Jean S. Feb 4, 2018
Adobe Photoshop · In home

I liked learning from her. She came prepared to help me with specific projects of my choice. On a project with quite a few steps, she had printed out for me a step-by-step guide to follow.

Elaine Jan 31, 2018
Adobe Illustrator · In home

She’s amazing

Shane Jan 25, 2018
Graphic Design ·

My fiancé and I needed some last minute wedding announcements for our upcoming Las Vegas wedding. When I put the call out to some of my friends, I received a referral to try out Etana, and her company Society Jazz. Great decision!

After speaking to Etana over the telephone and emailing her the text info, she had 1st drafts within 24 hours! And after making a few adjustments we had our finished graphic design, and the actual paper announcements (plus personalized envelopes) shipped to our door on the 7th day!

Thank you Society Jazz for a professional and timely order. Great job!!

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Rick Gelinas Dec 18, 2017
Adobe Photoshop · Online

I came to these lessons with minimal Adobe experience. In fact, I've always gone to great lengths to avoid using Adobe, because I find it overly challenging. I like simple! Yet I also saw a growing need to get Photoshop under my belt for my various websites and business graphics.

Etana took a guy who didn't even know how to work with layers, and after a few hours of training together I was whipping out some very sharp looking graphics & images for our website. She assessed my needs and patiently walked me through the basics of what I'd foreseeably use on the projects I normally work on.

I now feel much more confident to tackle the Adobe beast. Etana is a skilled instructor. If I ever have a need for additional instruction or help with a design project I wouldn't hesitate to work with her again. I highly recommend this very capable instructor! Thank you for helping me Etana. :-)

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Danielle D. Nov 29, 2017
WordPress · Online

Only our first meeting, and plan to have a few more, but so far, Etana is an excellent teacher and I highly recommend her! She is easy to understand and communicate with, and does a great job answering questions and directing me through steps!

Randy Oct 30, 2017
WordPress · Online

Kallen Oct 19, 2017
Graphic Design · Online

Doris B. Sep 20, 2017
WordPress · Online

Good start. Was grateful that she stayed with me until we accomplished a goal to keep me working until we meet again. Very pleasant to work with. I plan to schedule another meeting.

Kallen Sep 20, 2017
Graphic Design · Online

Etana is a super sweet and awesome person! She has helped me so much with all of my graphic design questions

Jennifer Feb 26, 2017
Web Design · In home

You'll love working with Etana! Her flair and style will help you set your business apart from the others. It is through her support and knowledge that she was able to make my vision come to life.

Scott Feb 21, 2017
Graphic Design ·

I have utilized the talents of Etana on many occasions, such as: the design and implementation of my website, the design of my four book covers, and for various promotional materials. I am always impressed by her passion, skill, creativity, and reliability. Whether for teaching or as a resource to your business, I refer Etana to everyone I know!

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Pamela Feb 20, 2017
Web Design · In studio

When our church needed a total website update and we had no one with any expertise or experience, Etana, very patiently and professionally walked us through what we needed, how it could be achieved, and ways to make it much more cost effective than the archaic experience we had before. Etana is definitely good at explaining technical information to a neophyte in a way that can be understood, and without making you feel unintelligent. She is a great tutor.

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Leon Feb 20, 2017
Graphic Design · Online

Passionate Designer! Excellent. Professional. Punctual. Keepin it real.
Worked with Etana over 15 years... publication/CMYK assignments and frequently on logos/credits for video/film projects. Highly recommended!

Michael Feb 20, 2017
Graphic Design · Online

Etana is a great consultant. I have known her for many years and when it came time to open a graphic design studio for graphic designer wife, I asked Etana how to best go about it. She took the time to explain to me the ins and outs I would need to know in order to be the business side of the company. Mind you, I can't even color inside the lines so I leave all the design work to my wife and employees. But thanks to Etana I had a better understanding of what I was getting us into before leaping into an unfamiliar business to me.

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Kari Feb 20, 2017
Adobe Illustrator · In home

Etana is a great teacher! I knew very little about Illustrator and she helped me thru the basics and more! Now I love to work in Illustrator and use it every day!

Jessica Feb 20, 2017
Graphic Design · In home

I hired Etana to help me create a perfect birthday invitation for my daughters 1st birthday party. She was help, profession, and very intuitive in her design work. She helped me through the process from discussed graphics, the overall look, color scheme, and details. She was there with me from start to finish. The outcome was AMAZING. My daughters invitation turned out better then I could have ever anticipated!!!!! Etana is an outstanding designer and I would HIGHLY recommend her for any teaching or design needs you may have. Don't bother looking for anyone else. She is the BEST!!!

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Dec 2006 - Present


Commissioned graphic consultant and tutor on multi-project and hourly basis, charged with the innovative creation of high quality graphics, advertising, copy writing and marketing while ensuring company brand name, image and consistency. Manage final output of all products nationwide.

Art Director
Sep 2013 - Jul 2015

The Catalogues

Oversee and create cover to cover, layout, photo retouching, design and artistry of The Catalogues in multiple U.S.A. markets. Head of in-house design, website and social media updates. Coordinate and monitor printing and shipment of The Catalogues to all markets. Advise clients on all technical visual recommendations and/or issues.

Senior Graphic Designer
Dec 2012 - May 2013

General Dynamics

Worked with Proposal Development Team to complete RFP’s/RFI’s. This included working with the team to format multiple RFP’s/RFI’s in accordance to their individual style themes in Microsoft Word. Some documents required illustrations to be made or edited within Adobe Illustrator and/or Photoshop and exported correctly to be placed in Word. Illustrations had to maintain style formatting of each documents individual style. Use of online portal was required to save and edit documents for shared team use at all times.

Creative Director
Mar 2008 - Jan 2012

Cookies From Home

Development and design of client and in-house print advertising, marketing, packaging, and promotional materials, from concept to completion. Web design, editing, optimization, and up keep. Product photography and editing. Print production and vendor relations. Customized designs for corporate clientele: Tins, crates, and boxes uniquely specified to each businesses brand and individual client. Brand logo reproductions. Final output of art separations to film for screen printing.

Marketing Specialist
May 2007 - Dec 2007


User interface design and E learning production. Set, defined & implement company brand standards. Created print and web materials. Printer and Vendor relations: quote request, file creation, invoice processing. Interdepartmental design: worked with various department managers to create company specific materials per department while maintaining overall brand.


MS in Technology
Sep 2002 - Dec 2004

University of Advancing Technology

BA in Visual Communications
Mar 2001 - Mar 2002

Collins College

AA in Visual Communications
Sep 1999 - Feb 2001

Collins College


Indesign CS3
Nov 2007

Kelby Training Seminar

Photoshop CS3
Mar 2007

Kelby Training Seminar


Arizona Small Business Association
Jan 2017
The Mission of the Arizona Small Business Association is to be THE statewide resource for small business. Business owners join ASBA for the convenience and efficiency of our products and services, to engage and advocate for public policy that ignites small business growth, and to foster a positive economic direction for Arizona powered by entrepreneurism. By bringing thousands of small businesses together, ASBA has created greater value for all members and is proof positive that our mission of supporting small businesses through an active and connected community is working.

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