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Emily S.

Emily S.

4.9 (75)
*My scheduling availability isn't always accurate, as many students have their lessons with me every other week. My schedule is different from week to week, so it's best to at least pick a time with me and if it doesn't work, we'll make sure we schedule a lesson time that's convenient for both of us. If you need to schedule a lesson for a time sooner than what the TakeLessons calendar allows, you can always let me know and we'll most likely work something out for you. I've created many animations in the context of video games as a professional artist. I primarily use Krita and Adobe Animate. I specialize in character animations, mostly humans and animals, but also help students with larger projects such as short films. I've helped students with storyboards, keyframing, background paintings and tips on video editing. Students may use any animation program they'd like, as long as they have drawing and timeline features. If students are absolute beginners, I recommend downloading Krita or Pencil2D. Krita is great for illustration and animation, Pencil2D is very basic and ideal for absolute beginners. Both Krita and Pencil2D are free. My goal is to focus on the study of motion and help the student implement their own skills in drawing and observation. I can also help the student build a portfolio in preparation for college or applying for companies (games, animation studios). I've graduated with a Bachelor's in Fine Arts from Carnegie Mellon University, and worked for Disney Research for a year and a half.
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Ruth is the best animation teacher! I also take illustration and technical lessons in Adobe Animate with her, and she's been amazingly helpful in every one. She has so much knowledge about animation,

Saskia (Animation lessons with Ruth E.)

Very talented, passionate and caring instructor! Highly recommend to anyone interested in animation, drawing, etc.

Susan (Animation lessons with Ruth E.)

Do I really have to give review after giving 5 star? But this is for those who need it, First of all she is classical former Disney artist and for the basics it's necessary to learn 2d in today's t

Satyam Pal (Animation lessons with Ruth E.)

Wonderful experience!

MATT (Animation lessons with Ruth E.)

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Animation Lessons

From video games, online memes, and advertisements to Universal and Disney/Pixar films, computer animation is everywhere, especially when it comes to visual entertainment. At its root, animation is a famously fun form of expression that builds manual dexterity, enhances creativity and focus, and provides a lifetime of enjoyment.

But have you ever wondered how those images and characters are created? Do you want to learn how the professionals illustrate those characters and make some of your own?

At TakeLessons, we offer private computer animation lessons for beginners, kids, teens, adults, and expert illustrators looking to grow their skills.

Certified Animation Lessons Teachers We understand that a student’s success is impacted by the quality of instruction they receive. At TakeLessons, we background screen all of our tutors to provide the best, certified animation teachers for all of our students to achieve their goals.

Our teachers are working professionals and have the experience to match their lesson plans with each of their students' levels, needs, and interests, whether in-person instruction or online.

And to sign up is simple. Browse through our list of certified teachers, check out previous student reviews, and select the teacher that matches your goals and budget—the average price of private animation lessons costs about $128 per hour.

Next, meet with your teacher, set a price, discuss your goals, and schedule your classes! Our experts will then customize the perfect curriculum for you to achieve your animation goals. Animation Online Lessons for All Ages If you think computer animation is only for tech-savvy teens and twenty-year-olds, think again!

Animation lessons for kids will focus on learning basic drawing skills and then putting those to motion. For adults, classes will look much different, focusing on specifics that the student wants to learn and master.

Animation is a skill that is in high demand but also fun. Whether you’re looking for animation classes to learn a form of art, or pursuing a career at animation studios such as Universal and Pixar, TakeLessons has the best online animation lessons available to help. Animation Lessons for All Levels Whether you’re an experienced animator or don’t know the first thing about drawing, our customizable courses are designed to help you get the most from your learning experience.

For example, animation lessons for beginners will focus more on the fundamentals of drawing, the color wheel, and setting those images to motion than an advanced course focusing on preparing a project to pitch to studios.

Learning from certified, knowledgeable professionals in a one-on-one setting will give you an accelerated way to learn the intricacies and nuances of good animation to help you achieve your goals. Animation Lessons Curriculum The best way to learn animation skills is through specific instruction and dedicated practice. You could spend hours working on your drawing skills and still repeat some of the same mistakes, or you could have a professional guide you through the work, showing you tips and tricks to draw better and faster. All of our animation lessons are individualized for our students to get the most from their instruction, so sign up today and get started!

Sample Curriculum for Beginner Animation Lessons

If you’ve never drawn before, but are interested in the art, then beginner animation lessons are for you.

A sample curriculum at the beginner level may look like this:

  • Basic stroke work and drawing techniques
  • Doodling ideas and transferring to drawings
  • Sample different techniques such as stop motion, collage, cutout, rotoscoping, and more
  • 2D vs. 3D options for animation

Sample Curriculum for Intermediate Animation Lessons

If you have some drawing background and want to really apply that to computer animation, then the intermediate level classes are best for you.

In an intermediate-level course, the curriculum may include:

  • Selecting the proper animation software and how to apply it
  • Developing a cohesive narrative and storyline
  • Strengthening keyframes, creating a line of action, and more

Sample Curriculum for Advanced Animation Lessons

For the seasoned animator looking to take their work to the next level, the advanced level offers customizable classes to suit your specific objectives.

A sample of advanced lesson curriculum may include:

  • Working with motion capture, digital 3D, morphing, and more
  • Understanding the business side of animation
  • Preparing your storyline and animation for pitching
  • Polishing your portfolio for submission

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Signing up for classes at TakeLessons is easy and no hassle. Simply scroll through our catalog of teachers, read over student reviews, and find the match that fits your interests and budget. Next, meet with your teacher to discuss your objectives and schedule your animation lessons.

What’s more, we believe that our certified teachers are perfect for assisting you in achieving your goals, so we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If for any reason you are unhappy with your classes, we’ll refund the remaining balance of your account, no questions asked.

So what have you got to lose? Ready to get started? Sign up at TakeLessons today!


Do you need to know how to draw for computer animation?

No, for computer animation, knowing how to draw helps but isn’t a requirement. The majority of computer animation is a process where you have the computer manipulate and control the images, much like a puppet master.

Is animation hard to learn?

Yes and no. Animation does take years of practice to perfect, but with the right type of tutor and dedicated practice, a student can become proficient quickly, especially with computer-aided drawing. You need certified, experienced animation lessons teachers to help you learn the tricks to get better at animation faster to accelerate your skills.

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