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I love Joanne's teaching approach, she's very patient, professional and has tons of book knowledge, as well as corporate world experience. This is my first time taking a SQL class, as well as takin

Glenda Partin (SQL lessons with Joanne T.)

JP knows his stuff. I am excited to get started with him.

Yonnas (SQL lessons with JP F.)

Thank you, Joanne! I've a very productive input.

Dilyana (SQL lessons with Joanne T.)

Joanne is a great teacher - very knowledgable, easy to approach, she always follows through, always on time, explains everything well, answers questions, available for help with homework if needed. F

Kate (SQL lessons with Joanne T.)

SQL Lessons

SQL, or Structured Query Language, is a programming language vital to modern databases. Learning SQL puts you in touch with a world of data and interesting job opportunities.

SQL was first developed in 1974 at IBM. The original version was called SEQUEL (Structured English Query Language) and was designed to manipulate and retrieve data in one of IBM’s original database management systems. The idea was eventually picked up by a software company now called the Oracle Corporation, which developed its own SQL-based database management systems. SQL is still used today for managing data.

Start learning database management skills with the best online SQL lessons and in-person coaching at TakeLessons!

Certified SQL Teachers

The most effective SQL teachers understand how to teach students database management and programming. All the teachers on our platform are certified and background-checked to make sure they have a stellar teaching record.

The next step is for you to pick from our selection of SQL teachers. You’ll be able to browse our teachers, read through their experience and education, and see their starting rates and lesson offerings. If you need more information, read through some reviews posted by previous students. Once you’re ready, set your schedule and prepare for your private SQL lessons.

For an idea of cost, the best online SQL lessons and in-person sessions at TakeLessons are an average of $54 for a 45-minute lesson.

Online SQL Lessons for All Ages

SQL can be learned by young and old learners alike. However, we recognize that different ages need different lessons, which is why we offer a personalized learning experience suited for you.

Children tend to learn in different ways than adults, which is why our SQL lessons for kids are crafted for the younger demographic. Technical jargon and overly dense lessons can get in the way of building interest for children, which is why our teachers break down database management into digestible, interesting exercises. Adults who want to take a deep dive into more technical material will find that option at TakeLessons. We truly do have a learning option for everyone.

No matter your age, sign up for online SQL lessons and in-person learning at TakeLessons!

SQL Lessons for All Levels

There is no good or bad place to start when taking SQL lessons. Maybe you don’t know anything about programming or databases. At TakeLessons, that won’t stop you from learning.

Our teachers craft lessons suited to the individual learner. If you have a background in coding and computer science, your lessons will take a different approach suited to your specific knowledge. For SQL lessons for beginners, we help build the foundations of computer science that facilitate learning programming languages and database management systems like SQL. Once you’ve got the basics down, who knows what you can learn!

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SQL Lessons Curriculum

Sample Curriculum for Beginner SQL Lessons

  • SQL Origins
  • SQL basics
  • Beginner database management
  • How databases work

Sample Curriculum for Intermediate SQL Lessons

  • Data analytics
  • How to manipulate data
  • Complex queries
  • Aggregate functions

Sample Curriculum for Advanced SQL Lessons

  • Multiple tables
  • Advanced functions
  • Create a portfolio
  • Professional SQL skills

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Our goal is to offer SQL lessons that go above and beyond the typical online tutorial. Many learners, from beginner students to advanced coders, have found the best online SQL lessons and in-person coaching on TakeLessons. Plus, you get peace of mind knowing that every lesson is backed by a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Start learning today!


How long does it take to learn SQL?

You can learn the basics of SQL in two to three weeks. As far as languages go, it’s a relatively easy one to pick up. If you’re planning on using SQL in a professional setting, though, it’s going to take a little more time to get you to that level of expertise. You can build your skills faster and become an SQL expert in no time with the help of experienced SQL teachers on TakeLessons. We have a selection of the best online SQL lessons and in-person sessions available today.

Can I teach myself SQL?

You can teach yourself SQL. It is a great programming language for beginners and is often considered a gateway to higher-level languages. Learning yourself is fairly easy with the number of online tutorials and video lessons available on the internet. The best way to learn is with a private teacher who can coach you through the technical aspects of managing databases. The SQL teachers at TakeLessons can craft lessons around your specific learning needs, helping you reach your goals with SQL and other computer skills.

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