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Matthew H.

Matthew H.

4.8 (156)
Wordpress Expert since 2007. I have sites that rank in the top 10 results for keyword searches with more than 40 million results. Right Now. My best day in traffic was over 6000 unique visitors. I also have sold. over $ 1 million of other peoples products online in affiliate marketing. See the last video on my profile, then let me show you how step by step! Learn From a Teacher That IS Great at Wordpress, and an Awesome Teacher Too! You can write your own paycheck if you are decent at wordpress! Hurry! Prices for Really Good WordPress Teachers are only going UP! My highest ranking site in Alexa was 31,000 traffic ranking as a 1 man business. My Best ROI was making $1300 for every $100 I spent in advertising. If you build a wordpress site believe me when I say.. both free and very inexpensive paid traffic is out there I am an expert in SEO and online marketing and sales in general. Paid, Organic, Or Viral On Social Media. I also have achieved "Super Affiliate" status (Which means I have made $10,000 a month (or more) in commission marketing other peoples products for them) and can prove this as well. I have been working full time from home since 2002. Bottom Line! I can help anyone optimize their business to get more leads, sales and long time repeat customers to their website or phone. Attention TakeLessons Teachers- That Means You. I can help you make more money teaching than you ever have before. I can help you find more TL leads as well as leads on your own. Six Figures Teaching or Coaching is More Achievable Than You Think! Levels Taught: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
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Etana finds solutions to any WordPress question you might have. I highly recommend her.

Jean (WordPress lessons with Etana H.)

This on-line learning experience was a first for me. I like that Etana met me where I am in learning WordPress. Her depth of knowledge is deep and she addressed every question I raised. The self-paced

Jean (WordPress lessons with Etana H.)

Etana is easy to work with. After 1 90 minute class I was able to come home and do many different types of edits even ones she did not directly show me.

David (WordPress lessons with Etana H.)

Etana is a warm, kind, and funny person. She has the BEST disposition (and knowledge base) to teach technology classes to "old-timers" such as myself. She is very positive and upbeat. She is on top of

Gayle (WordPress lessons with Etana H.)

WordPress Lessons

WordPress is one of the web’s most popular platforms for building websites, publishing content, and managing website applications. The open-source software features a convenient, easy-to-use plugin architecture and template system. This flexibility makes for a very effective way to build a website.

WordPress was originally created as a blog publishing system but has since been updated to support mailing lists, media galleries, learning websites, and online stores. First released in May 2003, it is now used by almost 43% of the top 10 million websites.

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TakeLessons features the best WordPress teachers for private in-person and online tutoring.

All of TakeLessons’ WordPress teachers are certified and background-checked by our onboarding process. We’ve put together a diverse set of teachers with various backgrounds and teaching styles, helping you find the perfect WordPress lessons for you. All you have to do is read through our teacher profiles, then find and connect with a tutor whose background and lesson rate work for you.

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Online WordPress Lessons for All Ages

Younger and older students alike can benefit from WordPress lessons with experienced teachers.

The WordPress lessons for kids at TakeLessons help kids navigate this web-building platform and learn the basics of publishing content, using plugins, and making their own pages. These lessons will help your child get a step ahead in web design, online publishing, and other internet-related industries. Adults will find lessons helping them explore hobbies or a new professional career.

We’ve got the best online WordPress lessons and in-person for any age.

WordPress Lessons for All Levels

The WordPress lessons on TakeLessons are available for all learners, from beginner students to advanced WordPress users.

TakeLessons features WordPress lessons for beginners that cover the basics of publishing content and building a website. Whether you want to build an e-commerce site, a members-only interface, or an online publication, our tutors can help you get started. Advanced lessons can help those looking to find professional jobs using WordPress or prepare for a certification exam.

Students of all levels can discover the best online WordPress lessons and in-person tutoring at TakeLessons. Get started today!

WordPress Lessons Curriculum

Sample Curriculum for Beginner WordPress Lessons

  • WordPress basics
  • Themes
  • Using Plugins
  • Setting up a domain

Sample Curriculum for Intermediate WordPress Lessons

  • Website aesthetics
  • UX and UI essentials
  • Publishing content
  • Integrating with social media

Sample Curriculum for Advanced WordPress Lessons

  • Expert SEO
  • Professional-level websites
  • Advanced content management
  • Using widgets and plugins to your advantage

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Can you teach yourself WordPress?

You can definitely teach yourself WordPress. There are many resources on the web for learning, including online videos, classes, and comprehensive guides. The best way to learn is through a private teacher, who can help you pinpoint your goals and identify ways to realize them. TakeLessons offers the best online WordPress lessons and in-person coaching for those looking to take their WordPress skills to the next level. Sessions with experienced WordPress teachers are truly the fastest and most comprehensive way to learn website building and content management.

What is the best way to learn WordPress?

The best way to learn WordPress is through private sessions with a certified WordPress teacher. You could also learn through online tutorials, lesson videos, and meetups in your local area. With private lessons, you get the benefit of personal attention to your goals, whether you want to design a website or learn WordPress skills for your job. TakeLessons has a selection of experienced WordPress teachers to help get you there.

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