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Mary Lou H.

Mary Lou H.

Learn to touch type or improve the skills you have with practice sessions that are fun. Touch typing is a technique that helps you type faster and more efficiently by using all your fingers. Typing with this technique is important because it can greatly improve your productivity, especially if you have a type-intensive job, like a programmer or a writer. As a student, touch typing helps teach you how to decode and break down words and sentences which can also help with spelling skills. As you learn to type you become used to the pattern of the QWERTY keyboard and the structure of the letters, muscle memory alone can help you remember how to spell!
/30 mins
Barbara D.

Barbara D.

I am offering General Typing Courses for all ages. This includes schools and all grades, k through 12. I also offer Typing for Individuals, Homeschools and Christian Schools. Again, all ages and grades, including k. The above can also include Typing for Beginning or struggling Readers and Typing for Spelling and Grammar. I also offer a Medical Typing Course for those in or pursuing a Medical Career. In addition, there are courses that focus specifically on increasing speed and accuracy though all courses include beginner and Intermediate levels with an emphasis on touch typing (not looking at the keys) and increasing accuracy first, speed next. In each course you progress at your own pace and the length depends on your progress. There are also prescribed length courses that you can take once a week in: 1) 16 Weeks (4 months) -- 2 months for twice a week 2) 24 Weeks (6 months) --3 months for twice a week 3) 32 Weeks (8 months) --4 months for twice a week These courses are structured for you to finish and progress in the prescribed time limit but can vary according to your individual progress.
/45 mins
Justin T.

Justin T.

Increase your typing speed to increase your productivity! This course is perfect for virtual learners and anyone that spends a lot of time texting and typing! Students can expect to learn: -Effective ways to increase typing accuracy and speed -Keyboard layout and shortcuts (for Standard QWERTY Keyboard) -How to involve all ten fingers when typing -Touch Typing (typing without looking at the keyboard) -Best practices for improving typing endurance and decreasing fatigue As your instructor, my top priority is to get you moving in the right direction from day one. Over my 5 years of teaching experience, I have realized that learning isn't the same as growing. Learning is simply gathering information, but it takes practice, hard work, and time to grow. I expect my students to grow and to get closer to achieving their goals. Average Typing Speed: 90 WPM at 95% accuracy Highest Typing Speed: 119 WPM at 90% accuracy
/30 mins
Jasmine L.

Jasmine L.

Sessions include instruction, practicing, and honing skills as needed. I have years of tutoring experience and adapt my tutoring style to the student's learning style.
/30 mins
Diane G.

Diane G.

I have been typing for more then 50 years and currently help some of my piano students with their ability to learn to type and have been very successful. I teach typing online and even though my availibility shows I only teach Sunday onlines, I do teach typing online on other days so I can accommodate you at other times as well so please feel free to contact me about other times.
/30 mins
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I couldn't imagine a better teacher. I was skeptical at first being the classes are online, however, I have immensely improved in my typing accuracy with only 10 short classes. It has been a wonderfu

Morgan (Typing lessons with Mary Lou H.)

This is great for me because I never took typing and Mary Lou does a great job

Melvin (Typing lessons with Mary Lou H.)

Mary Lou is very thorough. She has a lot of patience and explains very well. I really enjoyed my sessions with her. I would definitely recommend tying lesson with Mary Lou.

Corrina (Typing lessons with Mary Lou H.)

Sweet and informative

Isabella (Typing lessons with Mary Lou H.)

I couldn't imagine a better teacher. I was skeptical at first being the classes are online, however, I have immensely improved in my typing accuracy with only 10 short classes. It has been a wonderfu

Morgan (Typing lessons with Mary Lou H.)

This is great for me because I never took typing and Mary Lou does a great job

Melvin (Typing lessons with Mary Lou H.)

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Private Typing Lessons Near You

Sure, you can still use good-old-fashioned paper and pencil to write, but it's not very practical in the modern world of email, texting, and electronic data analysis. To function, communicate, and calculate in today's world, you need to use a keyboard. Today, having professional-level typing skills is just as important as learning to write. 

Although many people get by with self-taught typing, the best typing method is the 10-finger typing method. This efficient method of typing uses all of your fingers to span the keyboard in a highly organized manner. By learning this typing method, you'll be able to increase the number of words you can type per minute and vastly reduce the number of errors you make when typing at a speedy rate. 

Why Learn to Type?

In today's technological world, there's almost no job (except for maybe breaking horses) that doesn't require at least some typing skills. The primary reason to learn to type is to open the doors to professional opportunities. As previously stated, practically every job requires some typing skills. Plus, highly skilled typists, those with high word per minute ratings and low error rates, can qualify for specialized jobs, too. 

Exceptional typists can work at jobs in which typing is the primary responsibility. These include careers working in the following positions: transcription jobs, writing closed captioning for network television, and data entry. Typing skills come in highly useful in other careers, too. Imagine trying to write software code while tripping over constant typos, working in accounting and not knowing how to use the 10-key number pad, or being the secretary of a board, trying to keep up with meeting notes. The bottom line is: typing is essential to holding any job in the modern world. 

The Best Way to Learn to Type and What You'll Practice in Typing Classes

Sure, you can find plenty of free typing lessons and tutorials online. If you want to learn to type fast and with high accuracy, however, you can't beat learning with a private typing tutor. In private lessons, you'll avoid developing bad habits early on. Plus, you'll learn new techniques and overcome challenges quickly, as you receive immediate feedback and personalized advice from your teacher. 

Since they're customized for each student, every private lesson is different. For example, typing lessons for kids differ greatly from typing classes for adults in terms of teaching methods and content. In private lessons, you'll stay motivated and interested, as you learn to type fast at a pace that's comfortable for you. 

Sample Curriculum for Beginner Typing

If you have little or no experience typing with the 10-finger method, then beginner lessons are right for you. In these classes, you'll be introduced to all the concepts and practice exercises you need to know to start memorizing the standard keyboard and typing with efficiency. Your teacher might cover the following topics:

  • Proper hand posture and ergonomic keyboard arrangement
  • Finger Position
  • Right and left hand practice
  • Home, top, and bottom rows

Sample Curriculum for Intermediate Typing

If you've had some experience typing with 10-finger method, but still need to work on more complex techniques, such as shifting and typing symbols, then intermediate classes are for you. You'll improve your speed and accuracy with regular keys and learn the proper way to type numbers, characters, and quotations. Your intermediate typing teacher might cover the following topics:

  • Shift keys and capitalization
  • Numbers and 10-key typing
  • Punctuation, symbols, and special characters
  • Learn to type for coding

Sample Curriculum for Advanced Typing

If you're already a proficient typist, but would like to improve your skills, learn to type faster, and reduce your error rate, then advanced lessons are for you. In these lessons, you'll practice steadily, strengthen your fingers, and automate your typing skills. Subjects and techniques taught and practiced in advanced lessons depend greatly on the student's goals and interests, but your advanced typing tutor might cover the following topics:

  • Increase speed
  • Improve accuracy
  • Transcription
  • Testing your typing speed

How to Find a Typing Teacher Near You

If you're fed up with punching out sentences with your two pointer fingers, then it's time to partner up with a private typing tutor. Luckily, TakeLessons makes it easy to find a typing teacher. A quick search will lead you to a long list of typing tutors who offer lessons online and in-person. Before choosing a teacher, we recommend reading through several profiles and reviews left by other typing students. 

The cost of typing classes varies, but most teachers base rates on the length and frequency of lessons. As your typing speed increases quickly and you make fewer and fewer errors, you'll find that investing in private lessons is well worth your time and money. Whether you hope to land a fancy transcription gig, get a job in an office, or knock out the next best-selling novel, private lessons can help you achieve all your typing dreams. 

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