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Randy S.

Randy S.

I have played a lot of on-line Texas Hold-Em. My biggest take was a 12k win. I understand the game from the basics to the more advanced techniques. I have worked for on-line sites, played many live tournaments, table play etc... THIS IS TEXAS HOLD 'EM ONLY. This class is directed more at the beginner and the "intermediate" player who feels stuck, unable to move to the upper echelon. This class is a stout review of the solid basics required to win more than you lose. That is, to come out ahead in the long run, instead of walking away at the wrong time, or simply playing bad hands or getting pulled into expensive pots on a draw (mistakes). If you understand any of this description, this class is for you. This is not a class for advanced players. I am an advanced player and such a pairing would be an attempt at lateral instruction and that dynamic rarely works in my experience.
/30 mins
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