2 thoughts on “Tips for Learning to Read Sheet Music for Guitar

  1. I’ll get the 1st and 3rd book on amazon.

    I practiced it years ago but I love to write music and just play… I have strong designs on improving at musical theory. I want to take my writing to the next level through technical understanding; I want to transpose my racket onto paper so if anyone wants to play it they don’t need poorly-manufactured tabs to play it improperly.

    Good article 😀 I was thinking “am I too old to learn to read?” “I’ve heard if you can play; it can become impossible to have the patience to learn to sight-read” Ill sight-read AND experiment every day! Thank you for writing this

  2. “if you want to wear the ‘Good Guitarist’ badge with pride you will need to be able read music ”
    I guess Eric Clapton, the Beatles, Jack White, Van Halen, David Grohl, Slash, Jimmi Hendrix, B.B. King, Bob Dylan, Angus Young… hell the list goes on… were all bad guitarists?

    Let me rewind and ask this: what does reading sheet music give a guitarist that tab (extended in the case of more complex music) and words do not? I can take anyone off the street, never touched an instrument, and within an hour have them understand, read, and even make notes in tab format even if they don’t understand what a chord is. I am genuinely curious, not trolling here; because it feels like this is another one of those “you have to learn acoustic before electric” type of discussions when it comes to guitar, and personally just creates steep learning curves where there is no need to be.

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