16 thoughts on “10 Common Italian Stereotypes That Are Actually True

  1. I’m italian and I can say that’s all true, especially about football, pasta and talking with parts of the body. Italy is the best place if you want to go on holiday 🙂

    1. Oh I know it is. I have visited quite a good many countries and Italy is my favourite out of them all. I LOVE Italians. Find me on Facebook!.

  2. i’m italian and this article is very racist. we are not always on late . It’s time to finish to insult Italians. Italy is the 7th powerfull industrial nation on the world because they are a lot of italians that work a lot..

    1. Frankly I agree with the article. I’m italian and I can constate that even official things and events begin on late. Came on, even my esame di stato began more than 10 minutes later then scheduled. And even if some italians are punctual the majority is not, and being late is widely accepted. It isn’t a good thing, but it is not frowned upon harshly either.

    2. take a chill pill I’m Italian as well and I’m not offended. You are lucky you are not muslim or african american because the things they are going through are worse

    3. I don’t know. Besides the pasta and football most of it is true. But they forgot one huge thing. Italian men RESPECT AND LOVE their mammas. Women seek mamma for advice, knowledge, comfort, mothering skills. We do have very close knit living families. That’s one part they did get right.

  3. I’m 100% italian and I consider this article untrue because it describes an over-exaggerated stereotyped form of Italian. We are not in that way. Maybe only the dumbest italians are as described here (and unfortunately there’s a lot of dumb people in Italy)

  4. This is ridicolous. We ALSO eat pasta (besides other innumerable dishes).We can gesticulate , specially when abroa not speaking well foreign language or in Italy. when helping foreignera not knowing italian. We obviously love our families,who doesnt? We are not habitually late; we would not do business.We have our favourite teams, like in many othwr nations. We ALSO like cappuccino like other 1000 things. We are not obsessed by fashion, we only dress in a way we are used to. Public affection: Kisses on cheeks are very common in the western world.Opera and Dante: be sure if you ask 100 people if the saw an Opera or read Dante in the last year (out of school)…they didnt ( unfortunately…)

  5. I’m half Italian and half Scottish, and this list definitely has some stereotypes that are actually true. I myself would rather drink a nice, well made coffee instead of something quick and cheap; but hey that’s everyone right?

  6. Its all true I have tons of family members in my house from grandpa to my brothers. We do eat pasta a lot talk mostly with hand gestures. And this is true stuff

  7. Predominantly true to American “Italians” – who like many American whatever imaginary ethnics they claim to be know little about the genuine cuisine, culture, etc. – but not really true to authentic born in Italy Italians. Pasta, as example, doesn’t often feature in the diet of some real Italian regions and it isn’t as predominant as know no better stereotypes would have non-Italians/non-authentic Italians believe.

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