8-Year-Old Girl is Gnarliest Guitar Shredder Ever

I’m willing to bet that “playing like a girl” will stop being an insult within this little lady’s lifetime! At just 8 years old, Lisa-X is able to play rapid fire metal solos that will melt your face off and blow your mind.

She’s smaller than her guitar, but she sure knows how to make it sound big and mighty. Plus, the sweet grin she gives the camera as she’s bending a note around 1:46? Priceless!

Child prodigies like Lisa are absolutely amazing, but there’s really no wrong age to start playing guitar. Enrolling in guitar lessons is the perfect first step to get your musical journey going. The right guitar teacher can help you learn to play the music you love, and give you personal attention to make sure you’re progressing as you should. Search for a teacher on TakeLessons and get started with guitar lessons today!


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