A Guitar Made of Legos, and Other Crazy Designs You Need to See

Here at TakeLessons, we want to help you improve your skills, learn something new and, ultimately, be a rockstar! Whether you want to play classical or shred guitar, the great thing about music is how diverse it can be, and how you can really show off your personality with what you play and how you play it.

Take the guitar, for example.  If you’ve already scheduled your lessons, purchased a guitar and mastered the art of the guitar spin (optional), but want to make an even bigger impression, we have some ideas for you.  We came across these photos of off-the-wall guitar designs from Design Buzz and just had to share:

Lego guitar1. Lego Guitar

Remember the small plastic building blocks you used to play with in your childhood? It seems like the ghosts of your past have come back to haunt you. This time, it’s in the form of a guitar, the body of which is made up of black LEGO bricks. It has everything – from pickups to amplifiers – but lacks the strings. If the latter are fitted, the guitar is ready to rock the world.


Big Foot guitar2. Big Foot Guitar

Big Foot may be meeting a slow death as a legend, but its inspiration seems to pull it back to the limelight again. George Martin, a guitar builder, introduced the Bigfoot guitar at a Miami festival, stunning everyone present with the bulky, odd-looking frame. Though it looks too bulky to be playable, the design itself has gathered its own followers, no matter what it sounds like – or whether it sounds like anything at all!


Pikasso guitar3. Pikasso Guitar

What is formed when you attach four fret-boards to a single guitar-body? Linda Manzer’s Pikasso Guitar. With two sound-holes and forty-two strings, this guitar faces about 1000 lbs of pressure when all of the strings are taut. This custom-made guitar is designed in such a way that the guitarist feels no problem while playing it or even switching from one fret-board to the other. By using the guitar, the guitarist can play any scale and tune to his or her own liking.


Alright, so which one of these guitars did you just add to your wish list?  While these guitars may not be the most practical, they’re definitely awesome.  Readers: what ideas do you have for a wacky guitar design?  Stop by our Facebook page and let us know!

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