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Tempe, AZ
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100% Satisfaction Guarantee

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Middle School, High School, College
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Ouray delivers an exceptional lesson experience and ranks in the top 15% of our teachers nationwide.
Teaches students:
Ages 15+

Teaching since:
August 2003

Are you looking for a tutor who can make sense of math?

I love seeing the ‘lightbulb’ moment when my students suddenly connect the dots together. Math can seem complicated, but with the right guidance and tools, the dots start to connect themselves!

Over my 10+ years as a math tutor, I’ve seen how a tough math problem can become clear as day when you have the right tools and guidance to come at it from the right angle.

I teach math in person and online, using visual aids, online tools, animated discussion and lots of fun, to help you understand the simple rules behind even the most complex concepts. I tailor your class to suit your individual needs.

Learning is an exciting process, and communication is the key. I want to see my students build knowledge, express their ideas and gain confidence on the way to passing with flying colors.

I tailor my lessons for excellence in the long run. That said, it’s amazing what you can do in just one lesson.

Book a lesson with me today, and start connecting the dots!

With a Bachelor in Aerospace Engineering from Arizona State University, I’ve studied Aerodynamics, Rocket Propulsion, and Aircraft Vehicle design. I’ve been a professional mathematics tutor for over 10 years.

For me, math just clicks. What excites me about math is the way we can use it to make sense of everyday life, nature, and even the orbit of the planets. I strive to inspire this fascination, curiosity, and confidence in my students.

Book a lesson with me, for:

• Lessons individually tailored to suit your needs.

• Direct one-on-one correspondence and support.

• Concise notes to help you with your studies.

• Complete step-by-step instructions for solve any complex problem.

• Equation sheets for your reference.

• Excel and calculator support to help you calculate complex problems.

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Production Manufacturing Engineer
Sep 2018 - Present
QuEST Global

Academic Mentor | Tutor
Oct 2015 - May 2016
Upward Bound, Arizona State University

• Served high school students who were both low-income or first-generation college students.
• Watched grades and prepared extra lessons for students at-risk of failing their class.
• Coached students on study skills and time management.

Community Learning Assistant
Sep 2009 - May 2010
Lobo Learning Center, University of New Mexico

• Used visual aids to review concepts of the class with the students.
• Discussed the essential concept of an assignment that was incorrect.
• Designed math study guides for students to use with their studies.


Aerospace Engineering
Aug 2011 - Dec 2016
Ira A. Fulton School of Engineering, Arizona State University


Fluent / Native Proficiency


American Institute of Aeronautics
Aug 2011

Since 1963, members of a single professional society have achieved virtually every milestone in modern American flight. That society is the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics. With more than 30,000 individual members from 88 countries and 95 corporate members, AIAA is the world’s largest technical society dedicated to the global aerospace profession. Created in 1963 by the merger of the two great aerospace societies of the day, the American Rocket Society (founded in 1930 as the American Interplanetary Society), and the Institute of the Aerospace Sciences (established in 1933 as the Institute of the Aeronautical Sciences), AIAA carries forth a proud tradition of more than 80 years of aerospace leadership.

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Photo by Ouray K.

Photo by Ouray K.


42 Reviews

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Tiffany Leyda Jul 25, 2018
Statistics · Online

Ouray definitely taught me more in one hour than I learned in a 3 hour lecture.

Cindy Jul 8, 2018
Algebra · Online

Ouray worked with my son for one session and I’ve seen a huge improvement in his grade for his Algerbra class. Ouray took time to make sure my son understood the concepts. My son is more confident in his class. I would highly recomend him! Thank you, Ouray!

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Rocio Balleza Jul 2, 2018
Calculus · In studio

Ouray is a highly skilled professional tutor. He is straightforward to schedule lessons with, always arrives on time and stays on the task at all times. He comes prepared to class with a board and with reviewed content and questions, so he is never caught off guard with unfamiliar material. He was focused on my helping my son and customizing the lessons for his specific academic needs. He adapted the lesson pace to what my son was able to do and he was very patient. Ouray is not only knowledgeable but he knows how to get results. He was encouraging and provided my son with the sense of confidence he was missing, and we got excellent results in the end. Also, Ouray is approachable and very personable. It was a great pleasure to work with him. I would not recommend any other tutor for Calculus.

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Arielle S. Jun 7, 2018
Algebra · Online

My daughter has worked with Ouray for the last year. She loved working with him and improved her Math grades to A's and regained her confidence in her skills and abilities. Thank you Ouray!

Leslie May 13, 2018
Algebra 2 · Online

Fantastic instructor and educator. Thank you Ouray!!

LeMesha May 6, 2018
Pre Calculus · Online

Ouray is a great instructor! He helped my daughter get caught up in her pre-calculus class. Her grade went up a whole letter grade with just 3 sessions. Would definitely recommend him to anyone who needs a tutor!!!

Lemesha W. Apr 18, 2018
Pre Calculus · Online

Umesh Y. Feb 18, 2018
Geometry · Online

Mykael Jan 26, 2018
Algebra · Online

My son was apprehensive about doing this online, but Ouray but him at ease and they had there first session. When a 16 yrs old boy that doesn't speak much to his parents says "It was good" (with a smile on his face), we have success!

Kristen Dec 15, 2017
Statistics · In studio

Having previous experience with many different math tutors, Ouray is BY FAR the best. As an ASU business student, I have been required to excel in math and this would have been absolutely impossible without Ouray. He is the friendliest, most relatable and enjoyable tutor there is. He is also incredible flexible with dates, times, and meeting spots which has made my life so much easier! From pre-calc to statistics, Ouray was always prepared and helped me to understand the material in such a simple, approachable way, completely different from that of my professors. Overall, the BEST TUTOR/PERSON you will find.

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Saika S. Oct 28, 2017
Calculus · Online

Anil Oct 22, 2017
Math · Online

Diane Oct 11, 2017
Math · Online

Great instructor

Diane Oct 4, 2017
Math · Online

Very good at explanations and patient too!!

Diane Sep 25, 2017
Math · Online

First lesson today! So far so good.

Nidhi Sep 17, 2017
AP Statistics · Online

Excellent Tutor!!

Arielle S. Jul 28, 2017
Pre Algebra · Online

Ouray is very nice and funny. He makes Math fun for me and he does a great job of explaining concepts to me.

Rahman M. Jul 23, 2017
Pre Calculus · Online

Ouray is excellent math tutor, if I could could give 10 stars I would. It was best match for my son. He kept the pace of the class at perfect level. Definitely would recommend Ouray as math instructor.

Ann Jun 21, 2017
Geometry · In studio

Ouray is always prepared, clear in teaching and follows up. Our son's grade definitely improved with tutoring from Ouray. We look forward to continuing on working with him. The support he provides made all the difference! Thank you!

Nate B. Dec 10, 2016
Statistics · Online

My son was failing in statistics. I was not very happy because this is his first year in college. We discussed his options and I began to search for a tutor. Many came to my attention and yet one to me stood out, Ouray. Reading the reviews helped and purchasing one session then speaking with him gave me the assurance he could help. We made the correct decision. Ouray helped my son go from a failing grade to a B in statistics. Upon asking my son about Ouray's performance he said, he helped me to understand what I was doing thus giving me the confidence. I would recommend Ouray as a tutor in statistics. He definitely made the difference for my son. Thank you.

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Ben Nov 15, 2016
Pre Calculus · In home

Patient and knowledgeable about pre-calculus

Nathaniel B. Oct 31, 2016
Statistics · Online

Very informative, attentive to my son's needs. After the first session my son wanted more time with Ouray.

Amelia L. Sep 19, 2016
Statistics · Online

I attend strayer university and I was able to achieve passing my algreba with applications class and my statistics class. I am a student who almost didnt graduate high school because I could hardly pass the state test at the end of the school year for math. I have gotten a B in my stats class with this wonderful tutors help. Ouray is eay to learn from and understand. He really explains things out and breaks them down to your level of understanding and has NOooo issue repeating any of it until you understand it. it has been a two semesters I was tutoring with Ouray and although im happy yo no longer have anymore math classes, he will certainly be missed. I highly recommend going to Ouray for your math needs he is awesome. Dont be shy to ask what the writing on the white board says either lol TAKE NOTES HE HAS GREAT NOTES!

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Alissa Aug 9, 2016
Statistics · Online

My lessons were very beneficial. I couldn't not have gotten through statistics without him.

Cheryl F. Aug 4, 2016
Calculus · In studio

Ouray was extremely helpful, knowledgable and flexible. His experience and expertise is what helped me pass Calculus. Thank you!

Dianne S. Aug 4, 2016
Pre Calculus · Online

Very clear and concise, Ouray is a very kind and patient teacher who makes math easy to learn. I'm very grateful to have Ouray as my tutor. This is one awesomesauce dude.

Jacqueline S. May 31, 2016
Math · In home

Math has always been difficult for me and was overwhelming during the second semester of my junior year. I found myself falling further behind at the beginning of my senior year and asked my parents for help. It was early October when I met Ouray for the first time. His ability to teach was impressive and very successful with me. I would recommend Ouray to any other students in the same situation as I was in at that time. Oh, I did graduate with my class in May of this year.
Joseph R

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Jacqueline L. May 3, 2016
Algebra 2 · Online

My kids love his sessions because they finally get it!
Thank you Ouray.

Genesis E. Mar 19, 2016
Math · Online

My daughter is very happy she's understanding what's being taught to her better and in return her grades are definitely going to improve thank you so much mr. Ouray K always


Lia Feb 17, 2016
Algebra 1 · Online

he helped me to understand my math work in algebra, and made math fun for me. He is patient and knows his math.

Briyana F. Feb 13, 2016
Math · Online

Thank you for helping me at the last minute. I feel so much better. It is good to have an understanding when I'm doing my homework :-)

Jennifer D. Feb 8, 2016
Math · Online

Very patient and easy to understand!! I like how he will do a problem or two step by step and then wants you to do the same. This process allows for deeper understanding while verbally walking through it. This helps a lot! His recap at the end is very helpful as well'

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Celina Feb 8, 2016
GED Test Prep · In home

This guy gets his point across and is very easy to understand. He doesn't mind explaining more than once and is very patient with you. He'll make sure you pass!
Thanks ouray! heres a cat

Kiara S. Feb 7, 2016
Math · Online

Great teacher. My daughter is beginning to understand the math she is learning in seventh grade. Thank you

Kiara S. Feb 7, 2016
Math · Online

Great teacher. My daughter is beginning to understand the math she is learning in seventh grade. Thank you

Rashied S. Feb 4, 2016
Math · Online

Many thanks

Aundre H. Jan 25, 2016
Pre Calculus · Online

Ouray is a patient tutor who does not rush when tutoring Math. He speaks clearly and he's easy to understand. I enjoyed Pre Calculus online for my first time. Also, he made sure I understood the problems on my homework assignment and answered all of my questions. I look forward to working with him again soon. Thank you!

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Calvin L. Jan 20, 2016
Math · Online

Ouray is engaging and can breakdown the problem areas pretty quickly. My son had some trepidation going into this online tutoring, but Ouray left a positive impression after just the first lesson! Looking forward to continuing:)

David F. Jan 9, 2016
Statistics · Online

Excellent. Thank you

Adam G. Jan 9, 2016
Math · Online

Excellent choice! Thank you Ouray!!

Megumi Oct 21, 2015
AP Calculus · In home

Without Ouray, I would have never been able to pass my exams in Integral Calculus. Through his dedication to help me succeed I have been able to increase my ability in mathematics when I struggled so much before. Just by two tutoring sessions I have already seen a vast improvement and definitely plan to go to more! He not only tells you how to approach a problem, but he also gives detailed steps in order to solve it and does not give up until you understand why the answer was achieved. I liked his friendliness during conversation, professionalism during teaching, and his genuine passion to help others. I would recommend Ouray as a tutor for everyone! Highly satisfied with the educational experience because when I was having a hard time understanding math, Ouray helped me master those skills.

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Saja Aug 22, 2015
Math · In studio

Ouray is outgoing, extremely smart, and is the best tutor I've ever had. I have had him tutor me several times and each time was a HUGE help to me. Examples and explanations are given in the best and simplest ways. He is always in a great mood and does not mind repeating himself if you do not understand the concept. Ouray will come up with several alternative ways of explaining if you are still confused with the subject your trying to learn. For always going out of his way to help others, being easy to talk to and being a professional, patient, caring person, I definitely recommend him as a tutor!

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