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Try three private lessons for just $30
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Jamone L.
Teaches Online
Owner of a media production company & YouTuber! Learn Years of video & film creation & studies.
I have entered a few Film competitions, helped Direct short films, taken Film classes and studied Film for years in high school and on the college level. I now officially own my own LLC Video Production company. I love Video Editing/Production and also just being able to over see projects from start to finish. I have experience doing many things in the Digital Media Arts world. Not only am I a graduate from Specs Howard School of Media Arts, but I have also been an intern there as well. I have done some work as a Freelancer, I am a successful YT Content Creator with over 1k subscribers in under a year and I even have some experience in a Television Broadcast setting. "Give the world different perspectives of the world. See the world through different eyes!"
About Jamone L.

I am very organized and have a passion for creating and doing things that give people a new perspective on life. I set plans and goals, and do what it takes to get things done in the most efficient ways possible and I am able to adapt even when things don’t quite work out. As a 2nd Degree Black Belt Instructor, my discipline and ability to handle things most people cannot has been amplified beyond the average individual. I am dedicated and reliable to my cause! I am a Multi-Passionate Entrepreneur and Real Estate Agent, Investor, and REALTOR®, MRP. I have a passion for creating and doing things that give people a new perspective on life and a positive impact. I love Science, Culture, and Spanish, Real Estate as well as Video Editing/Production and also just being able to oversee projects from start to finish. I tutor and have tutored and taught Spanish to USA Veterans and others Struggling around college campuses or who just want to learn for themself. I have a Bachelor's of Science (BS) with a Major in Psychology from Wayne State University. I also have 2 minors in Spanish Language and Latino/a and Latin American Studies (Formerly known as CBS: Chicano-Boricua Studies), I am also a graduate of the Specs Howard School of Media Arts. I love Media, Language and culture and it's why I love to share it with others. I love to be apart of something where I could put my skills to use and be a part of creating something amazing or doing things that can help change people’s lives in a positive way. "Give the world different perspectives and Seeing it through different eyes!"

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Tech Degree, Digital Media Arts

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Film Production
Teaches 8 subjects. Different subject may have different prices.
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Student's home

Jamone is jammin'! He is a very nice guy and knows so much about Spanish! He has a lot of experience as a tutor/teacher. He explains everything really well, and your Spanish will improve. It will really help to have Jamone keep you on track to learn a language and you will look forward to the next class!

Posted Mar 9, 2020
Teacher's Studio

He’s a great person to learn Spanish from. I will continue to see Jamone Thanks 5 star person

Posted Jan 15, 2020
Student's home

Had to write a separate review for this subject. Jamone taught me step-by-step how to use my Cannon Rebel EOS T5. I am a youtube vlogger, and I was looking to create higher quality videos for my viewers. Jamone gave me tons of camera knowledge to better my videos. Thanks!

Posted Dec 17, 2018
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Licensed Real Estate Agent REALTOR®
Jun 2021 - Present
Real Estate One
Real Estate One (REO) Troy, Michigan Real Estate Agent REALTOR®, MRP Licensed Real Estate agent and REALTOR®, MRP Buy, Sell, Rent, Relocation of Real Estate: My Team and I have National & Worldwide, International/Global Networks to help your Real Estate Buyer/Sellers and Relocation needs almost anywhere! My services are Not just limited to Michigan. Jamone Lewis REALTOR® MRP, MICHIGAN REALTORS®, NOCBOR®, LEADING REAL ESTATE COMPANIES OF THE WORLD®, “Social Media Liability Certification” NAR®: MRP-"Military Relocation Professional Certification" LEADING RE®: LRS- "Relocation Specialist," LSS-"Sales Specialist," LMS-"Marketing Specialist," LSE-"Service Expert," TMS-"Target Marketing Specialist," LSG-"Sales Gold" Certifications
Affiliate Marketing Specialist
Oct 2019 - Present
TCGPlayer Website Link: •TCG Player Affiliate Marketing Specialist: Influencer & Content Creator "Jam1TCG", Create online media content that Stimulates, Informs, Motivates, and Entertains the Trading Card Game (TCG) Community and drive Sales & Traffic to the website. •About TCG Player: At TCGplayer, we build applications and technologies that connect thousands of hobby gaming businesses with customers across the globe. Our ecommerce and data management tools power sales through physical stores, websites, mobile apps and the TCGplayer Marketplace.
YouTube Content Creator
Jan 2018 - Present
I am a YouTube Content Creator. I Manage my own YouTube Channel. • Part of the Jam1 Video Brand, by Jamone L. • Account manger & YouTube Personality-"Jam1" •Video Production, Branding, Uploading, scripting and Creation of Content following YouTube Guidelines •Engaging with Subscribers, Viewers and Fans (Online & Offline) to maintain viewership and watching experience • Travel Vlogs, Entertainment and Wholesome Family Friendly content More Channels coming soon in the near future....
Chief Executive Officer
Apr 2017 - Present
Jam1 Productions and Services, LLC
Jam1 Productions and Services, LLC is a Video Production and Life skill Services company. Promoting good morals, to value each other and enjoy life. The Jam1 Brand created by Jamone L.exists to: Give the world different perspectives of the world. See the world through different eyes! Jam1 Productions and Services, LLC offers Spanish tutoring and Spanish instruction, freelances help with video production,Video editing, Videographer, graphic design and things related to Digital Media. More Services will be offered in the future!
Spanish Instructor/Coordinator
Jan 2018 - Jan 2019
Veterans Upward Bound/Veterans Educational Opportunities Program (VUB/VEOP)
Veterans Upward Bound/Veterans Educational Opportunities Program (VUB/VEOP) Wayne State University Office of Federal TRIO, Detroit, MI • Teacher/Instructor, Tutor and an Academic Mentor (Develop Unique Spanish Curriculum to teach students in Spanish Language & Culture) • Reception,Office Duties, and Tracking process and Attendance •Assist with recruiting students (via phone call, online & creation of video advertising)
Housing Deparment
Aug 2014 - Jan 2019
Wayne State University
Residential Desk Assistant Detroit, MI •Serve as Receptionist and Secretary at Front desk of all on-campus halls and apartment facilities for residents • Detailed front-end security and surveillance; access to residents’ confidential information • Send emails, answer phone, sort and deliver postal mail, keep record of all non-resident entry into building
Student Facilitator
Aug 2018 - Dec 2018
Citizen Detroit
Student Facilitator Wayne State University, Detroit, MI •Grassroots Organization: Promote civic engagement in the nation •Educate residents to be fully engaged in the democratic life of the city of Detroit •Provide residents reputable information to make informed policy/political decisions • EncouragementIn promotion engaging in voter rights
Research Lab Assistant
Aug 2017 - Dec 2018
Close Relationships Laboratory, Richard B. Slatcher, Ph.D.
Wayne State University, Detroit, MI Close Relationships Laboratory,Laboratory Director: Richard B. Slatcher, Ph.D. Research Lab Assistant • EAR Coder-Asthma in the Lives of Families Today (ALOFT Study) • Transcription, Listen to audio data of children of families going through day-to-day live while, coding for emotions, close relationships interactions and events related to the study •Data review, entry and coding via computer and audio recording devices • Work directly under current Grad Students and research team assisting data collection for PI's research (principal investigator) • Attend, observe & present, at lab meetings •Write Undergrad Honors Thesis related to research
2nd Degree Black Belt Training Instructor
Sep 2007 - Dec 2018
Detroit Helping Our Youth
Institute Martial Arts Detroit, MI • Teach self-defense to youth; unite different nationalities by integrating individual cultures into practice • Act as Mentor, a positive leader/role model to youth of various ages and backgrounds • Promote well-being, self-esteem, safety, physical protection from harm • Development spiritually, mentally and physically; enrich important decision-making, life choices, life lessons, discipline and culture; through constant body and mind control training/conditioning
Specs Howard School of Media Arts Martketing Intern
Apr 2017 - Jul 2017
Specs Howard School of Media Arts
Internship, South field, MI Marketing Interns assist in writing blogs, filming/ edit, and develop commercials and other related forms of branding for Specs Howard School of Media Arts marketing department as well as companies affiliated/partnered with the school. Clients are companies active in the media arts world Radio, Television and film industry. Some clients include ( but are not limited to): Channel 955 Radio Mojo in the Moring, Amp Radio 9.87, Detroit by Detroit and many more!
Assistant Director
Jul 2016 - Jul 2016
48 Hour Film Project
Awarded “Best of War Genre” (2016) "Gambit" is a War Genre Film Directed my Jacob Mendez, Written by Anthony Echols and created by the film team The Four Horseman. I was AD (Assistant Director). Team has 2 days to write/create,film and edit a short film. The genre is picked at random and teams must follow strict guidelines.
Research Internship, Charter School Improvement Project
Aug 2014 - Dec 2015
(Must Remain Anonymous) School located in the South West Detroit District
Detroit, MI Research Internship, Charter School Improvement, Detroit, Michigan (August 2014-December 2015) • Member of Main Office staff at an elementary school; support receptionist and secretary (spoke Spanish if necessary) • Collected qualitative data, produced research project and provided help for the betterment of the school’s future
Election Inspector Redford, MI Precinct
Aug 2010 - Jun 2012
Redford District Court Clerks Office
Election Inspector, Redford, MI Precinct inspectors are people who are paid to assist voters at the polls on Election Day •Election Official and Receptionist • Managed and used new technology and software for data collection • Collected and saved data of all voter's ballots and demographic information (via Documents, Licenses, Birth Certificates Social Security, Passports, ect) • Give voters detailed information and instruction from U.S law regarding the election to make the process run smoothly
Writer, Director, Camera and Editor
May 2011 - May 2011
DIA Michigan Student Film Festival
DIA Michigan Student Film Festival Earned Merit Award for PSA - “Everyday” This was a big student film Festival designed to give high school students a chance to get experience at a film making contest. There were many categories for students to submit. “Everyday” is a PSA Public Service Announcement I created to encourage youth and all ages to cherish life and the things precious to us all.
Post Production Video Editor
Sep 2010 - Jun 2011
Thurston High School News Room Studio (THTV)
Post Production Editor for THTV Thurston High School Television: an High School News TV studio ran by students interested and skilled at Digital Media Arts, Film,Video Production and Broadcast. I edited the morning news announcements that aired every 2nd hour to the entire student and staff body in school. I also gained experience of working and running a Television Broadcast Studio and produced various forms of Video Productions and learned about Media Studies and Broadcast Media Studies.
Tech Degree, Digital Media Arts
May 2016 - May 2017
Specs Howard School of Media Arts
BS (Bachelor's of Science), Psychology, Spanish Language and Latino/a and Latin American Studies
Dec 2011 - Dec 2018
Wayne State University
Native Proficiency
Professional Proficiency
1,700 Subscriber YouTube Milestone
Apr 2020
Online Tutor certified
Jun 2018
Multiple Online tutoring Platforms
Suicide Prevention Training (at-risk Friends in College)
May 2018
Blood Bnorne Pathogens Training
Dec 2016
CRP Institute Online
First Aid
Dec 2016
CRP Institute Online
Dec 2016
CRP Institute Online
Human Subjects Protection Certification
Aug 2014
CITI Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI PROGRAM)
Internationally Certified 2nd Degree Black Belt Instructor- Chung Do Kwan Tae Kwon Do
Sep 2013
The Institute of Martial Arts
AAU Certified Coach
Jun 2011
Training, Knowledge, & Rankings in 10+ Styles of Martial Arts
Sep 2007
The Institute of Martial Arts
Leadership Training & Conferences
May 2007
Multiple Professional Programs over years
Honor Society, link crew, Summit Leadership Conferences, Instructor Certifications/ Trainings ect.
175,000 YouTube Views Milestone
Apr 2020
250 YouTube Uploads
Apr 2020
1,500 Subscriber YouTube Milestone
Aug 2019
225 YouTube Uploads Milestone
Jul 2019
1,400 Subscriber YouTube Milestone
May 2019
125,000 YouTube Views Milestone
Mar 2019
200 YouTube Uploads Milestone
Feb 2019
1,300 Subscriber YouTube Milestone
Feb 2019
175 YouTube Uploads Milestone
May 2018
1,100 Subscriber YouTube Milestone
May 2018
90,000 YouTube Views Milestone
May 2018
1k Subscriber YouTube Milestone
Mar 2018
100,000 YouTube Views Milestone
Jan 2018
95,000 YouTube Views Milestone
Jan 2018
"Perfect Attendance" Award
Apr 2017
Specs Howard School of Media Arts
"Certificate of Distinction" Award
Apr 2017
Specs Howard School of Media Arts
Specs Howard School of Media Arts DMA Grad
Apr 2017
"The Most Dedicated at the Desk" Award
Aug 2016
Wayne State University
Staff Member "Most Likely to Became an FBI Agent" Award
Apr 2015
Wayne State University Housing
Dean’s List (Fall August 2013- Fall August 2014)
Aug 2013
Wayne State University
2nd Place "Best News Story" (THTV)
Jun 2011
Lee. M Thurston High School Television
Martial Arts Student of the Month
Dec 2007
Institute of martial arts
Psi Chi
Oct 2017
Psi Chi, the International Honor Society in Psychology, was founded in 1929 with a mission to encourage excellence in scholarship and advance the science of psychology. More than 600,000 lifetime members have joined in this worthwhile cause including Distinguished Members such as Drs. Albert Bandura, B. F. Skinner, and Phillip Zimbardo. A few popular Membership Benefits include international recognition for academic excellence, as well as access to our three publications and more than $400,000 in annual awards and grants.
World Thai Boxing Association
Sep 2016
The World Thai Boxing Association was founded in 1968 by Surachai (Chai) Sirisute and was known as the Thai Boxing Association of the USA until recently. Originally one man’s quest to spread Thai Boxing to the United States, it is now this same man’s vision to help others who have a passion for Muay Thai to continue his legacy of spreading the martial arts of Thailand across the planet.
National Honors Society
May 2011
The National Honor Society (NHS) is the nation's premier organization established to recognize outstanding high school students. More than just an honor roll, NHS serves to honor those students who have demonstrated excellence in the areas of scholarship, leadership, service, and character. These characteristics have been associated with membership in the organization since its beginning in 1921.
World Taekwondo Federation
Sep 2007
The World Taekwondo Federation is the International Federation (IF) governing the sport of Taekwondo and is a member of the Association of Summer Olympic International Federations (ASOIF). The WTF recognizes national Taekwondo governing bodies recognized by the NOCs in the pertinent country as its members.

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Instructor details
Film Production
Teaches 8 subjects. Different subject may have different prices.
This teacher is not currently accepting students