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David delivers an exceptional lesson experience and ranks in the top 15% of our teachers nationwide.
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Ages 5+

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University educated composer, song writer, and instrumentalist.

With a lifetime of experience on the guitar, and years of progressive experience on the Drums, Piano, and Bass Guitar, I offer beginning-advanced instrumental instruction of all ages.

In addition to instrumental instruction, I offer a thorough, but fun, course in song-writing and composition for Singers and Instrumentalists alike.

Now available at the Murrieta classroom: Full service recording lessons. Learn the details of audio recording while creating your own songs for less than the cost of many studio rental rates.

Fall 2012 University of California - Riverside graduate in music with extensive focus on music theory, composition, and song writing.

My experience:

My first job was as an accompanist for my high school's music department. With a strong background already in music theory, it was here I crafted my sight-reading and analytical music abilities. This job allowed me to perform live for thousands of people as well as I accompanied the school as well as the other high school's in the district. Post high school, I spent several years working as an audio engineer for resorts in the area including: Legoland, Sea Life, and L'Auberge Del Mar. These opportunities gave me a chance to further increase my technical knowledge of music, focusing on both live events as well as recording technology. After this time, I was contacted by a former college professor of mine from MiraCosta College in Oceanside to fill the position of accompanist for his two Jazz Choirs. From this point forward I studied music within all genres and include Pop, Rock, Jazz, Country, and Classical styles within my repertoire and the music I teach.

In addition to teaching with TakeLessons, I teach Music within the Murrieta Valley School District and have recently been offered an interim position as an ensemble instructor at the University of California Riverside during the Fall school year. I look forward to continuing to work within the music education field and continuing to grow as a musician and educator as I do.

*** Lesson Details ***
Lessons should be a fun experience that results in the students enjoying playing their instrument while also building important musical skills, whether learning the fundamentals for the first time or fine-tuning a newly acquired skill as an already advanced player. Each lesson I teach will be based around the student's current ability, both on their instrument as well as their understanding of the instrument. It has always been my thought that students progress further and faster when they are having fun, and the best way to achieve this is by learning through playing pieces that students enjoy to play while simultaneously working on their technical proficiency on the instrument as well as knowledge of the theory behind what they are playing. When a student leaves a lesson after playing a song, I feel they will not only be able to play the song, but understand what they are playing as well which will then allow them to apply what they have learned to other songs.

For instrumental students looking to augment their playing ability and advance to the next level of musicianship, I also teach courses in music theory which can be taught through your instrument. For many people, music theory and written music seem the same. This can initially be as intimidating as attempting to learn a new language. However, with an approach that will allow you to apply it directly to your instrument, it can be a fun process that can propel you towards your musical goals.

*** Studio Equipment ***
Murrieta location: Full service DAW Studio (incl. Computer, Multitrack interface @ 24bit/96hz, on-board mixer) Blue Baby Bottle Studio Condenser Microphone, Keyboards & Digital Pianos, Acoustic/Electric Drumkits, hundreds of Guitars, Basses and other instruments available to record.

Riverside and San Bernardino locations: Guitars, Basses, Drumkit, 88-Key Digital Piano.

*** Specialties ***
Beginning methods and techniques that I teach are unspecialized, however once students reach a level of comfort on their choice of instrument, I will approach it from a style based on their personal interests in music along with augmenting their interests with others which will help them grow in terms of overall musicianship.

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Photos & Videos

The song itself was a fun arrangement to make, aside from the high C, it translated very well to guitar with only a slight tuning change. The arrangement is similar to the original, however some melody notes were changed in octaves to keep it from seeming too static, the pickups to the bridge were moved over to the start of the bar (to be played against their respective chord and not before it), and I also added a couple pauses here and there to keep the dynamics interesting. As far as the mic arrangement goes, I couldn't decide between using the ribbon mic for it's hard hitting rhythm qualities, or the tube condenser for a sound I have really grown to enjoy, so I mounted them both and ended up mixing between the two, so far it's turned out better than either mic on it's own.

What you are seeing is a video of the bulk of the recording process, of course I'm going to add in a few seconds of overdubs on any sour or wrong notes, but none of that should total for more than 10 seconds or so cumulative (I'm not a good one-taker) in these songs. Also, this song was done in two seperate takes, the strings on the guitar were put on the day before, and one of them popped out of tune right before the second verse, had to cut and start again. Usually I only do one take plus a few overdubs, but this time it was two takes spliced together with minimal overdubs (a couple chords in the beginning most noticeably).

Recording Info -

Guitar: Taylor NS32ce
Audio Interface: TC Electronic's Konnekt 6
Microphone: R144 Ribbon Microphone and 9000 Tube Condenser
Video Camera: Dual Sony HDR-XR150

Audio was recorded at 24bit 192hz into Cubase 5 and video at 1080p into Vegas 10 HD. 

Thanks for listening,

Photo by David H.

Photo by David H.
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