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Learn magic from a pro who's performed over 5000 shows
Dan C. understands the powerful impact of present magic in a powerful way. A private lesson with Master Magician will cut years off your learning curve. You'll be mastering powerful routines in no time. Dan is the magic coach to several well-known CEO's and their children in Silicon Valley. Dan distills the information from tens of thousands of hours of studying thousands of DVD's books, workshops, and lectures to bring you only the best. Because of the innovative progressions, Dan is the most in-demand magic teacher, to maximize efficiency each of the lessons will include a video to view prior to the lesson.
About Daniel C.

Dan is unparalleled in his ability to work with magicians of all levels and transform them into professional gigging performers. Dan's students range from the most accomplished magicians who have performed in for casinos, TV, and top corporations worldwide - to passionate hobbyists who are just beginning to explore the world of magic and mentalism. People incorrectly assume that the more complex the trick is - the better it must be. But that's not correct. Some of the most effective magic is the most effortless to learn. I've compiled these lessons to give you the most memorable reactions for the smallest amount of effort. Not just a magic lesson. You will have a tool that opens up doors. Imagine free airline perks & upgrades and even VIP treatment when you study with Dan Chan, "The Millionaires' Mentalist." When someone asks you for a business card, make it appear or even print the business card right in front of their eyes. Imagine changing a one-dollar bill into a hundred-dollar bill when you pay for your meal. You'll be unforgettable! Want to learn magic that's perfect for any social or business environment? Did you know there are dozens of methods for each effect? Do you have all the time to research all the various methods and variations? I've researched half a dozen ways to change a one-dollar bill into a hundred-dollar bill. I also know more than a dozen Rubik's cube effects. I've seen dozens of gimmicked coin sets and decks of cards. I'll share with you the best. I've researched the best methods for each effect in every premise or genre of magic, so you don't have to. Want to sort thru the clutter and only learn the best? Why learn and relearn when you learn it once and be done. I will help you shave years off your learning curve by showing you my accelerated progressions. My teaching progressions are adaptive, catering to where your current knowledge. As a master magician, he's invested over $100,000 in magic and performance, so you don't have to! Your path will be easier as you stand on the shoulders of giants. When I first started performing magic professionally, I found information was difficult to find. Everything in books was either poorly explained, dated, disorganized, or difficult to decipher. Besides, there was little rhyme or reason for the way information was laid out. There were no progressions. The best way to learn magic is to attend live lectures and watch DVDs, but both assume prior knowledge of fundamentals that many do not have. The path from beginner to advance is ambiguous at best. There is no common starting point. Although I've taught many age ranges in the past, I now teach business people how to use magic to get their foot in the door, but they are also remembered years later. Are you tired of reading books that are hard to decipher? Often trailers for effects are either over-hyped, not practical for real-world performances, or too difficult for your skill level. Are you learning if you "learn" something and only know how it works but can't perform it? You might appreciate how difficult it is. And as a result, they give up. Dan not only teaches magic, but he also teaches the philosophy of magic, nuances, and even how to mentally prepare, respond & deal with hecklers when you get caught. Time is money. Save your time and money and learn from Dan Chan, Master Magician, and Mentalist. "Although Youtube is great, training with Dan saved me a lot of time - my most valuable commodity. I only wish I had started earlier! I came to learn magic, and I also learned how to present more effectively." When you learn with Dan Chan, Master Magician, you will create a strong foundation and bridge the knowledge gap with a clear path and progression. Dan C. Master Magician is an internationally renowned, award-winning magician whose magic has taken him worldwide. Based in Fremont, CA, Dan is regarded as one of the nation's top corporate magicians and performs at events worldwide. Dan C. Presents is the ultimate corporate entertainment experience. In 2017 Dan performed in Las Vegas, Shanghai, and Germany for corporate clients. Find out why Buzzfeed named him Silicon Valley's Favorite Magician and why he was recently featured in the Hustle, ThinkNum, VoyageLA, and Business Insider four times! In addition to the accelerated teaching progressions, Dan teaches how to structure a sales presentation to close higher percentages of deals using magic as a sales tool. He is the world's top corporate magician performing for Affirm, Airbnb, Amazon, Apple, Bank of America, Baidu, BitTorrent, Buzzfeed, BMC, Breathometer, Charles Schwab, Chevron, Cloudflare, CISCO, DELL, Deloitte, Disney, DOCOMO Innovations, EA, Facebook, Falconstor, Golden State Warriors, Goldman Sachs, Grammarly, HP, IBM, Intel, Intuit, Kaiser Permanente, Kleiner Perkins, KPMG, Levi's, LinkedIn, Lyft, Marriott, Marvel, MasterCard, Merrill Lynch, NBC, Netflix, Nike, Novartis, NVIDIA, OneLogin, Open AI, Oracle, Paramount Pictures, PayPal, Pfizer, Pitney Bowes, Quora, Radio Disney, Red Hat, Ritz Carlton, Roche, SalesForce, Sequoia Capital, SF Giants, Shutterfly, Slack, Sony Play Station, Specialized Bicycle, Thumbtack, Twitter, Uber, USCG, USMC, VISA, Viv, Walmart, Wells Fargo, Wild Aid, and Zillow, Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital.

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