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Daniel R.
Kissimmee, Florida
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20+ years of playing expereince 15+ years of performance experience 15+ years of teaching experience *** Lesson Details *** I do my best to adjust each lesson to the specific needs/wants of the student. *** Studio Equipment *** Plenty of acoustic, and electric guitars and amps I also have extensive sheet music files. *** Travel Equipment *** Travel sized electric guitar and amp with Ipod capabilities. *** Specialties *** My passion is in progressive music. I LOVE guitar solos. My favorite thing to do is learn or play a guitar solo. Jimi Hendrix and Joe Satriani are 2 of my favorites. I write tons of my own music, I try to teach my students integrity and creativity when performing, or playing.

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Teaching since 1997


Music and Guitar Performance

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Teaches ages 7+

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Speaks English, Spanish

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I have "entertained myself" on guitar for years. When I decided to get lessons I found Dan. I liked his style of teaching and playing and started taking lessons. He was able to evaluate my level of playing and started teaching chord progression, music theory and songs that I wanted to learn. He's teach style would work well for anyone including my wife. She started taking Bass lessons from Dan and she was a beginner and he's was able to have her playing along with songs the same day. I highly recommend Dan if you are looking to take lessons no matter what level of experience you have.

Posted May 22, 2014
6 and 7 string Guitar, Bass and Ukelele
Apr 2001 - Present
George's Music
Music and Guitar Performance
Aug 1999 - Jun 2000
University of Nebraska
Native Proficiency
Professional Proficiency

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This teacher is not currently accepting students