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Carlos C.

Miami, FL

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Carlos delivers an exceptional lesson experience and ranks in the top 15% of our teachers nationwide.
Teaches students:
Ages 5+

Teaching since:
March 2008

My name is Carlos, I have studied guitar for over 8 years with 3 years in the mighty electric guitar and 5 in the classical. Aside from mastering the most challenging concert pieces I am a composer with over 23 written and recorded songs, from classical to heavy metal. I am the teacher that will not only teach you guitar but will make you live and breathe the instrument. My style is design to motivate students to not only learn this beautiful instrument but also appreciate it and learn the discipline, commitment and unparalleled reward it brings to play it. Above all I I want my students to experience the immense joy of learning a new song, or making something sound cool by your own hand, or hopefully to create beautiful music that no one in the history of the earth has ever head before. I want to transfer my experience when I was younger to my pupils. I am a funny, cool, easy going guy that knows his stuff like you won't believe; and if the guitar is what you want to master, it is me who you are after!

*** Lesson Details ***
Here is what to expect for those who are interested in taking lessons from me:
1) A beautiful, clean and spacious study environmental oriented for the musician.
2) My 100% full attention and instruction.
3) Amazing teaching techniques and the best supplemental material (books, stereos, music stands, tuner, chord charts, lot of books, and everything else you could possibly think of)

The Curriculum (Classical, Electric, Blues, Pop and Acoustic Guitar)
-Beginner- (All styles)
1. Mastering the proper posture, finger styles and position of the hands.
2. Basic music reading and language, intro to the music world.
3. Simple Great sounding songs!

-Intermediate- (All styles)
1. Scales and chords.
2. Intermediate music theory (chord building, reading, intro to solos, building scales)
3. Popular songs (student's choice)
4. Music Composition (student's choice)

-Advanced- (Classical, Pop, Electric and acoustic guitar)
1. All scales and advanced arpeggios.
2. Advanced Music Theory (music analysis, advanced solos, scale modes, advanced music notation and reading)
3. Challenging songs, guitar solos and electric guitar lead parts. Tremolo for classical guitar.
4. Complex composition if student's desire (multiple parts, writing music using Finale software and recording)

-Professional- (Only Classical Guitar)
1. Concert repertoire pieces ( Tarrega, Barrios, Villa lobos, etc.)
2. Music dynamics, tempo changes, speed, emotion in music and consistent and fast tremolo.
3. Classical composition and writing in Finale.
4. In-depth music analyzing and development of pitch.

Class Schedule (All styles and levels)
1. Greetings, setting up, tuning, cookies maybe? :)
2. Warm up exercises (scales arpegios, etc)
3. Student shows progress done on homework for instructor feedback.
4. Song, composition or exercise rehearsal or new material introduced.
5. Homework for next class assigned.

Things to remember:
1. I can provide guitars if the student does not have, yet it recommended that he or she acquire one as soon as possible.
2. I have stereo, recording equipment and music writing software for those interested in composition;.
3. Music sheets and exercises can be provided either in print or digitally to the student.
4. Parents and relatives or friends are welcome to observe the class.
5. After 3-6 months if student practices expect astonishing results specially in beginner and intermediate levels (students will be able to play most popular songs and be introduced to soloing).
6. You get out of it what you put into it! Practice practice practice and before you know it you will be blowing people away with your skills!

*** Studio Equipment ***
Living room: spacious, chairs, 5 guitars, amps, books, music stand, tuner, staff paper. Additional seating for parents.

University: practice room in music department, chairs, music stands, additional seating for parents.

*** Travel Equipment ***
I can provide everything from books to guitars if the student does not have it, yet I urge that eventual they do acquire the necessary gear.

*** Specialties ***
I specialize in the classical Spanish guitar. I also enjoy teaching students how to compose so they can tap into their inner creativity. I can teach any style of rock with the electric guitar and also acoustic guitar.

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Fluent / Native Proficiency

Photos & Videos

A look inside all 3 styles of guitar! Which one do you want to learn?
Check out my new toy! :D
The movie classic with a twist of my own in the classical guitar! :D
I think I may have found my wild calling...
Photo by Carlos C.

Photo by Carlos C.

Photo by Carlos C.

Photo by Carlos C.

Photo by Carlos C.
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Dareine "Dee" M. Oct 26, 2014
Guitar · In studio

One word sums it up...AMAZING!!!!!!!
Not only is he a great instructor...his skills will blow you away!
I'm so happy I found him!
He is worth every me!

Stephanie S. Jan 7, 2014
Guitar ·


I am not going to write much but trust the other reviews guys, this teacher is definitely one of a kind.

Brandon A. Dec 16, 2013
Guitar ·

Chill, great instructor

Carlos really knows what he is doing, not only is he very friendly and amenable but he will floor you with his guitar skills. He really knows how to bring out the creativity in students and after just a few classes I am loving guitar like never before. Not to mention he is hilarious! Have you guys seen the horse video??? Take him!

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Stephanie M. Nov 26, 2013
Guitar ·


Carlos is a really cool teacher! He is very patient, enthusiastic, and really knows what he is doing. Is very fun to learn with

blanca J. Sep 7, 2013
Guitar ·

This is the best guitar class and teacher you will ever have!

Carlos is an amazing talented person, I first met him as a friend and then he became my guitar teacher, he makes me want to get up in the morning and learn! he makes it super easy for me to learn everything he tells me to do and he makes me want to love playing even more because he is willing to teach me so much, he has so much patience even when I can't get it right, I am a songwriter and music has always been a great part of my life, I have been in piano lessons and it's not the same if you don't have a great teacher and carlos is just that! he is truly AMAZING! and he even teaches me guitar theory and notes and gives me exercises to help me remember. I have only taken 4 classes with him and i have already learned the intro to one of my favorite songs. if you take classes with carlos you won't regret it! he is the best guitar teacher out there i promise you that.

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Daniel S. May 3, 2013
Classical Guitar ·


Carlos is an excellent teacher and an all around very cool guy! The classes are very organized and he always works at your pace! He is extremely patient and you will be playing complete songs withing the first few classes! Specially if you started from scratch like me. Not to mention he is a BEAAASSTT at guitar himself! I am learning the electric guitar and i didn't know I could make this thing sound so cool lol I defiantly recommend him to everyone!

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Auralila F. May 3, 2013
Classical Guitar ·

awesome teacher! very patient!

I had no prior experience to playing any musical instruments, but the guitar always stood out to me. i was nervous to learn the guitar, but Carlos was very patient and understanding. I really recommend this class for anyone who is serious about learning the guitar. He really does know his stuff, and will not let you leave unless you feel confident about what you are doing. He brings in so much excitement into learning, and really establishes the comparability level that so many others lack. No experience is needed, because he will work with you to get you to the level of guitar that you desire. Once again i really recommend him!

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