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Learn the secrets of taking the film industry by storm from a graduate in dance and theatre
See Acting. I don't separate Film from Stage acting in the training of the actor
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New Post as of Sunday March 22nd, New York City!!! I am available online nonstop to accommodate all time zones. We are all in this together. I am happy to bring my rates down to help you in this time. Just ask and let me know what is good for you. Be strong, be creative, be beautiful and caring. Be clear, Stay open to what your healthy heart is telling YOU. _________________________ Old post: I am in New York City and accepting new students as well as reconnecting with anyone who wants to return. I have two graduate degrees: one in Music and the other in Dance and Theater studies. My undergraduate degree is from The Juilliard School, in Dance. I've taught children and grown ups for many years. I have a strong performing career and love the way teaching keeps me in a giving and learning place. *** Lesson Details *** With beginning students I am very laid back and patient and believe strongly that in the play of games and experiments technique will develop and manifest. As the student becomes more advanced I become more demanding as do the materials. As an Acting teacher I have the capacity to take students along all the way to professional and beyond. I'm a member of the Actors Studio, the performing unions and have studied since childhood at ACT and then all over the world including The National in London. For Dance, I have a wide knowledge and can teach several forms as well as history and materials. I also teach Ballet and many forms of Modern Dance. I adore teaching dance composition. To help a dance student make their own dances is very fulfilling. I also teach choreography or composition. One of the aspects of dance composition that has recently captivated me is the composing of sound and music for the dance that is also being made. Using software, we can explore electroacoustic as well as language and text collage as sound score for your dance. It is super fun!!! For the Visual Arts I teach Abstract Painting as well as Installation and Performance Art. *** Studio Equipment *** I have supplies and space. Visual Art students need to contribute to materials by finding or purchasing whatever they like and adding to the mix. My students are welcome to use what I have here and I am always adding materials. Many people throw away materials that are perfectly good for art making so keep your eyes open and you'll find all kinds of good things. Visual Art students need to book a 2 hour minimum and I will lower the price if you just let me know you need it. My fees: I start at a higher fee and after you've been a regular student we can lower the fee for you if you need. *** Travel Equipment *** just a space to work in - we can create a work space out of any space. *** Specialties *** In dance I teach classical ballet principles for beginners or those who are returning and want to work carefully and privately. I teach from the tradition of Alfredo Corvino's principles of relationship to organic forms and structures for sound development. I studied with Mr Corvino for years and continue to study with Ernesta Corvino. For acting I teach a combination of classical acting technique with American sense memory and relaxation skills. I am well versed in the teachings of Lee Strasberg and then spent time in London to 'fill in the cracks' of my training with analytical skills as well as the various european influences that the Royal National embrace. I teach creative discovery in combination with classical devices so the student can discover their own artistry while learning actual classical devices for accomplishing specific goals.

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