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Sam H.

Sam H.

I have been working with Photoshop for over 5 years. Getting started with this program is as easy as understanding layers. Once you understand the basics of Photoshop, we can move on to more functions and tools inside the program. You will learn about file sizes, image types, color correcting, and editing "tricks". Some of my students personal favorite lessons include "basic compositing", "spot color correction" and "changing the background". Once you have a solid understanding of the basic tools, you can start to explore; and let your creativity take you wherever you want. My lessons are paced based on your learning style and speed, and are geared towards a stress-free experience. I will show you the ins and outs of creating digital art with this exciting program. The possibilities are endless! If you have an idea or certain type of image you want to work on, we absolutely can! Please note, I am not a graphic designer. I teach Photoshop for primarily image editing purposes. Logos and graphic illustrations are not my forté. NOTE: I teach the current Adobe Photoshop Creative Cloud and as old as CS5. I do not teach Photoshop Elements, that is an entirely separate program.
/45 mins
Kirk A.

Kirk A.

I teach Photoshop skills ranging from basic adjustments and color grading to full photo manipulation and digital art. I can teach drawing and painting using photoshop as well as it is one of the best tools for digital illustration and creating digital art. You will learn the workspace and tools as we develop a workflow that suits your style of editing and creating. As you advance you will learn about masking and layering techniques using blend modes. You will be able to cut out portions of a photo or add elements to a photo that look natural and as if the camera had taken the picture that way. If your interests are in digital art, you will learn all of the same drawing concepts of traditional drawing plus digital painting techniques and color theory. I can also give you the tools and understanding to create your own digital brushes to use on your future art projects. If you are a more advanced student, we can dive into more directed areas of study all incorporating dynamic compositions and lighting to tell a story. Again, if you are more interested in digital art, this will include painting techniques and color theory. I love teaching and I'm so happy I can continue to share my passions with those willing to try something new and challenging!
/30 mins