5 Must-Read Blogs That Will Help You Speak German

5 Must-Read Blogs That Will Help You Speak German

5 Must-Read Blogs That Will Help You Speak German

Are you looking for a way to supplement your German lessons? One way to speed up your language learning is to read blogs. There are dozens of German language blogs in which experienced language teachers and enthusiasts share helpful tips and tricks. Lucky for you, we’ve narrowed down a list of the top five blogs that will help you learn how to speak German.

1. SmarterGerman

Twitter: @smartergerman

Why we like it: SmarterGerman was created by Michael, a German teacher with more than 15 years of experience. From culture to grammar, SmarterGerman covers a wide range of topics for students to browse, and offers up unique learning techniques such as video tutorials and conversational training. The blog’s conversational tone and informative writing style takes the complexity out of learning how to speak German.

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2. Lindsay Does Languages

Twitter: @LDLanguages

Why we like it: Lindsay Does Languages—authored by Lindsay, a quirky language enthusiast—is jam-packed with helpful language learning tools and resources, including fun videos and graphics. While the blog covers several different languages, there are German-specific posts for students. If you want to stay motivated throughout your journey learning a new language, be sure to check out Lindsay’s blog for daily inspiration and study tips.

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 3. Slow German

Twitter: @slowgerman

Why we like it: Slow German has an impressive library of audio clips that can help you perfect your German pronunciation skills. What’s more, it has a list of more than 150 vocabulary words with pictures and a German music section. The majority of the blog is written in German, so you can either translate it into English or challenge yourself by leaving the text in German. Either way, you’re sure to pick up a few new vocabulary words and phrases.

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 4. Ellen Jovin

Twitter: @EllenJovin

Why we like it: Ellen Jovin found her knack for linguistics after she set a personal goal to learn all of the different languages spoken throughout New York City. Her blog is a compilation of posts that document her language learning adventures. She has a specific section of the blog dedicated to German in which she offers study tips on topics like grammar, pronunciation, music, and more.

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5. Your Daily German

Twitter: @yourdailygerman

Why we like it: Your Daily German is the brainchild of another language enthusiast named Emanuel. If you want to expand your German vocabulary, then we definitely recommend visiting Your Daily German. The blog features a new German Word of the Day accompanied by a detailed description, including how to pronounce the word and use it in a sentence. The blog also has a page of helpful resources which includes both video and audio clips.

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Reading blogs is just one of the many ways you can supplement your German lessons. If you find a blog you like on the list above, subscribe to their newsletter so you can get updates when new content is posted. Do you have any blogs you visit frequently that help you to better speak German? Share with us in the comments section below.


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  1. manishchandra
    manishchandra says:

    Thank you for this list of German posts because i am an beginner in learning German so it is going to help me a lot.Hope you will keep on posting to update us.

  2. Mitesh
    Mitesh says:

    Brooke Neuman, thank you for sharing this post. It is not easy to learn German and a good blog to assist you can be of great help indeed. Thank you for sharing the links of all these blogs here. Eventually, learning a language greatly depends on your level of determination. Thanks for the post!

  3. Philip
    Philip says:

    Hi, my name is Philip and I work for Justlearn. I wanted to say thank you for the list. I am learning German at the moment. Personally, I enjoy Your Daily German and Slow German.


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