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Verena Y.

Verena Y.

Hello my name is Verena! I am a German native speaker and currently teaching German at a Language Center in Orlando. I believe in the method of "Learning by doing" which means that I engage my students to actively use the new language, learn in a natural way using real life objects and creating real life situation. I have a post graduate degree from a German University and worked for several years as a teacher in educational science and was additionally responsible for the supervision of Bachelor and Master Theses in German language. On these grounds, I am ideally educated to help you with your verbal and written skills in German language. If you just want to be able to have social talks, ask for direction, order food, or if you are interested in intensive language skills - I am here to help you!
50% OFF$50
/30 mins
Sam G.

Sam G.

I love all things German and my aim is to encourage my students to feel the same. I've been teaching German for 5 years. My students go from knowing no German to being able to hold conversations to eventually completing their grad studies in a German speaking country! Within the first few lessons, you'll be able to introduce yourself and before you know it be a German whizz. I try to base my lessons around modern German pop culture typically using current events as inspiration. My lessons feature video links, audio, worksheets, textbooks, and more. I offer different time options to suit your needs and am also happy to discuss group lessons if you wish to learn with your partner/family member/friend. Please reach out to discuss pricing options for those.
50% OFF$30
/30 mins
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Karin is a fantastic teacher! She will go at your pace with no judgement or pressure and is flexible with lessons. She’s friendly and knowledgeable and can answer almost any question you have. Highly

Lisa (German lessons with Karin N.)

It was fun and i got to learn

Eugen Schnee (German lessons with Susanna D.)

Susi is very pleasant to work with. She is very patient, and makes learning fun. My pronunciation is much better, thanks to Susi. I would highly recommend her to anyone interested in learning and imp

John (German lessons with Susanna D.)

A natural teacher, sensitive to your strengths and weaknesses and very outgoing.

Nora (German lessons with Karin N.)

Karin is a fantastic teacher! She will go at your pace with no judgement or pressure and is flexible with lessons. She’s friendly and knowledgeable and can answer almost any question you have. Highly

Lisa (German lessons with Karin N.)

It was fun and i got to learn

Eugen Schnee (German lessons with Susanna D.)

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Learn German in NYC

Do you want to learn German in New York City? With its beautiful cadence and rich history, learning German can be a lot of fun! Also, if you already speak English, German will be relatively easy to grasp since English is a Germanic language.

Nearly 50 million Americans come from German ancestry and six countries use it as an official language. If you're interested in prepping for a trip to one of these countries or are simply fascinated by the language, you’ve come to the right place! We’re here to help connect you with an amazing German teacher in New York.

Many Reasons to Learn German in NYC

The “Big Apple” is home to a variety of people groups and cultures, and will provide you with an exceptional learning experience. From the popular Oktoberfest to the local German beer garden, taking German classes in NYC will help enhance these experiences all the more.

New York City has a rich German heritage that started in the mid 1800s. German immigrants came to America with their lively music, delicious food, artistic skills and crafts. Thus, Little Germany (or “Kleindeutschland” in German) was born.

Learning with a German Tutor in NYC

One of the best ways to learn the language is to connect with a German tutor in NYC for private lessons, and our top-rated teachers have impressive credentials. Some of our teachers already have over 100 positive reviews to their credit.

We currently have over 30 tutors available to teach German classes in NYC, so you'll have no problem finding an experienced teacher. Many of our teachers speak German as their native language but are also fluent in English. Some are even fluent in additional languages.

You can search our directory for an online German teacher or find a tutor to meet with in person. Whether you're seeking lessons for your child or personal needs, we have you covered. Our personalized lessons and highly knowledgeable teachers will provide you with all you need to know on your path to mastering German.

Where to Take Private German Lessons in NYC

With TakeLessons, it’s easy to find a local teacher, like Kerstin in Brooklyn, to meet with you in person. She has a Master’s from Harvard Graduate School of Education and is a native German speaker.

The good news is you can also take private German lessons in NYC from the comfort of your home, via an online class. Several of our teachers may live in another part of the US, but with today’s technology, learning has never been easier. This eliminates the need for a potentially costly or time-consuming commute. Simply brew yourself a cup of coffee and log in!

Starting German Language Classes in NYC

When you're ready to study German in NYC, our qualified tutors will set you up for success by giving you tailor-made lessons for your specific needs. They'll also provide homework that will help you learn German quickly and effectively.

There are plenty of places to pick up supplies for practicing German, such as Village Stationary on Laguardia. Our teachers suggest having a notebook on hand to write all of your newfound vocabulary and phrases in. Walking through a local supply store will likely bring other materials to mind that could be helpful.

Practicing German in NYC

With the beautiful New York Public Library nearby, you'll have ample amounts of educational resources available to you. For starters, check out German travel guides or books. Or, if you'd like something to keep, swing by Strand Bookstore and pick up a copy to call your own.

If you need some conversation practice, visit Zum Stammtisch or Killmeyer’s Old Bavaria Inn and brush up on your skills while enjoying some authentic German food. Some still gather here to speak the old familiar language and they'd be happy to help a fellow German enthusiast sharpen their skills.

If you're interested in practicing your listening comprehension, check out a German radio station that streams online or join a club like the New York City German Language Meetup Group.

As you can see, with German language classes in NYC, the possibilities are endless. There are plenty of experts close by, either in-person or virtually, plus an abundance of additional resources at your fingertips! Are you ready to take a German class in NYC?

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