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Sam G.

Sam G.

I love all things German and my aim is to encourage my students to feel the same. I've been teaching German for 5 years. My students go from knowing no German to being able to hold conversations to eventually completing their grad studies in a German speaking country! Within the first few lessons, you'll be able to introduce yourself and before you know it be a German whizz. I try to base my lessons around modern German pop culture typically using current events as inspiration. My lessons feature video links, audio, worksheets, textbooks, and more. I offer different time options to suit your needs and am also happy to discuss group lessons if you wish to learn with your partner/family member/friend. Please reach out to discuss pricing options for those.
50% OFF$30
/30 mins
Verena Y.

Verena Y.

Hello my name is Verena! I am a German native speaker and currently teaching German at a Language Center in Orlando. I believe in the method of "Learning by doing" which means that I engage my students to actively use the new language, learn in a natural way using real life objects and creating real life situation. I have a post graduate degree from a German University and worked for several years as a teacher in educational science and was additionally responsible for the supervision of Bachelor and Master Theses in German language. On these grounds, I am ideally educated to help you with your verbal and written skills in German language. If you just want to be able to have social talks, ask for direction, order food, or if you are interested in intensive language skills - I am here to help you!
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/30 mins
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Karin is a fantastic teacher! She will go at your pace with no judgement or pressure and is flexible with lessons. She’s friendly and knowledgeable and can answer almost any question you have. Highly

Lisa (German lessons with Karin N.)

It was fun and i got to learn

Eugen Schnee (German lessons with Susanna D.)

Susi is very pleasant to work with. She is very patient, and makes learning fun. My pronunciation is much better, thanks to Susi. I would highly recommend her to anyone interested in learning and imp

John (German lessons with Susanna D.)

A natural teacher, sensitive to your strengths and weaknesses and very outgoing.

Nora (German lessons with Karin N.)

Karin is a fantastic teacher! She will go at your pace with no judgement or pressure and is flexible with lessons. She’s friendly and knowledgeable and can answer almost any question you have. Highly

Lisa (German lessons with Karin N.)

It was fun and i got to learn

Eugen Schnee (German lessons with Susanna D.)

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Learn German in Boston

Spoken by approximately 132 million people around the world, German is the official language of Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. It's commonly spoken all over Europe, making it a great second language if you love traveling. German is also one of the most frequently used languages in business, with Germany boasting the largest European economy.

If you're a native English speaker, German won't be very difficult for you to learn, as both languages sprouted from the same linguistic origin and share many common roots. Plus, learning German will enhance your experience of German-speaking cultures. After a few lessons with a German teacher in Boston, MA, you’ll be able to read the works of Franz Kafka in their original language and understand the German opera in a new way!

The Benefits of Taking German Lessons in Boston

Boston provides an excellent setting for learning German. Students hoping to immerse themselves in Boston’s German culture can tour the stationary and rotating exhibits housed in several art museums, including the Museum of Fine Arts, Harvard Art Museums, The Institute of Contemporary Art, and The Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum. 

For a livelier cultural experience, visit the Boylston Schul-Verein in Waypole. This German-American club hosts a calendar of seasonal festivals, events, and brunches throughout the year. Participants can enjoy German food, drink, music, and merriment.

In addition to creating opportunities for fun cultural experiences, taking German classes in Boston will also open the doors to a world of opportunities for professional growth. Boston offers a plethora of professional opportunities for German speakers. 

Online job sites list available positions in business, education, tourism, health, and more. In addition, the German-American Business Council of Boston hosts events throughout the year to promote German-American business relations, professional education, and networking.

Studying with a German Teacher in Boston, MA

In our directory, you'll find dozens of top-rated German tutors available for private lessons, both in-person and online. Our teachers are experienced and tailor each lesson to the individual student’s goals and interests. Students can focus on reading, writing, grammar, pronunciation, conversational skills, German for business, German etiquette, and more.

One of our most-loved tutors, Sam G., enjoys using popular culture and current events to inspire her lessons. She also enhances each lesson with a variety of course materials including audio and video links, worksheets, and more. 

"Sam is a fantastic tutor," one five-star reviewer wrote. "She makes it a point to teach the important fundamentals, and she continues to use it in future lessons to create that strong foundation... You can tell that Sam isn't just going through the motions in terms of her teaching; she makes you feel like you're her only student."

Where to Take German Classes in Boston

After selecting a tutor from our directory, you’ll need to decide where you’d like to learn German in Boston. The beauty of taking lessons with an online tutor is the freedom to study from almost any location. From the coziness of your sofa to continuing lessons during a vacation abroad, anything is possible with online German lessons.

If you’d like to meet in-person, we recommend minimizing distractions by selecting a location that helps you focus, where it's quiet enough to hear your teacher. This can either be your home, your teacher’s studio, or a public location such as a local library. 

Making the Most of German Lessons in Boston

To get the most out of class time with your German tutor in Boston, MA, you’ll want to be sure you have everything you need before your first lesson. Pop into Bromfield Pen Shop to purchase a unique writing utensil that will make taking notes feel fun. You should also pick up a fresh notebook and some highlighters. 

Then, visit the nearest branch of the Boston Public Library to check out a German-English dictionary. For inspiration, browse through Brattle Bookshop's several stories to find interesting editions of German literature.

Once your German tutor in Boston, MA has taught you basic conversational skills, you’ll be ready to put them to the test. Make new friends and practice German conversation at the same time by joining a local Meetup group. The Boston German Language Meetup Group alone has nearly 2,000 members. 

You can also attend one of the regular German film screenings hosted by the Harvard German Club, then grab German meal at Bronwyn beer hall. Whether you hope to learn German to enjoy the richness of German culture or take part in the country's large economy, a private tutor can help you achieve the level of fluency you desire. 

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