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Italian Words and Phrases for the Summer [Slideshow]

Are you traveling to Italy this summer or simply want to brush up on your Italian vocabulary? Below, Italian teacher Nadia B. shares some useful Italian words and phrases for the summer…

It’s summertime, which means it’s time for some fun in the sun. In addition to your sunblock and hat, don’t forget to bring along these helpful Italian words and phrases for the summer (or, in Italian, l’estate). In doing so, you can continue to enrich your Italian studies, while also having some fun.

Italians love to go to the beach. During the month of August, cities are abandoned and quiet as everyone escapes to the beach. If you’re at the beach, here are some of the most relevant Italian words and phrases you can use in conversation.

Another beautiful part of summer is the opportunity to travel somewhere new. As you explore new places, the following Italian words and phrases will help you to describe your experience.

As you travel, go to the beach, and otherwise relax this summer, take a few minutes each day to practice Italian. Using the Italian words and phrases above will help you to describe your summer experiences. You could even keep a journal in Italian to practice your writing skills.

Another way to incorporate Italian into your summer fun is to bring your iPod to the beach and listen to some Italian songs or podcasts, while lounging in the sun. Whichever way you practice, it will surely result in positive progress!

nadiaBPost Author: Nadia B.
Nadia B. teaches Italian in New York, NY. She graduated summa cum laude from New York University, with a double degree in Italian Language and Literature and Classical Music Performance. Learn more about Nadia here!

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