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How to Give Experiences as Gifts from TakeLessons

December 19, 2022

How to Give Experiences as Gifts from TakeLessons

These past couple of years have manifested such a resiliency within all of us.

Somewhere among the unexpected turns, delays, and adaptations, it seems we’ve proven to ourselves that our limits and potential can far exceed any expectation we used to set upon ourselves. Of course, we are far more competent than we think.

With this newfound vigor inside of us – and amid an omnipresent desire to invest more deeply in ourselves these days – it makes sense this holiday season to invest in experiences and moments, not just things.

TakeLessons empowers all students of any age or skill level to give something different a shot. We’re also here to sustain those long-sought-after ambitions, to see your goals through, and maybe even help you overcome something. The best part? Right in the middle of our hearty group lessons or our 1:1 mentorships between experts and learners, inevitably, people surprise themselves.

This year, make that the gift.

Among 300 different subjects to choose from and each with affordable classes to consider, we’ve got thousands of teachers here for you, ready to guide you or someone you love on a new journey toward achieving something special. As a student here, you’re also not alone. This is a growing global community of over 20,000 lifelong learners also willing to take a risk and enjoy themselves.

If you’ve experienced your own sessions with TakeLessons before, you know what an exclusive, personalized, and vulnerable journey you can embark upon once you begin. This is more than a finite, tangible gift – it’s a moment to begin anew.

So take a look, share a lesson, and give the gift of an engaging learning journey to someone you love.

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Five Gift Ideas for Grandparents 

If you watch carefully during your next holiday gathering, Grandma and Grandpa aren’t waiting impatiently on the couch in the corner to open their next gift. They’re simply watching all of you, and they’re happy enough. (Especially Grandma. She’s thrilled to have the family together again, and she’s likely already planning in her mind when you can be in the same room next. Make it happen for her sooner than later.)

Grandparents don’t need new kitchen appliances or bedding or gadgets they’ll make you put together anyway. They flourish best when they’re out creating memories with people they love and doing activities that restore their energy. When considering what kind of gift to give Grandma and Grandpa this year, think on these things.

What have they been talking about lately? What are their friends and friend groups up to during the early weekday mornings? At TakeLessons, we have meaningful experiences they can try out either together, with a friend, or on their own. Consider something new – maybe they like working with their hands and would like to try origami or painting – or nurture a longstanding passion you can help to recommence with a supportive mentor 

Classes at TakeLessons help to establish a newfound commitment to something you might care about. This is a gift opportunity that could last all year long and then some, if one is so committed. Believe in your grandparents to push themselves. As always, they’ll encourage you to do the same while you champion them in this unexpected adventure.

Here are some gift ideas for Grandma and Grandpa:

  1. Learn basic woodworking  
  2. Practice knitting or project-based sewing 
  3. Singing lessons with a warm and friendly music teacher who also enjoys gardening and yoga 
  4. Learn how to excel at the game of Bridge 
  5. Update lifestyle habits with nutrition lessons or calisthenics  

Five Gifts for Kids  

Ok, unlike sweet Grandma and Grandpa, the kids are wildly impatient, over-sugared, and have already counted the gifts with their name on it. Their expectations are high, but don’t panic! TakeLessons helps students to grow in their respect and admiration for subjects and activities that matter to them. If your children love music, there are hundreds of kind and thoughtful instructors in piano, guitar, brass, and more. If they enjoy dancing or singing, we have voice coaches and group lessons that help to foster talent and confidence 

Consider a two-for-one gift here as well (they like opening a present, after all). If you’d like to provide guitar lessons, include in the gift a new guitar, guitar strap, or set of personalized picks. If you’d like to give art classes, include new paintbrushes or an easel to get started. Help the child to visualize what success might look like for them after they’ve begun this learning journey for themself, and be their No. 1 supporter along the way!  

Here are some gift ideas for kids: 

  1. Improve in their sport activities 
  2. Learn a new language 
  3. Create complex and beautiful origami models 
  4. Tutoring help 
  5. Join music singalongs 

Five Gifts for Mom  

Mothers know what it’s like to be The Gift Giver, which means they’re either not taking the time to make a list for themselves, or they don’t want to waste yours. But mothers always enjoy a personal touch to a gift – a meaningful stretch beyond jewelry, books, or bubble bath. What excites Mom outside of her work or role as a parent? If she enjoys running, consider a wellness coach to help her strengthen her body and mind for those long runs. If she likes to be outside, nurture her enjoyment of gardening. If she likes to create inside, TakeLessons has incredible instructors in arts, embroidery, or baking. Give Mom the gift of support and encouragement that all of them give to us.  

Here are some gift ideas for Mom: 

  1. Manage stress with meditation classes or Reiki sessions 
  2. Explore Indian cooking or make better coffee at home 
  3. Learn about seed starting or habitat gardening 
  4. Learn calligraphy or sewing 
  5. Explore photography classes or drawing

Five Gifts for Dad

What are some activities that you and Dad enjoy doing together? What is something he likes to do? Dads love an opportunity to pass down a craft or teach an activity to people they love. That sort of quality time together matters, so maybe take a look at some of our group classes that you and Dad could participate in together. Moreover, signing up for a class – and then maintaining those sessions over time – is a quick and efficient process. Dads will appreciate the ease of effort, the affordability, and a chance to learn something new together!

  1. Here are some gift ideas for Dad: 
    1. Hire a personal trainer or wellness coach  
    2. Learn about aviation and exercise from this diverse teacher with a background in law! 
    3. Practice your game of chess 
    4. Become an expert in Poker or Billiards 
    5. Bluegrass lessons 

Five Gift Ideas for You 

Oh, yeah, you count here, too. As the gift giver, what is something you’re thinking about for yourself?

If you want to try something new, TakeLessons has thousands of experienced teachers and mentors to push you toward unexpected achievements in a supportive environment and with hundreds of diverse subjects to choose from. It’s also up to you whether you want to begin this journey in a 1:1 capacity or among a group of like-minded students in group lessons, which provide you with a community of learners on the same path: Ready to tackle new curiosities and thrive.

Begin exploring a few sessions that might support you and start the new year with big goals and a fervor to surprise yourself. We’re here for you!

Here are some gift ideas for you: 

  1. Identify goals, strengths and weaknesses with a new life coach! 
  2. Get an astrology reading 
  3. Learn to play a new instrument or oil paint  
  4. Academic tutoring (Improve on your side hustle here, like improv or writing) 
  5. Explore meditation or private yoga lessons 

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TakeLessons Team