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Valyncia V.

Fort Washington, MD
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About Valyncia V.

I believe everyone has the ability to sing … some better than others, of course, -- but regardless, I believe every voice can make a beautiful sound. I believe learning to sing requires team work: with the proper instruction and learning tools from me, the instructor, and with the dedication (practice, practice, practice) from you, the student, a well-rounded singer can emerge. If you can hear the proper note, I can help your vocal instrument play to its fullest abilities.

I began singing when I was five years old in church. I continued singing exclusively inspirational music until I was a teenager. At that time, in addition to the second soprano part I sang in a five-part harmony a Capella (without instrumental accompaniment) Gospel group, I also sang in a few bands (Rhythm and Blues, Jazz, and Rock). My undergraduate studies were completed at the American University, where I majored in Communications (B.A.), and minored in Music, voice being my instrument. During my undergraduate studies, I was recruited and performed as the lead female vocalist for a Rock band that a few fellow music students had formed. While in college, I was trained in classical voice, piano, music theory, musical theater performance, and vocal pedagogy (vocal training). My vocal pedagogy studies credentialed me to become a professional vocal instructor. I began teaching voice after I earned my degree, and have been teaching private voice lessons for over ten years.

Most of my present expertise in teaching voice grew from my vocal pedagogy studies, my teaching experience which has developed over time, my own personal vocal dedication, and my training and understanding of various genres of vocal performance. My present singing career is as an inspirational singer; my vocal students encompass various genres in which I have experience, including: Inspirational, Rhythm and Blues, Jazz, Rock, Classical, as well as various degrees of popular music.

*** Audition Preparation ***
I have coached many of my students to prepare for auditions: auditions to be accepted into performing arts schools, parts in musicals and plays, joining a band or vocal ensemble, as well as auditions for televised singing shows, such as "The Voice," "Sunday's Best," "American Idol" and "The X Factor."

*** Lesson Details ***
I teach students by using the tried and true techniques I have found to be successful, and allow the student to be my guide as to which direction to take with his or her vocal training. Whether the student is a novice, a professional, or somewhere in between, each student, after obtaining the basic singing knowledge and techniques, will have a vocal training schedule geared to his or her individual needs and development. Lessons are for the most part very casual in nature, and the student’s dedication (practice, practice, practice) will dictate whether or not the lessons become stricter. A few months into the vocal instruction, students will be given the opportunity to learn more about reading music and sight singing, if he or she so chooses, as well as vocal performance techniques for singing in front of an audience. Within one year, dedicated students may also have the opportunity to show off what they have learned, and perform in front of an audience at a recital with other vocal students. Please note that my preference is to work with teens age 13 through adults of any age. I believe that younger voices need more time to develop and stand to be damaged if too much stress is put on them too soon. However, exceptions for children under 13 may be made for gifted young singers.

*** Studio Equipment ***
Home studio- entry room of home, baby grand piano, seating area, dry erase board, mirrors
Music Studio- one recording studio, seating area, classroom

*** Travel Equipment ***
If needed, I provide a portable piano keyboard, microphone with amplifier, paper handouts of lessons, etc. The student needs to have paper to take notes and a writing instrument.

*** Specialties ***
Most of my voice lesson experience has been with adults, and contemporary popular and inspirational music.


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36 Reviews
George M.
Profile-location-studio Teacher's Studio

My lesson went extreemly well. The instructions and exercises were appropriate to my level of experience, and I think this is exactly what I need to move forward as rappidly as possible to becone a good vocalist.

Posted Apr 14, 2019
Whitney S.
Profile-location-studio Teacher's Studio

Ms. Valyncia was an amazing coach. She was very patient , very honest and very professional. She pushed me beyond my comfort zone and I was able to improve my breathing, improve my range and put some personality into my performance. That was a long time ago but I plan on booking her again as my coach. I highly recommend her ! You will definitely become a better singer / performer when working with her , as long as you put the work in.

Posted Mar 31, 2019
Profile-location-studio Teacher's Studio

Get instructor. Listens and teaches great fundamentals. Learned a lot of the basics and helped me develop in several areas. Her in home music studio was well equipped and a great learning place.

Posted Nov 6, 2018
Profile-location-home Student's Home

She’s very knowledgeable and patient with help you achieve your goals.

Posted Dec 29, 2017
Profile-location-studio Teacher's Studio

I really enjoy taking lesson with Valyncia, she is so
kind and very knowledgeable. I enjoy talking to her each visit. She is very patience with you and will work with you until you get it. I really enjoy spending my time with her on saturdays.

Posted Jul 24, 2017
Profile-location-studio Teacher's Studio

Got these lessons for my wife; excellent teacher and excellent improvement in my wife's singing ability

Posted Apr 10, 2017
Profile-location-studio Teacher's Studio

Very professional, conveniently located, thoroughly analyzed first lesson. Looking forward to the next session.

Posted Mar 4, 2017
Profile-location-studio Teacher's Studio

I've had several vocal teachers before but I can honestly say Valyncia is the best I've ever worked with. She's the sweetest, most caring person, and more than capable of pushing you to your next level even if you don't think you can do it. I didn't have or even know how to find my head voice before taking lessons with Valyncia. She has a knack for pulling talent out that you didn't even know existed. From vocal lessons, to songwriting, and recording she's a jack of all trades. I would highly recommend that you allow her the chance to share her gifts with you.

Posted Jan 2, 2016
Profile-location-studio Teacher's Studio

"Most Excellent"

Posted Dec 17, 2015
Profile-location-studio Teacher's Studio

Best instructor ever. God has given us all a special gift, but some time it takes somebody else to point out our gift. Valyncia voice lessons has give me the confidence to express myself gift that God has given me.

Posted Dec 15, 2015
Profile-location-studio Teacher's Studio

She was awesome

Posted Dec 15, 2015
Lenora G.

The absolute best

I sang most of my life and never knew that I had the weaknesses that I did and I am so grateful that I chose Valencia to be my singing instructor! She is very informative and has taught me to think about singing in a way I never have. I am learning now that my voice is an instrument and with her help my voice and range will go on another level! She is also very flexible! Couldn't ask for a better instructor!

Posted Oct 30, 2013
Kevin M.

She is an amazing teacher!

She is an excellent teacher! She has helped me progress very quickly and challenges me to make my voice strong.

Posted May 4, 2013
Cecil J.

Valencia suits my learning style!

I must say that I need to understand what I'm trying to do and Valencia really gave me insight into musical theory and technical singing. Learning about diaphrafm breathing and seeing your voice as an "instrument" has opened me up to a new world of breathing in general as it relates to relaxation, yoga, meditation and yes even exercise!

She helped me determine my vocal range #I'm a tenor!# and she gives solid feedback for what you need to practice before your next lesson.

Definitely value for money!

Posted Feb 25, 2013
Jacquelyn W.

I give her an A+++

Excellent teacher, knowledgeable and thorough. She pushes beyond self-imposed limitations, and challenges you to go higher. I also love that she is an educator, so she teaches about the components of your voice and how to produce sound. She is also very personable, so she made me feel very comfortable throughout the lesson.

Posted Jan 24, 2013

Really Knows her stuff!

Valencia is very knowledgeable and patient. She works well with students who are working professionally. She is flexible even with her busy schedule. She is the teacher you need if you want to take your voice to the next level!

Posted Jul 8, 2012

Program Analyst

A few things I have learned since taking singing lessions:1. I can hear myself2. I can hold a note3. Control my breathing

Posted Jul 2, 2012

Valencia is a very good vocal teacher/coach. She is understanding and works with you to strive to achieve your best.

Posted Jun 26, 2012

Legal Assistant

Valencia knows her stuff and is great at teaching. We have improved tremendously with Valencia's guidance.

Posted Jun 6, 2012

teacher feedback

Valencia is a excellant teacher we are having really good progress of trying to get me to used my head voice this has always been a problem for me . I think that i will be able to sing in that range soon . her knowledge of the singing voice is outstanding.

Posted Feb 21, 2012

Great Teacher

Valencia is a great instructor and very knowledge in singing. She tells it like it is and give constructive direction to help you develop your voice. I have really felt my money and time was spent well since working with her.

Posted Jan 4, 2012

very informative

Great teacher! I have watched my daughter improve her voice with each lesson. Valencia has a wonderful and comfortable mannerism that makes it easy to learn.

Posted Jan 3, 2012


This instructor is able to quickly assess your problem areas and then diligently works with you to improve them.Really challenges you to improve. the experience can be daunting but there is a great feeling of accomplishment when you finally "get it."

Posted Jan 3, 2012

Great teacher! Highly Recommended!

This was the first time that i have taken singing lessons and was quite apprehensive but Valencia made me very comfortable. She helped select songs that I was comfortable with and provided useful feedback that was easy for a novice singer like me to understand and practice implementing. I would have liked to continue lessons with her but am leaving the country for an extended period so regrettably had to stop. Highly recommended for anyone who wants to learn or improve their singing!

Posted Dec 13, 2011

Dedication to finding an appropriate song

I am really impressed with Valencia's tenacity and dedication in my selection of a song that presents challenges to my singing range, tonality inflection, and breathing technique. Her musical insights have caused me to listen to old songs with a new "singer's ear".

Posted Nov 23, 2011


Valencia is a great techer and a good person,i'm really glad that i chose her as my my teacher.She's very helpful and polite,she gives you advices that not everybody will give to you.Her comments are constructive and honnest,she wants you to be the best that you can be,and she always make sure that tou realise the good things about yourself and encourages you to push yourself.She's also very patient and flexible,i'd highly recommend her to anyone,who needs a good and caring teacher.

Posted Nov 12, 2011


Valencia was incredibly efficient and clear throughout the lesson. Having never taken voice lessons before, I was quite nervous, but Valencia's professional attitude calmed me down. I loved the exercises she assigned. Though they were challenging, I felt supported & encouraged.

Posted Oct 26, 2011


It's been very enjoyable. I believe I was able to get a lot better while training under her.

Posted Sep 1, 2011


Valencia is a excellent teacher. She doesn't sugarcoat your flaws, maximizing progress. She also is very knowledgable in what she teaches. Highly recommended.

Posted Aug 27, 2011

she is the best

Ever since i started lessons with Valencia,i enjoy her every lesson so much i cant wait to attend the next class that's how good she is.she don't only teach but she is concern about her student. she is a great teacher..thanks Valencia

Posted Aug 5, 2011

Valencia is a highly skilled teacher. She provides immediate feedback and gives my daughter, who is only 8, great methods and techniques to enhance her singing abilities. My daughter loves going to her classes with Valencia.

Posted Aug 1, 2011


When I first st with my lessons Valencia. It feel like i was with take lessons with her for.6 month that how good she is.Thank You Valencia

Posted Jul 4, 2011

Happy Student

Valencia is a great teacher. I really enjoy her step by step approach. I look forward to continuing my lessons when I return from my summer holidays.

Posted Jun 21, 2011


Very patient, experienced, and observant. Overall great teacher!

Posted Jun 14, 2011

Patient, professional and can anticipate student"s need. Subsequent lessons are then based on these needs for improvement. Improved much in shoort time. Thanks. Araceli T.

Posted Jun 8, 2011

Highly Recommended!!!

Ms. Valencia is a remarkable instructor! She worked with my 10 year old in order to prepare her for a drama audition for placement in a local performing arts school. Ms. Valencia was always well prepared and organized for each lesson. She not only taught my daughter the skills she needed to perform a stellar performance, but she placed much focus on the fundamentals such as voice projection, enunciation, and recovery methods. Needless to say my daughter was well prepared for her audition and very confident during her delivery. I am very pleased that Take Lessons takes pride in hiring very professional and talented individuals such as, Ms. Valencia! Should a need arise in the future, I would definately, without hesitation use this service again.

Posted May 13, 2011

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Inspiriational Vocalist
Jan 2000 - Present

Live for Love Ministries

Most of my present expertise in teaching voice grew from my vocal pedagogy studies, my teaching experience which has developed over time, my own personal vocal dedication, and my training and understanding of various genres of vocal performance. My present singing career is as an inspirational singer; my vocal students encompass various genres in which I have experience, including: Inspirational, Rhythm and Blues, Jazz, Rock and Classical.


Sep 2002 - May 2006

American University/Capital Bible Seminary



Fluent / Native Proficiency


Vocal Pedagogist
May 2006

The American University

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