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100% Satisfaction Guarantee

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Rosario delivers an exceptional lesson experience and ranks in the top 15% of our teachers nationwide.
Teaches students:
and Ages 7 to 65

Teaching since:
November 1995

Teaching is one of the things I do best. I was in the academe for 17 years teaching college and graduate school students. Moreover, I had the opportunity to teach English and Japanese when I was in Japan.

Presently, I have several students learning to speak Tagalog. My courses are personalized depending on the learning ability and pace of a student. I inspire and motivate my students to be at their best especially in expressing themselves in Tagalog. I am very dependable, hard working and very enthusiastic.

I believe that no matter how difficult a language is, it takes practice, patience and perseverance. And do not forget, cooperation. So let's have a wonderful experience exploring Tagalog words..

Maraming salamat po at mabuhay!

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English - Tagalog Interpreter
Aug 2015 - Present
Language Line Solutions

Jan 2014 - Present
Keller Williams Realty Signature Partners

Dental assistant
Apr 2014 - Aug 2015
Vernon Woods Dental Care

Nov 1995 - Mar 2012
University of East, College of Dentistry


PhD in Oral Pathology
Oct 2003 - Mar 2008
Okayama University
Jun 1986 - Mar 1992
University of the East


Professional Proficiency
Limited Proficiency
Fluent / Native Proficiency


Fifth Place in Dentist Licensure Examination (December 1992)
May 1993
Professional Regulation Commission

49 Reviews

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Lois B. Aug 9, 2017
Tagalog · Online

Gabriel Aug 7, 2017
Tagalog · Online

Ryan Aug 2, 2017
Tagalog · Online

Excellent first lesson, excited for more

Kris T. Jul 24, 2017
Tagalog · Online

There are 2 types of speakers, new speakers and native speakers.

As a native speaker, Tita Rosario is very good at helping me refine my Tagalog. She does a good job at teaching the native speakers! She will tell me "Oh, that's a native speaker mistake" or "Native speaker mistake, here is the correct way!"

If you are a native speaker, SHE CAN TELL, and so will you. She will correct your grammar and make your tagalog beautiful!

Truly good at what she does!

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Darrin W. Jul 24, 2017
Tagalog · Online

Very Good Instructor!!

Sarah Jun 24, 2017
Tagalog · Online

She is a very friendly teacher that made learning fun.

Ryan Jun 6, 2017
Tagalog · Online

desiree May 3, 2017
Tagalog · Online

Audrey Dyte May 1, 2017
Tagalog · Online

Just do it, you'll be happy you did. Very friendly and effective teacher. I would supplement the lessons with talking to someone who is fluent. Having the regular practice in addition to these lessons which teach you how to properly form sentences fast tracks you to speaking tagalog.

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Feordor Apr 30, 2017
Tagalog · Online

Always excellent and inspiring cannot wait for next lesson

Feordor N. Apr 24, 2017
Tagalog · Online

Learning and comprehending grreat

Feordor N. Apr 23, 2017
Tagalog · Online


Feordor Apr 23, 2017
Tagalog · Online

The experience was more than pleasant and very educational and gives me the desire to learn quickly and be able to converse with the teacher in her native tongue

Lito Apr 19, 2017
Tagalog · Online

Rosario is a wonderful teacher. She's patient and very supportive, and works to develop a strong foundation for speaking conversational Tagalog that is also grammatically correct. I strongly recommend her if you want to speak Tagalog as a native speaker.

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Suzanne Apr 18, 2017
Tagalog · Online

She is a fun instructor, very patient and knowledgeable.

Matt P. Apr 17, 2017
Tagalog · Online

I love Rosario

Barrie Apr 8, 2017
Tagalog · Online

I really enjoyed my first lesson with Rosario. She makes you feel very comfortable and I am looking forward to more lessons.

Dennis P. Mar 23, 2017
Tagalog · Online

I've been taking lessons with Rosario for quite a few months now. Rosario is a rare teacher who is both knowledgeable and a skilled communicator. I found each of her lessons to be focused and well structured. She has been very flexible with my lessons and totally understanding of my busy life. I truly appreciate Rosario for how she has helped me move closer to my goal of being fluent in Tagalog.

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Al D. Mar 20, 2017
Tagalog · Online

Rosario is very good at explaining the language, how words are formed, where and when certain words and phrases are used, and she is especially good at preparing and sending lessons ahead of time so you can study and be ready for class.

Terri Jan 26, 2017
Tagalog · Online

I had a good experience. This was only my first session but her teaching was clear. She helped me with my pronunciation as needed and as questions came up she answered them so that I could get a clear understanding.

Desiree Williams R. Jan 7, 2017
Tagalog · Online

Matt Dec 21, 2016
Tagalog · Online

Fantastic, lessons was structured and I learned a lot.

Mimi E. Dec 19, 2016
Tagalog · Online

Very patient and knowledgable.

ANGELA Nov 28, 2016
Tagalog · Online

Rosario is such a patient teacher. I really love her! I would recommend her to anyone interested in learning Tagalog.

Samantha M. Sep 18, 2016
Tagalog · Online

Very patient and understanding! Can instruct very well!

Serena Sep 4, 2016
Tagalog · Online

She is absolutely great! I am so looking forward to continuing my classes

Lois B. Sep 4, 2016
Tagalog · Online

I Love Rosario teaching method. I am benefiting from her Style Of teaching greatly She is the BEST. She comes highly recommended by ME. She makes the DOTs connect in understanding the Languages. I LOVE IT!!!!!

Muzzy Aug 24, 2016
Tagalog · Online

Excellent instructor, very thorough.

Vanessa Joy Aug 22, 2016
Tagalog · Online

Rosario is an excellent teacher. She provided lessons catered to my level of understanding and reviewed each lesson thoroughly. She's patient, uses time efficiently, and makes sure there is progress during each lesson. Her students can always expect to walk away from each class learning so much.

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murray Aug 17, 2016
Tagalog · Online

v good

Lois B. Jul 31, 2016
Tagalog · Online

Today was my first lesson and I can tell that I am going to have a great time learning with Rosario. She made the lesson enjoyable simple and easy to remember. Very anxious for the next lesson. I think I'm going to be able to have a conversation in Tagalog sooner than I think. I was encouraged and inspired to continue after Lesson#1

Lois B

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Ke W. Jul 25, 2016
English · Online

Rosario is a perfect teacher! I am so lucky to find her! She was well prepared for the lesson, and she would also make adjustments based on your needs. She is also humourous. This is just my first lesson, and I cannot wait for the next! I feel confident to make a progress with Rosario's help!

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Darrell T. Jun 27, 2016
Tagalog · Online

It was awesome, I think she is a great teacher looking forward to next lesson

Rachel B. Jun 1, 2016
Tagalog · Online

My first lesson was great. She is so patient.

William May 15, 2016
Tagalog · Online

Rosario is an extremely helpful and knowledgeable teacher. Her teaching methods work for me and after she explains the material it makes much more sense. I would recommend her to anyone trying to learn or enhance their Tagalog.

Matt May 2, 2016
Tagalog · Online

Rosario went out of her way to understand my level of Tagalog comprehension and was able to build a lesson plan around that. I was optimistic going into my first lesson, but after five sessions I am blown away with her professionalism, mastery, and skill. I am looking forward to continuing my lessons with Rosario to further my understanding of the Tagalog language.

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Attila V. Apr 30, 2016
Tagalog · Online

Rosario is very helpful. The lesson was well structured. I recommend her.

Robert P. Apr 19, 2016
Tagalog · Online

I've only had one class so far, but I can tell she knows her subject very well. Not just as a native speaker, but as a teacher of the language. Rosario is very nice, patient and follows the pace that you want to go (slower or faster). Great so far!

Evyn Apr 14, 2016
Tagalog · Online

Ate Rosario was patient, friendly, and easy to talk to! I look forward to many more lessons.

Romany P. Mar 7, 2016
Tagalog · Online

She was very thorough and attentive. She helped break down the pronunciation of words and how to properly execute them.

Dave K. Jan 28, 2016
Tagalog · Online

This is my 3rd attempt at learning a new language: 1st was Japanese, 2nd was Spanish and now Tagalog with Rosario. I feel I have learned more with Rosario than with the class settings with the 1st 2 languages.

My goal, being married to a Filipina, was to not feel left out in Tagalog conversations. Being one on one with Rosario has kept my personal goal in mind. She is patient, understands my strengths and weaknesses, and stays at my speed. Her course is very well structured and I know what I have to do to reach my goal.
Dave K.

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Fred M. Dec 21, 2015
Tagalog · Online

Rosario is very accommodating, and she teaches to the strength of the student, not redundant. She understands what and why I need to learn Tagalog.

Margie Y. Dec 19, 2015
Tagalog · Online

My first lesson with Rosario was a nice experience. As a beginner, she introduced me to basic greetings that I felt were good to know for my future travel plans to the Philippines. I enjoyed her friendly personality and will continue my lessons with her..

Nicholas L. Dec 3, 2015
Tagalog · Online

I am completely new to Tagalog and Rosario does a great job of moving at a pace that is forgiving and comfortable for a beginner. I try to study on my own but I really only feel like I have truly grasped the concepts once I review them with her.

Nicholas L. Dec 3, 2015
Tagalog · Online

I am completely new to Tagalog and Rosario

Ricky Pugh Nov 18, 2015
Tagalog · Online

Very nice lesson from a very kind teacher.

Richard M. Nov 8, 2015
Tagalog · Online

Very fun instructor! Takes her time to teach every detail of lesson. Patient and kind and knows the answers to all my questions...

Nathan C. Sep 8, 2015
Tagalog · Online

Rosario takes time to go through the concepts at a pace that really helps me to learn the material. She uses time well and is organized in her lessons. I'm a beginning Tagalog learner, but I've been surprised how much I've learned already! I definitely recommend her as an instructor.

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Nikki L. Jul 27, 2015
Tagalog · Online

Awesome teacher. Very energetic and helpful. I have enjoyed my tagalog lessons so far and definitely plan to keep going.

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