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Iron teaches: Ages 18 and up
Special needs
Teaching since: February 2015
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The best thing about teaching Russian is knowing that you are helping people and also meeting people of all ages and personalities. The thanks you get from people afterwards is very rewarding, knowing you have done a good job is important in any profession. There`s a lot of different between russian and other langueges. For exapmle "to be in someone shoes" on russian will be "to be in someone place". Sometimes when you use translator it`s not easy to understand what the scince of some phrases. My job not only make students learn russian words and grammer but also study use and understand common expressions.
Cources are base on individual requests.
Russian for buisness:
1st step grammer
2nd formal and casual phrases, difference of using
3rd speaking practicing
4th business correspondence

Russian for travelers:
1st step comon using phrases
2nd step grammer
3rd speaking practicing

During teaching I plan to rich your vocabular min for 1000 words and phrases.

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