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Christopher C.

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Christopher C.

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Learn physics and mathematics at up to a college-level!

Mechanical Engineering student with prior experience teaching fellow classmates on a variety of different physics-related topics. I can help with all levels, from basic algebra to college physics! Lessons are designed to cater to the learning style and needs of each student, ultimately to cultivate an understanding of the methods and meanings behind these tricky topics! Shoot me a message, and I'll see how I can help!
About Christopher C.

Hello! My name's Chris, and I'm a Mechanical Engineering student from Arizona. I've worked with Arizona State University to aid students with Physics and Mathematics at a number of levels, from AP Physics to Fluid Mechanics! In all my years of teaching, I've found that these sorts of topics can be really tricky to get a good grasp on; with so many weird letters, numbers, and concepts, it's super important to try and get a solid understanding of what everything actually means. So, as a teacher, I strive to take a step past all the complicated Mathematics to try and cultivate a deeper and more physical understanding of the stuff we talk about. This sort of work is my passion, and I hope that I can help you get the experience and knowledge you need to truly succeed!

Teaches High School, College

Teaching since 2020

Mechanical Engineering , B.S.E

Age: 12-21

Has background check

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Subject: Physics
Teaches 1 subjects. Different subjects may have different prices.
Teaches Online
Teaches Online

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60 minutes
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Teaching Assistant
Aug 2021 - Dec 2021
Arizona State University
Assisted Professors in teaching Introductory Fluid Mechanics, providing regular office hours, one-one-one lessons, and tutorial videos on class content.
Learning Assistant
Jan 2020 - May 2020
Arizona State University
Assisted Professors by offering one-on-one office hours and lessons regarding University Physics I.
Mechanical Engineering , B.S.E
Aug 2019
Arizona State University
Native Proficiency

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