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Speak Japanese Fluently with Online Lessons from a Native Japanese Tutor
Become comfortable with daily conversational Japanese. I also offer music lesson in Japanese.
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“Her exceptional talent will continue to open many doors of opportunity for her in NYC where she continues to thrive as an excellent artist. Subsequently, she is a valuable contribution the opera industry.” The Metropolitan Opera Guild ​“Combination of Asuka's stunning presence and voice silenced the audience in a way we haven’t seen before.” Russian Cultural Center, Kiev, Ukraine ​ ​“Asuka's voice excludes a bright beautiful timbre with personality” Belle Sylvester Recital I started my musical training as a pianist at YAMAHA institute at age 4 in Japan. I was selected to enter perfect pitch class. It was designated for students who have perfect pitch and potentials to be professional musicians. I enjoyed playing piano and electric piano and won the 1st prize at Kitakantou Electric Piano Competition hosted by YAMAHA institute. Because of the intensive training, I have been accompanying my students' recitals and performance exams. As much as I enjoyed playing piano, I discovered that I also love singing, so I started to take singing lessons and have been professional singer and sung opera and musical theater roles. Some of the venues I have sung as a soloist: Carnegie Hall, The Royal Liverpool Philharmonic, Liverpool, England,Lincoln Center, Town Hall, MOMA, Académie Internationale d'Eté de Nice in France, International Vocal Arts Institute in Tel Aviv, Israel, Michigan Opera Theater. Atwood Concert Hall, Alaska Award: Best supporting performer by BroadwayWorld.com Opera Idol Competition at Lincoln Center, The Hariclea Darclée Voice Competition in Romania, The Mario Lanza and Elaine Malbin Vocal Competition in NYC, Received scholarship at Savannah music festival. Besides being a singer, I have been teaching piano and voice over 18 years. I would like to share my skills and experience with you. Since I perform often, I can coach you how to perform on stage in addition to building solid technique and languages. Also, I have taught various kinds of music, such as Rock, Broadway musicals, Pop music, so we can work on all kind of music. I look forward to teaching you soon! *** Lesson Details *** My students can expect to improve their skills and start to enjoy music more as we work together. I believe that learning music is fun and enjoyable. However you also need to be serious and focused. I can demonstrate various and specific techniques, phrasing, and interpretation and will always coach on how to develop your skills. However, I feel it is important for students to think critically on their own and take the first try at solving a problem themselves. I cannot emphasize enough that primarily it is you who find the ways to improve. Leaning music is a collaboration between teachers and students. I hope that through my lessons, students will become more self-sufficient and confident as musicians. Let me help you become a better musician.

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