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Geometry with Adrienne B.

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Teaches online
Teaches Elementary, Middle School
Age: 9-70
Teaching since 1994

    Geometric Principles and Theorems: An In-Depth Exploration

    Welcome to the Geometry Class! This course is designed to help you develop a solid understanding of the principles and concepts that govern geometric shapes, measurements, and relationships. Throughout this course, you will explore various topics in geometry including basic Euclidean geometry, coordinate geometry, geometric transformations, trigonometry, and 3D geometry. The class is structured in such a way as to ensure a comprehensive coverage of all the important topics and ensure that you are fully prepared for subsequent courses in mathematics or related fields. In this course, we will also be using modern software tools to aid your learning process. Our skilled instructors will provide clear explanations of concepts and guide you through interactive exercises that will allow you to put your understanding into practice. The course includes regular assessments so that you can assess your progress as well as identify areas where you need more work. By the end of this course, you will have gained mastery over key topics such as angles, lines, polygons, circles and their associated properties. You will also have honed your problem-