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Dale S.


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About Dale

As a performer I have been playing for over fifteen years on the piano. I have received training at Vanguard University where my teacher's were graduates from Juilliard and Yale. I currently accompany the choirs at Desert Ridge Junior High. I have received a Masters in Music from Baylor University and a Doctorate from ASU and currently teach Music at Grand Canyon University. I am a published choral composer, and have had music performed in Europe and Canada.

In August of 2012 I began teaching piano on a part-time basis. My teaching philosophy has always been to make sure the students understand why and not just how to perform something. I emphasize music theory along with piano lessons and expect the students to take the time to practice every week. I have taught children of all ages from 4 to 16 years old.

If you would like a

female teacher please contact my wife who is also a teacher on take lessons:


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May 19, 2016
Tristan F.
Great first piano lesson experience. My child was fully engrossed in learning, he can't wait till next week!
March 15, 2016
clark A.
Great first lesson! We are excited to continue on a weekly basis with Dale.

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Dale S.



Lisa A.


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About Lisa

Lisa Abrams has a Vocal Music Education Degree from Capital University, Columbus, Ohio.

She graduated in 1997 and has been teaching professionally, both in schools and privately, since that time. She has taught General Music grades K-8 in the Parochial School System. She has been the Music Director and Worship Leader for several Churches where she has directed Adult Choir, Praise Team, Bell Choir, Chime Tone Choir, Orchestra and Children's Choir. She has accompanied all these ensembles on Piano, Guitar, and Organ.

Lisa Abrams teaches all areas of music: Theory, Technic, Reading, Counting, Ear Training, Composition, etc. When you take lessons from Lisa, her goal is more than teaching you how to play or sing a song. She gives you the tools necessary to be able to play ANY song. She teaches what few others teach; how to BE a music

ian. She wants you to be able to pursue any avenue of Music that appeals to you, professionally or personally.

May 10, 2019
My lessons are great! She is incredibly knowledgeable in both experience, and the literature aspect of the piano instrument and I plan on keeping my lessons with her as long as I can.
September 27, 2018
Lorraine D.
going to be a lot of fun starting me out right where I want to be
April 10, 2017
Sean P.
Good lesson

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Lisa A.



Sophia T.


Bgcheck Background Checked

About Sophia

"As a teacher, I am whole heartedly committed to nurturing the development of students as they continue with the journey of playing music, and evolve into beautiful musicians. Achieving this requires a present awareness of my students and the music they are drawn to, while also presenting them with music and knowledge from various genres, styles, and times, to broaden their perception of the world we come from and thrive in.  My intention is to provide each individual with the necessary tools to play music passionately, beautifully, and with understanding. My goals as a music educator are to help students experience the joy of learning and playing music while becoming a well-rounded and well-versed musician.

I aim to build a personal relationship with each of my students, and to provide a comfortable, challenging, fun, and vibrant lear

ning experience as well so that all of my students can excel to their fullest potential."  - Sophia ♫

Sophia teaches masterclasses at 6-12th grade schools, as well as privately either at your home or in a private room at Cal State Northridge.

This excerpt is taken from Sophia's website:

Artist Statement
Art of all forms, whether it be through painting, dance, sculpting, music, visual media or design, allows us to catch a glimpse of what human expression is capable of showing us and making us feel. Art transcends the reality that we live in day to day, and transports and inspires us to seek beyond what we know. Through music, a medium of sound created with instruments and technology, we are able to mitigate human suffering and create positive energy for the world. Music exists as a means by which we can free ourselves from the limitations of society and reality so that we can coexist in harmony and understanding; increasing the human potential for happiness. Music, and art as a whole is vital to human existence to show us the human potential of happiness and beauty in the world." - Sophia Trevor

      Sophia Trevor is an uprising pianist, composer, song writer, music producer, educator, and bandleader based in Los Angeles California, specializing in a diverse musical style and eclectic range of repertoire that combines the colors of jazz, classical, orchestral and contemporary music. In her latest upcoming artistic vision, her songs and electronic music deliver a raw and compelling sound which invites listeners of all audiences to groove to and connect with on a deep level.

Sophia graduated from Cal State Northridge Cum Laude with a Bachelor’s of Music in Media Compostion in May 2018. She is a recognized pianist and composer, and in February 2019 she was selected as a composer finalist for the world famous Winter International Arts Festival in Sochi, Russia for three of her original works. She is a recognized composer and student at Cal State Northridge, and received the Igor Paltsev Composition Scholarship in 2015 for three of her original works entitled Forward Motion, Drifting, and Contemplation. She has shared the stage with legendary musicians such as Gene Coye, Nick Mancini and the Cal State Northridge Jazz "A" Band, which is one of the top college big bands of the U.S. She has performed at major venues such as the Valley Performing Arts Center, Thousand Oaks Civic Arts Plaza, the Colts Stadium in Indianapolis, the Alamodome, the Georgia Dome, the Hall of Liberty, and Cal State Northridge. She studied with phenomenal jazz pianists Matt Harris, and Gary Fukishima, as well as the head and founder of the Film and Commercial Writing department, Dr. Elizabeth Sellers.

Active as a collaborative artist, Sophia performs as a pianist with different ensembles professionally, for private and public events, and with ensembles including the Westlake Village Symphony Orchestra, and the New Valley Symphony Orchestra. She has been a featured soloist in many of her performances, including in 2014 where she was a featured soloist on the synthesizer with the world famous Santa Clara Vanguard Drum and Bugle Corps, when her group won the Fred Sanford Gold Medal in Percussion

Sophia has been playing the piano since the age of three, and acquired her Grade 8 Certificate in Piano from the Associated Board of the Royal School of Music (ABRSM) when she was 14. Upon graduating high school, she was awarded the United States Marine Corps “Semper Fidelis” Award for Music Excellence, and under the instruction of acclaimed pianist Lou Touman, she auditioned and was accepted as a Piano Performance major at CSUN, at that time studying with the world renowned pianist and CSUN faculty member, Dr. Salas. Rest in Peace.

She is currently working on composing for several ensembles, performing with several groups professionally, teaching lessons, and will release new solo and collaborative music soon.

Please feel welcome to ask me questions and visit sophiatrevordotcom!

June 24, 2019
Marlon B.
Sophia is a great teacher and she tailors lessons based on skill level and what client wants to focus on along with the basic of piano playing.
February 19, 2018
William W.
Sophia is absolutely the best piano teacher ever! She's punctual, kind, and patient. She genuinely cares that I understand not just how to play the piano, but also the theoretical apparatus behind the music that I'm learning to play. I will take lessons from her until I'm taking a dirt nap.
December 20, 2017
Doug R.
As an adult trying to get back into playing piano it was hard for me to find the right fit with a piano teacher. Sophia displays a perfect balance of encouragement, intelligence, and professionalism in our lessons. Her hours are flexible, and she has so much to offer and talk about with whatever is I want to learn. Thank you Sophia!

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Sophia T.


About Jessica

I am a professional cellist who graduated from Oberlin Music Conservatory in 2016 with Bachelor of Music Performance. Since then I have been playing and teaching cello both privately and in high/middle schools. I teach people of all ages from 7 year olds to 85. I get so much joy from my students' accomplishments and personal growth.
I was raised in Poland and that is where I started playing cello, and later violin and piano as well. In 2008 I moved to USA to pursue my music education. I am also interested in music therapy and healing through music and making it accessible to everyone. My hobbies include riding a bike, swimming , zumba and musical theater!
You can take lessons with me at the comfort of your own home and get better at cello in no time!


June 26, 2019
Ainsley T.
First lesson- had a lot of fun.
August 26, 2018
Jessica is a wonderful teacher! She knows how to meet the learning needs of every student. She is patient and fun, yet demands that her students improve. I highly recommend her for any level of student. I have seen her work with beginners and advanced students. They all love her and learn so much from working with her.
August 7, 2018

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Jessica B.



Alya I.


Bgcheck Background Checked

About Alya

Hello everyone! My name is Alya Izumchensky, I was born and raised in Saint-Petersburg, Russia, where I started my piano lessons. I was a very competitive classical pianist in my teenage years in Russia, and have won many regional and national competitions. My favorite composers always were Chopin and Rachmaninov, but also J. S. Bach. After achieving a Bachelor Degree in Piano Performance I decided to expand my education and went to Berklee College of Music, to pursue Performance in jazz, but it wasn't enough for me so I took Composition and Film Scoring as well. :) I received several awards from college as well, and that was a tremendous experience.
My world got expanded so much more, I started falling in love with World Music, in particular, Balkan, Fusion, odd meters, polyrhythms, eastern modes, etc...alongside with jazz that I keep

studying nowadays. Besides that, I do a lot of accompanying for ballet dancers and solo violinists and reed players. And I'm gaining recognition as a pianist for musical theatre. I'm enjoying everything and I feel really blessed that I'm capable of playing what I want, sight read incredibly fast both traditionally notated music and lead sheets format, improvise and play with musicians by ear when needed as I have a perfect pitch. I'm looking forward to pass my accumulative knowledge about music and piano skills to you, and I really hope to make my every student a better musician and, more importantly, artist and human being.

September 8, 2019
Very knowledgeable and patient
September 2, 2019
Alya was great! I look forward to many more lessons to come!
August 12, 2019
Alya was awesome! She immediately found some mistakes I was making in my technique and was able to recommend improvements that will benefit my playing long-term. She was very professional but was polite and pointed out both my flaws and strengths and gave me much better insight on areas I excel in and which areas need more work.

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Alya I.



Natalie A.

Bgcheck Background Checked

About Natalie

After playing clarinet for over 10 years in Floresville, I now live in Kerrville, Texas. I am in my 4th and final year as a Music Performance Major at Schreiner University, specializing in clarinet. I am first chair clarinet in the Schreiner Wind Ensemble and Basketball Pep Band. I also play Alto Saxophone in the Schreiner Jazz Band. Along with clarinet and alto sax, I also play piano and sing.

I was selected for the Concert Band Directors National Association (CBDNA) Intercollegiate Band this past year. I am also the Kappa Kappa Psi Band Honor Fraternity President of the Nu Phi chapter and a founding member of that chapter, dedicated to serving the Schreiner Music Department.

Upon graduating with my B.A. in Clarinet Performance, I plan to pursue a Masters of Music in Multiple Woodwinds from NYU and to teach woodwind lessons at a univ

ersity level as well as to be a woodwind doubler for Broadway musicals.

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Natalie A.


Alex D.


Bgcheck Background Checked

About Alex

My name is Alex Domini and I am a fourth generation musician who offers private and semi-private lessons in music literacy, music theory, sight reading, and clarinet. I started my formal training at the age of nine and by high school I was accepted and studying at the prestigious Manhattan School of Music: Precollege Division, double majoring in Classical Voice and Clarinet. In college, I got a Bachelor of Fine Arts from The Hartt School of Music, which boasts one of the best Music Education programs in the country. Since graduating, I have worked with multiple composers as a singer to develop music because of my sure-fire techniques to make reading music as simple as reading a book.

In my classes, students will be grounded and centered by the Kodaly method of music pedagogy, while being encouraged to create and express themselves thro

ugh their new understanding of music. In one hour of class, students will enforce ideas taught last class, learn why the rules of music exist, and through curious exploration, learn how to break them.

I am an enthusiastic music lover who believes that an education in music transcends academic success. It inspires empathy, creativity, and new pathways to seeing the world around us. Let's inspire the next generation of creators and innovators with what makes us the most human: music.

July 25, 2019
Alex is a delight to work with! I am an adult student who has tried and tried and tried to understand music theory but never stuck with it. This is my first time trying one on one lessons vs. a class and Alex's approach paired with his intentional and thoughtful care and attention to my specific goals as a singer wanting to improve theory is a game-changer. It is clear that Alex is a subject matter expert, but he has never once made me feel dumb or embarrassed. Alex is warm, precise, and patient. I would recommend him to anyone I know looking to improve this skillset.
July 23, 2019
Alex is a fantastic teacher! I came to him as an adult student having tried to learn the basics of clarinet on my own, and he quickly fixed the bad habits and technique mistakes I had picked up in the absence of an instructor. He found fun ways to keep me interested in practicing, while also making sure I worked on technique to form a solid foundation for my playing. Alex is well-versed in several varying musical genres, so he can easily recommend repertoire and stylistic tips appropriate for whichever direction your student wishes to take their clarinet performance.

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Alex D.


About Rosmary

Rosmary is a classically trained pianist with over 30 years of experience.

Rosmary started playing at the age of 12, and went on to be admitted into the University of Arizona where she majored in Music Theory and Composition. She is also a songwriter, composer, and a producer of Grammy nominated works.

She has taught piano and voice for both professional and religious organizations, and she has served as musician and choir director


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Rosmary W.


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"Keira is really great! She knows how to make people comfortable and give encouragement, while focusing on the individual needs of her students. Highly rec
"I started lessons with Ahmad not knowing anything about guitar or how to read music. He was excited to start fresh with me and teach the basics. He is alw
ays patient and is excited about his job, which makes it fun for me. While I am still very much a beginner, I have noticed progression and owe it all to Ahmad. I am currently on a little break from playing, but I am looking forward to reaching out to Ahmad as soon as I can to start lessons again. If you love music and are interested in learning how to play, make the call to Ahmad - you will not be disappointed."
"Nick took me on as a banjo student and did an amazing job of quickly finding out how much I already knew and then ran with it, pushing me further while le
tting me direct us into areas that I wanted to pursue. He's very patient and insanely knowledgable. Every lesson has been packed with a ton of information, practice, instruction and music theory. (He's also a very nice guy to have a conversation with.) I couldn't recommend Nick highly enough as an instructor."
"Willy changed my life!! I used to not be able to play guitar, but now I can! I have so much confidence in myself now, and I love playing guitar. I will pl
ay guitar until I die!!! Thanks so much Willy for helping me believe in myself!"
"Laurel taught my kids piano lessons for several years. When she moved away, she proved impossible to replace! She really cared about the kids' learning. F
or example, when my son seemed to connect better with the process and logic behind the music, she got him started composing his own! Both kids benefited greatly from Laurel's teaching and I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a piano teacher."
"Good Start. I've played for a year and a half and was looking to improve and progress to another level. I think this lesson with Andrew was the right cho
"Very patient, optimistic, and friendly. I highly recommend this instructor who's very flexible when it comes to scheduling."
"Lars has a gift of teaching guitar. Actually, I think he loves playing and sharing that love of music with others and it shows. He instructs my 5 year ol
d (who has the music bug). Lars has a unique way of teaching him and keeping him wanting to learn more. One example, of many, is as he teaches my son new cords and rhythms he plays music with him. While my son does rhythm he does a riff. The effect is that my son calls it "band practice." It's amazing to how Lars has made it fun and made him want to practice. Lars also always take time to show me what to work on with my son during the week. You rock Lars!"
"My kids are loving it!"

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