4 thoughts on “15 Strange Italian Traditions and Superstitions Explained

  1. These are not traditions. These are superstition. You are offering no explanation. The salt one for example is very simple. Salt was extremely expensive in the inner part of Italy. Throwing it on the floor or on the table was unlucky because you had to buy it again. The bread one is not precise. In the ancient times and some bakers to do, bakers will cut across on top of the bread to facilitate levitation , and also to bless the bread so to say. Putting the bread upside down was disrespectful for the cross not the bread. However these superstitions were probably through 50 years ago certainly not now. Most people have air conditioning, a lot of people have black cats, and by the way hotels rarely go over the 5th or 7th floor we certainly don’t have 20 stories hotels, here unless maybe in Milan or Rome. Even in those cases, I can guarantee you, that there is a level 17.
    These were superstition of maybe 50 years ago, the world has moved on, do should you.

  2. What does it mean when they say in italian “ari facce”? I heard it means “once again” but I don’t get the point of how the translation works out. If someone knows please?

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