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L’alfabeto Italiano: Pronunciation Chart & Games to Memorize the Italian Alpabet

Italian Alphabet & Pronunciation

Mastering the Italian alphabet is an important building block in your learning process.

Are you just starting Italian lessons? Learning Italian can seem difficult, but the alphabet is actually very easy to memorize.

This is because the Italian alphabet is very similar to the English alphabet, except for a few key differences. Most notably, the Italian alphabet doesn’t have the letters J, K, W, X or Y.

It’s important that you learn how to pronounce the letters of the Italian alphabet, as this will eventually help you form words and phrases. So let’s get started!

Reading the Italian Alphabet

Take a look at the chart below to see how each letter in the Italian alphabet is represented. Remember, there are only 21 letters in the standard Italian alphabet, as the letters J, K, W, X or Y aren’t represented.

Italian Alphabet and Pronunciation Chart

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Pronouncing the Italian Alphabet

Now take a look at the video below to listen to how each of the letters in the Italian alphabet are pronounced. Practice the correct pronunciation along with the video.

Italian Alphabet Practice

To help you memorize the letters and pronunciations of the Italian alphabet, use the two practice exercises below.

Exercise 1: Matching Game

What you’ll need: flashcards and markers.

Gather a pile of flashcards. On one side of each flashcard, draw the picture of an object; for example, a dog, hat, chair, soccer ball, etc. Shuffle all of the cards together and lay them out on the table or floor facing up so you can see all of the objects clearly.

Next, quiz yourself by asking which objects start with a designated letter in the Italian alphabet. You could say, for example, “What object on the table starts with the letter acca?” Acca is Italian for the letter H, so you would then point to the card with a picture of a hat on it.

This is a fun exercise to do with friends!

Exercise 2: Eye Spy

What you’ll need: flashcards and markers.

First, gather a set of index cards. On one side of each card, write down a letter in the Italian alphabet. Next, choose a card from the pile at random.

After choosing a card with a letter on it, you will have to identify an object in the room that starts with that particular letter and form the sentence, “I spy a ______.” If you choose the letter P, for example, you can form the sentence, “Vedo una porta” (I see a door).

Once you have mastered the pronunciation of the Italian alphabet, you will be ready to move on to common Italian vocabulary words!

If you’re having difficultly mastering the alphabet, you may want to work with an experienced Italian tutor. A tutor can develop a learning curriculum for your particular learning style and goals.

Hope you have fun learning the Italian alphabet!

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