12 thoughts on “How to Audition for a Movie | 6 Tips for Success

  1. I’m nt yet a professional martial artist,and would love to do stunts/action movies…hw do i start,liz?

  2. That makes sense to find roles that fit your physical appearance. It makes sense since movies are a visual medium. That being said, making sure your audition tapes are high quality is important, too. You don’t want technology to diminish the impact of your acting.

  3. I have the talent ….Extremely Funny & Serious Sadness, I should have been a actor always …I am that good …I am NOT arroggant, even though THAT is hard to believe …I am just that sure …

  4. I have never acted but I think I would be good at it. I think I would be a natural. Have always wanted to be an actress.

  5. I never acted before but always wanted to be in a movie what do I do and how do I start I am now 19 and I have never acted but I think I would be good at it too. Have always wanted to be an actor.

  6. O,have been in many plays I sing I have been in a studio and been recorded I would love to take this chance my family is all musical family we either sing or play and instrament.I love to act and i,would really want ro be on Nickelodeon or Disney movie I just love acting so much and I love to sing it means everything to me

  7. Dear Liz,
    My name is Liam
    I love acting I want to star in Dust Storm I did acting before but it didn’t go well for me I really want to be in that movie but the thing is I don’t know when it is coming out can you help me to get into that movie please

  8. It’s interesting to learn more about how actors are chosen. I like how you said that it’s good to try and go for big budget projects, but look for background work. I’m sure that that practice would be great for larger roles in the future!

  9. I can honestly say…it is a lot of hard work. I started at 19 at the Cleveland playhouse. I have been working as a character actress for many years. ,in tv.and film. You must live in a city to start with. My big mistake was not moving to la. Once I did , I had a lot of work. You must not be ashamed to be an extra. Ever, I got most of my bigger parts going just as an extra.the producers acting fired an actress and have me her part. A film for LMN.CBS. TAKE CARE OF YOUR INSTRUMENT. YOUR BODY HEALTH. I HAVE WORKED WERE THE SETS WERE DIRTY, AND BATHROOMS WITH CRACKED MIRRORS. FOR, SUPERBOY. TV. BUT ALSO MY FIRST NEW COSTUME WAS A BIG TREAT, AND BEAUTIFUL DRESSING ROOM. . IT IS BEST NEVER TO TALK ,EXCEPTED WHEN SPOKEN TO.. I HAVE SEEN EXTRAS CANNED FOR TALKING DURING AND NO FILMING. BRING A BOOK, STAY OF YOUR PHONE’S AS WELL. LISTENING IS THE MOST IMPORTANT SKILL.BESIDES KNOWING WHAT AND WHO YOU ARE, WHAT CAN YOU GIVE. I missed out, once or probably more, because I was shy next to John Goodman. LISTEN…..when I first started.rebecca Myers scott.

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