14 thoughts on “How to Audition for a TV Show | 5 Steps for Success

  1. Hi, my name is Shania Haynes I always saw myself on tv in my head I have Acted in theater but not on tv I love Acting i am very dramatic, funny, and nice i see actoract on tv and i want to be like them one day.

  2. I am Victoria Mumbi a young girl in Kenya with an acting dream but am still in High School and am not yet an adult. My mother says that l should finish first high school but still l act at home alone and take some vedio with my phone. Right now l don’t have any support most especially my father but l still follow my acting dream. In 2017 l was able to be in a film which is RAFIKI but l wasn’t an actress l was playing as a camera person and director
    and all l wanted is to act but l wasn’t chosen in that department. Acting started when l was 6 but l didn’t realize till when l was 11. So what should l do leave it or still continue with it despite of some
    serious circumstances that are good to mention. So please advice me.

  3. I always wanted to become famous but it never happens every time I call Disney Channel they always say i will get back with you but they never did get back to me so this my chance to become famous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I love acting..it has been my dream BT HV got no assistance… I really want to b in the movie industry because i know am a good actress

  5. I like to act one tv its my dream to acts on tv serial and i focus and hardwork on these … Please help me…

  6. I’m an actress and I love being out there showing people what I’m capable of…. People around me always find me funny and some will tell how good I am on acting.. All I’m asking is just one chance to prove myself… Please thank you

  7. All my life I wanted to be a movies star , I had applied and paied for auditions I never got a phone calls , how and what can I do to be on movie

  8. I am a 19 year old who like to impress herself on t.v. or I see myself as an impressive person…So being on t.v. I loved so much since I was 8 years old so even now I still dream of that one day I will be one of the people on t.v.

  9. I want to act. It’s my dream to be an actress please help me in fulfilling my dream. I love acting it is my life without acting I can’t live

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