One thought on “How to NOT Look and Act Like an American Tourist in Germany: Tips to Follow!

  1. I strongly disagree with number 4. I am an American living in Germany and Germans are notorious for putting comfort first. This meant that they will wear sneakers with EVERYTHING. I see thick chunky sneakers on everyone. White ones, black ones, colorful ones… they will wear them anywhere they can, to the office, to the club, I have even seen them at a wedding bright salmon colored ones to offset a fancy salmon dress. Of course they also wear dark tones down shoes but I have seen this trend in Munich, Köln, Düsseldorf, Berlin, Dortmund, etc.

    A better way to not stand out as an American tourist is to dress comfortably, speak calmly and watch your volume, don’t say “Oh My God! So cute!”, don’t snap a picture at every tiny thing and don’t pose for a million selfies (enjoy being present in such a beautiful country). If you do open your mouth to speak to someone, do try to use some German words they are super grateful for the effort as they have to switch to English to speak to you.

    Also for the drinking one, Germans are heavy drinkers, and they get excessively drunk, however knowing your limit so you don’t act a fool definitely keeps the attention off of you. But feel free to Prost away! Just make sure you make eye contact as you Prost, otherwise Germans believe you will have 7years bad sex ;P

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