german beers

The Ultimate Beer Lover’s Guide to German Beers [Infographic]

german beers

When you think of Germany, beer is often the first thing that comes to mind. After all, Germany is one of the most beer-crazed countries in the world.

In fact, Germany is ranked third in the top 20 beer drinking countries, with each person consuming 115.8 liters of beer per year. What’s more, there’s an estimated 1,200 breweries in Germany alone.

And did we mention the world’s biggest celebration of beer—Oktoberfest—is held in the German city of Munich?

German Beers: Presentation, Quality, and Taste

Germans take drinking and brewing very seriously. Germans pride themselves on using only the highest quality ingredients, which is evident in the deliciously crisp and hoppy taste.

There’s even a strict purity law, named Reinheitsgebot, which dictates that German beers may only contain hops, malt (barley), yeast, and water.

Whereas in the U.S., most bartenders don’t pay attention to temperature and pour—Germans do. German beers are always served cold (but never too cold) in the appropriate glass or mug with a head of white foam.

According to Germans, to achieve the perfect head, draft beer can’t be properly poured in less than seven minutes.

German Beers: History and Culture

Beer is considered a huge part of the German history and culture. In the early middle ages, German monks brewed beer to pass time. Quickly, merchants and traders began to brew their own beer and the rest is history.

Culturally, beer is what brings many regions together. In fact, what region a person comes from is often identified by the beer he or she drinks.

During the summer months, Germans flock to beer gardens and beer halls to sit back, relax, and enjoy German beers with friends. The rest of the year is also spent celebrating with drinks.

If you call yourself a beer enthusiast, then brush up on your German beer knowledge with the infographic below.

german beers

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Now that you’ve learned everything there is to know about German beers, here are a few German vocabulary words and phrases you can use next time you order a Helles or a Pilsner at the pub.

German Beer Vocabulary

  • Ein Bier (a beer)
  • Ich trinke gerne ( I would like to drink…)
  • Ein Bier, bitte ( A beer, please)
  • Dunkel (dark)
  • Hell (light)
  • Prost (cheers)
  • Die Brauerei (brewery)
  • Kneipe (pub)

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  1. Tony Williams
    Tony Williams says:

    1. Capital of Deutchland is Bonn. Capital of “Freistadt Bayern” (Bavaria) is Munchen (Munich).
    2. It takes 7 minutes to property pour a draft pilsener (lager) beer. An Alt beer or Bock beer more quickly poured due to lower carbonation.
    3. Always drink the local beer!


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