Zach Mama
Honolulu, HI
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Zach Mama

Zach M.

Honolulu, HI
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Teaching Locations:
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Teaching Locations:
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Levels taught:
Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Born and raised in Paris , France to a french mother and an american father. Teaching french is a true passion and joy.

My classes are fun and if you want to work with a real teacher who can design a class just for you, I am the teacher you are looking for!

Whatever your goals are with French, I can help you get there!
Get in touch any time to tell me about your goals.

Wether you , your spouse or kids would like to learn french, I adapt my classes to everyone's needs and goals.

-"HELP , I'm going to France soon , I need some basic things to say"
No problem !

-"I would like to be able to read books in french and have a conversation."
Sure thing !

-"Can I be fluent in less than a year?"
Yes you can if you're ready to work hard and have fun !

Whatever your reason is : you found the right person ! :)

I can help you with :

• Pronunciation ( so that nobody will answer you in English )
• What to know if you go to France soon ( so that you can know a little bit before you go )
• Basic to advanced conversation ( so you can make french friends and understand what they say )
• Train your ear ( so you don’t answer like a robot and recognize what people are talking about without thinking too much )
• Grammar / Vocabulary / Verbs

AND I can also train you to get the DELF*** Certifications ( my student Sam who took the first test last month got approved with an amazing score of 89.50/100 ! )

***The DELF is a diploma awarded by the French Ministry of Education to prove the French-language skills of non-French candidates.
There are six independent diplomas, which correspond, respectively, to the six levels of the Council of Europe' s Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFRL).

I’ll also teach you about french culture in general ( why french people behave a certain way , how we were raised , our values , why our humor is different , where to go in France, where to eat in Paris , understand the country ( France ) and the city of Paris , basically anything you want to know depending on what you want ! )


After the first lesson , ALL my students realize that learning french isn't scary anymore.

So : qui veut apprendre le français ?*

(*who wants to learn french?)

I can train any level , any age , I just need you to want to speak french and to be ready to have fun doing it !


- Do you have a specific method ?

**I work with books that are certified by the french alliance.

- How may hours do I need per week ?

** Depending on how fast you want to learn I recommend to start with twice 1 hour per week for a month to see if you like it and if you are motivated I think 4 hours per week ( 2 hours twice a week ) are ideal.

- Will I have homework ?

** Yes or No , your homework will depend on your motivation and your free time between the lessons.
I never give too much and it's always related to what we are working on.
For example , the first lesson is the french alphabet , your homework will be to learn how to spell your name in french.

- What do you give your students to help them become fluent in 1 year?

** If you want to commit to 1 year of intensive french , I will give you movies to watch in french, radio shows to listen to , songs to learn , poems to learn , books to read ( adapting to your level ) , I'll introduce you to real french people and I will only speak to you in french during the lesson ( of course if you don't understand I will translate , but the goal is to be lost without help, that's how I learned "real" english in 1 year in Philadelphia.)

More questions ?

Feel free to ask me using the ASK A QUESTION option !

Ready to book lessons with me ?

Select the duration of the lessons you'd like to book and you'll be on your way to becoming fluent in french !

I look forward to meeting you !

A bientôt ! ( see you soon )

About Zach M.

"I don't have much time but I'd like to learn french , is it possible ?"
- Oui !

Bonjour everyone , my name is Zach.

I was born and raised in Paris, France.

I graduated from "Jean-Monnet European High-school" in France where I specialized in English and French Literature.

I moved to the US six years ago and I have been teaching french for more than 10 years now.

Most people I've taught first came to me saying "French is so hard , I will never be able to speak it" or "When I try to speak french, french people answer me in english"


French is easy , you just need a good teacher who cares about YOU and adapts the lessons to YOUR NEEDS:
I do ! :)


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41 Reviews
Profile-location-online Online

Zach is enthusiastic and makes the lessons interesting and fun. He has a unique way of teaching which is refreshing after trying to learn classroom French for years.

Posted Apr 20, 2021
Greg T.
Profile-location-online Online

Zach is AWESOME! I love his sense of humor, laissez-faire attitude (tres Francis!) his punctuality, and his deftness. He is special and a joy to interface with. Looking forward to more sessions together and becoming fluent!
WOW ;-)

Posted Mar 5, 2021
Profile-location-online Online

Zac rocks!!! So easy to feel comfortable, good sense of humor, very helpful! Definitely made a great choice and so excited to learn from him!!!!!

Posted Feb 9, 2021
Profile-location-online Online

Zach is fabulous!

Posted Jan 27, 2021
Profile-location-online Online

My first lesson was great. Zach has a way of making learning fun.

Posted Dec 15, 2020
Jeremy W.
Profile-location-online Online

Zach is an excellent tutor. He's personable, encouraging and aware of what his students need at their level of study. I highly recommend him for anyone seeking to advance their level of French!

Posted Sep 12, 2020
John R.
Profile-location-online Online

Excellent instruction tailored to appropriate level. Great exercises for improving speaking and listening skills. Highly recommend.

Posted Aug 18, 2020
Profile-location-online Online

Our first class was great - extremely helpful, informative and educational and goal-oriented!

Posted Aug 13, 2020
Profile-location-online Online

I have never taken any formal french classes and have been learning French on my own and wanted formal lessons from a native French teacher. It has been a great experience learning French from Zach. He has a very practical and systematic approach to teaching French. He challenges students to do things out of their comfort zone such as calling hotels in France to practice conversational French comprehension and reciting a poem to help with French pronunciation. I highly recommend Zach to anyone looking to learn French at any level.

Posted Jul 23, 2020
Profile-location-studio Teacher's Studio

I have been learning french for many years through my school system, and I have never really been confident in the language itself even though I've really liked it. Along with learning the smaller important details about french, I've been learning how to be confident with my speech, and how to sound more like a natural french speaker. Zach is also super kind, and will help you with any french questions you have, in and out of your lessons.

Posted Jul 22, 2020
Profile-location-online Online

My daughter is enjoying learning French so much more since she started working with Zach!

Posted Jun 23, 2020
Profile-location-online Online

Learning as an adult and he’s very accommodating and a great teacher.

Posted Mar 23, 2020
James Owen
Profile-location-online Online

I’m very pleased and excited. I like Zach’s approach. We jumped right into the first lesson.

Posted Jan 7, 2020
Profile-location-online Online

Zach is awesome! After studying French in high school and college, working with Zach made me realize how many things I either learned wrong, remembered incorrectly or just never knew. He has made me much more conscious about verbal language production, and I find myself much better equipped to say more things correctly or course correct as I'm speaking. The variety of activities is excellent. All are practical and contemporary. The ability to learn and take chances in a non-judgmental environment has been wonderful.

Posted Nov 23, 2019
Profile-location-online Online

I picked Zach because he is from Paris and my husband and I just returned from a trip there. We want to go back next year with improved communication abilities. Zach will not only be able to teach us the language we want to know, but also give us tips about Paris and France in general from a native's point of view.
Zach started me out perfectly for my first French lesson. It was challenging enough but not overwhelming. I love that (for a part of it) he recorded me so I could hear what I sounded I sound like speaking French -very helpful!! He has given me just enough to work on between lessons and left me motivated for what's to come!

Posted Oct 10, 2019
Profile-location-online Online

My first French lesson ever with Zach was great. He’s a really nice guy and was super patient with me. Definitely looking forward to continued sessions with him.

Posted Oct 8, 2019
Hashem A.
Profile-location-online Online

I took French before and did not see myself improving at all. Took it with Zach this time and I actually see myself learning. He makes you record yourself so you can hear what you sound like and that really improves pronunciation (especially for me being Arab since French pronunciation is nothing like Arabic) because you get to see how people hear you talk and that leaves a lot of room for improvement, plus hearing yourself talk over and over helps your mind to remember what you learned (you won’t learn it and then forget it by the next lesson).

Posted Aug 8, 2019
Profile-location-online Online

My 10yo says: He is a very helpful and funny guy, which is great when you're learning French. He made it easy but challenging too. Right in the middle of fun and making me learn.

From me (adult): I was relearning French to prepare for a vacation to Paris. Zach did a fantastic job of being flexible, challenging me, teaching us (ny daughter and me) key phrases that would be helpful ahead of our trip, etc. I would highly recommend him to anyone wanting to take lessons!

Posted Jul 29, 2019
Profile-location-online Online

Great teacher!

Posted Apr 28, 2019
Profile-location-online Online

Great start on day 1 with Zach!

Posted Apr 23, 2019
Mindy A.
Profile-location-online Online

Great class! I was a bit nervous and am usually quite self conscious but Zach put me at ease so the lesson was quite relaxed and successful. I learned a lot and look forward to study and my next class!

Posted Feb 18, 2019
Grace T.
Profile-location-online Online

Zach's teaching method is good and very experienced.

Posted Feb 18, 2019
Profile-location-online Online


Posted Jan 19, 2019
Emma B.
Profile-location-online Online

I would highly recommend Zach! He is patient, supportive, and knowledgeable. He truly wants you to learn, while always keeping class fun. Zach will repeat pronunciations as needed until you have complete understanding. Not only does he teach the French language, but also French culture. Zach is encouraging yet provides a challenge for you to reach your goals for learning. He's always organized, on time, and shows interest in your progress. I have been learning with Zach for months and will continue taking his classes.

Posted Jan 11, 2019
Profile-location-online Online


Posted Dec 26, 2018
Profile-location-online Online

I cannot recommend Zach highly enough. He's extremely positive, encouraging and fun in his lessons. I started learning French with almost zero knowledge of the language. After only a few weeks, I already felt comfortable expressing myself in basic French conversation. He challenged me to stretch my abilities as a student and helped me create my own system(s) for understanding the structure of speaking - this philosophy helped me build a foundation that is self-sufficient, a basic understanding of how the language works so that I can experiment, speak, learn, grow beyond what we learn in class. If you're looking for a teacher that is fun to learn with and someone who will challenge you to truly learn the nuances of the language, Zach is your teacher. I still have much to learn, but I have full confidence in Zach as an instructor.

Posted Dec 10, 2018
Profile-location-online Online

Great Instructor!

Posted Oct 22, 2018
Profile-location-online Online

Zach makes the course challenging and fun. He keeps you busy the entire class time - making the time go by very quickly.

Posted Jun 8, 2018
Profile-location-online Online

Very helpful and very nice.

Posted Jun 1, 2018
Profile-location-online Online

Zach knows his stuff! Very personable, patient and thorough. A great instructor!

Posted Mar 11, 2018
Profile-location-online Online

Zach is wonderful. He is very adaptable to my needs and goals. Very personable.

Posted Jan 23, 2018
Profile-location-home Student's Home

Zach is excellent instructor.
I have taken several lessons and his lessons to be comprehensive and creative.
He is very professional and has always adapted to my needs and level with much encouragement.
He suggested many interesting French materials to listen or watch outside the lesson to create a natural French language environment. I would definitely recommend Zach!

Posted Oct 19, 2017
Profile-location-studio Teacher's Studio

Zach is a fantastic teacher! He is very organized and patient, but he's also willing to push and encourage. I'm excited for the next one! Merci Zach

Posted Sep 1, 2017
Profile-location-online Online

Excellent teacher! Zach is wonderful. He is very knowledgable, patient and intelligent. I just moved from China to America, so my English is not so good. However, Zach is so kind and patient to encourage me to study French. I really enjoyed my first French lesson with Zach! And I am looking forward to continuing my lessons.

Posted Dec 19, 2016
Rajeev M.
Profile-location-studio Teacher's Studio

Very good first lesson. Instructor is professional, helpful, and invested.

Posted Sep 3, 2016
Profile-location-online Online

Only one session in but I'm already having fun and learning a lot!!

Posted May 15, 2016
Janet Medsker
Profile-location-online Online

My first lesson - very good start, patient teacher.

Posted Mar 15, 2016
Melinda Lynam
Profile-location-online Online

Great lesson. He answered all my questions and repeated pronunciations when I asked.

Posted Dec 16, 2015
Deborah W.
Profile-location-online Online

Wonderful teacher! He has a positive attitude and excellent language skills. Bravo!

Posted Sep 24, 2015
Lujain A.
Profile-location-home Student's Home


Posted Mar 22, 2015
Ashley Z.
Profile-location-home Student's Home

Great start to learning French. It was fun and I'm excited to continue.

Posted Mar 12, 2015

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