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Youngju teaches: Ages 13 to 60
Special needs
Teaching since: March 1981
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Dear Prospective Students,

I know how to teach you the Korean language EFFECTIVELY and QUICKLY.

I’m a CERTIFIED teacher with 30 YEARS EXPERIENCE, from elementary school to college. I have had many international teaching experiences and live with a multilingual family. I also completed the Program for Training Korean Language Instructors for Foreigners. This means I am aware of what the most difficult problems are when students learn Korean and I can provide the most simple and effective ways to acquire the language quickly.

I am confident that I can teach you authentic Korean at ANY LEVEL.

I finished my academic history as far as the phd (I never finished my dissertation, alas). I received my Masters degree and completed all of my post graduate work at Seoul National University, which a point of particular pride with me; after all, Seoul National University is the Harvard of Korea. I have a number of published works in my academic association's annual journal. And I have a Certification in Reading and Essay Instruction.

I also know KOREAN VALUES and CULTURE inside and out.

I was born in Korea and spent most time of my life there in a traditional family. I have a deep understanding of Korea and its history and life style which I could share with you. If you want to learn how to cook Korean food such as kimchi, seaweed rolls(sushi) or jabchea(noodles), of course, I can teach you! I’m a housewife, too!!

I can give you ADVICE about getting GOOD JOBS in Korea.

I taught in Korean public schools as a homeroom teacher, art teacher and English teacher. Most of my responsibilities as an English teacher were executed with native English teachers. As you know, there are many qualified English speakers in Korea who want to be full time English teachers. I worked with teachers from EPIK(English Program In Korea), TaLK(Teach and Learn in Korea) and even Fulbright scholars. Native English teachers and I worked together very well; indeed, I won an award, due, if I may say so, to my organizational pedagogical contribution. I interviewed prospective teachers, taught them how to teach and prepare classes, how to get along with students and other colleagues, housing matters, and so forth. (In addition, I can give you advice on how to apply to a Korean University and handle an interview as my husband taught for many years in Korean Universities.)

I am a certified and experienced teacher who can help you with your ambitions and needs with Korean.
Let’s have fun while improving your Korean Language ability on Skype, at my home, or at your place at your convenience!
I’m totally ready to work with you.

Let's get together!! See you then!!

I would like to post answers to questions that my prospective students usually put to me about my Korean lessons.


A: Yes, I'm good at that. I'm a trained teacher of Korean with more than 30 years experience.

I would like to say my teaching style varies depending on the learner's condition: age, learning style,present level in Korean, purpose of getting lesson, etc. What I usually do is use visual materials, songs and even physical gestures for children, since they have not fully developed their logical reasoning and use of abstractions. I also introduce online Korean practice programs. I also use these with adult learners who are totally beginners. Generally speaking, visual, audio and TPR approaches are more effective for beginners.

I give learners lots of chances to express what they are learning. I always link their Korean knowledge between what they learned and what they are learning. I give homework as much as they can handle, too. Regarding writing, we can share simple words or sentences on the Skype and the more you are advanced the more things we can do. One of my advanced learners is writing a diary and proofreads with me when we start every class.

Q: WHERE DO YOUR LESSONS START AT? Do they start with learning how to put the vowels and consonants together or just starting off with words you need to know?

A: Again, mine are individualized lessons. One of my students wants to just learn how to communicate verbally in Korean. It means he doesn’t care about written Korean. If the learner already knows the Korean alphabet and knows how Korean syllables are structured then I don’t need to repeat it. I don’t prolong the process or time without reason. Other than that, I start from vowels and consonants and how to combine them, and how to make sounds, and read, etc.

Q: Do you teach how to properly READ KOREAN?

A; I teach learners how to read Korean and let them read it and correct their mistakes. My pronunciation is very clear. Prior to my more than 20 years teaching history, I had worked for a Korean public TV station, KBS, as a reporter.

Q: Do you teach FORMAL and INFORMAL KOREAN because I know there is a difference between them.

A: Yes, I teach formal and informal Korean both, in addition to the Korean basic sentence structure. Of course, if you want to learn specific form only then I can do it for you. As I said, it’s all up to you.

Q: How do I PAY for the lessons?

A: All of the administrative work happens through except the actual class. It means you have to pay to You can find how to do this on "How it Works" on the main page of homepage

Q: WHERE the lessons occur?

A: My lessons have four possible venues.

1. At your place (presently not available): To know my travel area, pleace check "Select a location" on the top right of this my profile page( in the box.

2. At teacher's place(presently not available): If you live in Baltimore and can come to my place then you can take face-to-face lessons. That is a choice too.

3. Online: Online lessons are conducted through live 1-on-1 video chats using my personal meeting room.

4. Online TakeLessons Classroom: I also teach online group classes.

Q: When the lessons are AVAILABLE?

A: You can find my availability at "View availability" on the top right of this profile page( in the box. Once a schedule is set, the classes occur according to it. You can reschedule whenever you need to, just for a short time or longer as long as both sides are available.

Q: Is there some way we can schedule a "TRIAL" session with you?

A: Actually, I handle all requests through's direct messaging system until students are officially on my roster. You and I will receive all our contact info once you book lessons and we can communicate directly then. Sorry, this means there can be no trial session short of five lessons, which is the minimum they allow. But trust that 100% SATISFACTION is GUARANTEED!! :-)

I hope that I gave you the answers what you are looking for. If you have more questions then never hesitate to ask. I welcome questions from learners!!

Photos and Videos

Introduction Video for My Class


Elementary School Teacher(South Korea)
Jul 2012 - Feb 2015
Public Elementary Schools in Sejong, South Korea

PYP, MYP Korean Language and Art Teacher(India)
Jul 2009 - Jun 2012
Kodaikanal International School in Tamil Nadu, India

Kodaikanal International School is an IB School. I taught Visual Arts and Language B Korean in the MYP(6-8) and PYP(K-5) programs for three years.

Elementary School Teacher(South Korea)
Aug 2006 - Jun 2009
Public Elementary Schools in Sejong, South Korea

Korean Language Teacher(China)
Mar 2005 - Jul 2006
Korean Language School of the Korean International School in Beijing, China

Elementary School Teacher(South Korea)
Mar 2001 - Aug 2004
Public Elementary Schools in Sejong, South Korea

College Lecturer(South Korea)
Mar 1996 - Aug 1998
Jeonbuk National University, College of Life Science, Dept. of Home Management in South Korea

College Lecturer(South Korea)
Mar 1990 - Feb 1997
Jeonju University College of Arts, Dept. of Industrial Design in Korea

Professor(South Korea)
Sep 1993 - Feb 1996
Christian Music College, Dept. of Infant Education in Korea

KBS TV Reporter(South Korea)
May 1994 - Nov 1994
KBS: A Korean Public Broadcast

I was a reporter for a weekly arts and culture program.

Elementary School Teacher(South Korea)
Mar 1981 - Mar 1987
Public Elementary Schools in Jeonju, South Korea


Phd.(ABD), Education
Mar 1996 - Aug 1998
Graduate School of Jeonbuk National University, South Kore
Masters, Art Education
Mar 1987 - Aug 1989
Graduate School of Seoul National University
Bachelors, Elementary Education
Mar 1979 - Feb 1981
Jeonju National University of Education

Languages Spoken

Chinese( HSK Level 4/6)
Limited Proficiency
Professional Proficiency
Fluent / Native Proficiency


Certificate of Completion in the Program for Training Korean Language Instructors
Aug 2013
President of Institute of International Language Education Digital Seoul Culture Arts University

Reading and Essay Instruction (Level II)
Jun 2009
Korea Reading and Literacy Education Evaluation Society

Teacher's IT (Information Technology) Certification
Dec 2003
Superintendent of Chungnam Education Board

Elementary School Teacher (Grade I)
Sep 2001
The Minister of Education, South Korea

Secondary School Teacher (Grade II) of Fine Arts
Feb 1990
The Minister of Education, South Korea

Elementary School Teacher (Grade II)
Mar 1981
The Minister of Education, South Korea


Aug 2015
The Minister of Education, South Korea
Best Teacher
May 2008
Superintendent of Chungnam Education Board
Best English Teacher
Dec 2007
Superintendent of Yeongi Education Board
Teacher's Award
Aug 2002
Superintendent of Chungnam Education Board
Teacher's Award
Jun 2002
Superintendent of Chungnam Education Board
2001 Best Teacher
Dec 2001
Superintendent of Yeongi Education Board


The Korean Federation of Teachers' Associations
Mar 2001

The Korean Federation of Teachers' Associations (KFTA) was originally established on November 23rd, 1947 as the Chosun Education Association. As the largest and most traditional professional organization the KFTA has contributed to accomplish quality public education and teacher's professionalism. The KFTA has 17 metropolitan and provincial federations of teachers' associations, and 26 functional and affiliated organizations that present a united Korean educational focus on the following activities.

The Society for Art Education of Korea
Dec 1990

The Institute is painting , sculpture , design , craft , calligraphy , photograph , cartoon animation , materials , colors , infants and children art , aesthetics , pure academic community of the largest that aims to art historians, academic study of the overall formative education. This Association, which has one of the nation's oldest art education associations in existence is founded in 1986 and is registered to the Korea Research Coalition members in the Ministry and the Korea Research Foundation .

80 Reviews on Youngju S.

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Tamieko May 9, 2017
· Korean · Online So sum up my rating all I can say is: My Teacher is the best! She is flexible, patient, forgiving, kind, and the list just goes on. I just wish I had time to be a better student for her. Don't become too popular, someone might bump me from my time slot :0) Thanks for all you do Youngju.
Helen L. Apr 25, 2017
· Korean · Online Youngju is an amazing teacher!!! She is hands down the best language instructor I've ever had! The classes are always very well planned and structured. She also provides a lot of additional content beyond the textbook so it is possible to accumulate vocab quickly. She is always encouraging and patient. I feel engaged in every class; she plans many diverse activities, so I feel I am learning quickly on all aspects of the language: reading, writing, listening and speaking. She is also very flexible and willing to work with challenging schedules. I've just completed 15 lessons with her, and I cannot wait for the next class!
Lexie L. Apr 13, 2017
· Korean · Online So to give some info on me, I have two jobs and I really want to become fluent in Korean, and Youngju is one of the most patient people on this earth, because she is easy to work with on schedule and she is also a great teacher, my understanding of Korean grows from week to week. She understands where your level is at and where to start from Lesson plans come with homework and she gives you tools so that way you can work on Korean throughout the week . On top of being a good teacher she is incredibly nice and has good sense of humor. Would highly recommend.
Sarah Mar 30, 2017
· Korean · Online Youngju seonsengneem is excellent! She will tailor the lessons to your level and needs. She is very patient and explains the Korean language system in a simple and clear manner.
Demerle P. Mar 14, 2017
· Korean · Online First lesson so far and already the teacher has shown me how to read some words! She is very patient and kind and always smiling.
Jon Mar 9, 2017
· Korean · Online Adapted to my speed of learning and took her time to make sure my pronunciation was correct which I really appreciate.
Ruth Mar 6, 2017
· Korean · Online Just finished my first lesson with Youngju yesterday and she was awesome! Her method of teaching is wonderful - it helped me to remember the vowels and consonants so easily that I could read simple words within the hour! I look forward to my future lessons!
Naudia Mar 3, 2017
· Korean · Online Great teacher. Makes learning fun!
Trixie W. Feb 3, 2017
· Korean · Online I have only been taking Korean lessons with Youngju Lee for a few months but am improving at a rapid pace. She emphasizes thinking in Korean and stretching comprehension by constructing sentences in Korean, a challenging aspect that allows me to memorize more effectively and write more fluently! We move quickly, but I am always able to clarify ideas I don’t understand or request specific vocabulary I am interested in. Last night, I ordered food at a Korean restaurant in Korean, which was daunting at first but ultimately motivating. (The waitress was both surprised and impressed, and said that my pronunciation was good!) Youngju presents so much cultural background and is such a kind individual. I look forward to having more lessons with her!
Kory and Deb J. Jan 30, 2017
· Korean · Online We had our first lesson last Sunday and it was a great experience. Youngju is awesome!!! I think that's all I need to say. I look forward to our many lessons.
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Youngju S.

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