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Billiards with Joseph B.

Rochester, New York

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Teaches online
Teaches all skill levels
Age: 5+
Speaks English, Russian, Ukranian
Teaching since 1990
Bachelor and Master Of Music Degrees
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Making Pocket Billiards Easy - joyfull understanding of the game while learning more about yourself.

Sharing the words and wisdom of Irving Crane... I have played billiards and devised inventions as well as new games over the many years. My mentor in the game and the art of pocket billiards was Irving Crane. Teaching the finer principles of the game and the psychology of performance at the billiard table is a legacy I would like to pass on in my life. So, here I am. If you would like to learn how not to stress out over the last ball, how to breath properly, align your shot, aim, follow through and visualize the entirety of the shot- that is a good foundation. How to plan and treat the game as a chess board, think through many shots in advance and choose the right path as it changes... these are good building blocks. if you would like your blood pressure to go down while your opponent's goes up, its a good topper. Most importantly, billiards is a game of the mind first and foremost. We play against ourselves before we play the opponent. Knowing your own process of feeling and thought is all important not only for winning the game but for having a good time doing it. I will show you techniques and strategy for different games. You will learn a way to get a better feel for the hit of the ball, and to adjust for the humidity and speed of the cloth. But most interestingly, you will do it in good style - your style. Develop confidence and a noble attitude of a gracious winner. I have trained 2-handicap players in the APA to reach 5 (7 being highest and 2 lowest) in a relatively short time, but results will of course vary with individuals. I will help you select the perfect cue for you based on your character of play and your preference of feel, weight and balance. I can also help you find investment cues. Let me know what your ideal would be and lets strive for it together! This is a sport of a peaceful meditation at its best. I recommend warming up at the table for the first half hour before starting your lesson online or in person. If we meet at a local tavern or pool hall, the cost of the table must be paid before the lesson. I look forward to meeting you and to working together!

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