Joseph Brodtan
Rochester, NY
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Joseph Brodtan

Joseph B.

Rochester, NY
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Teaching Locations:
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Teaching Locations:
Profile-location-online Online
Profile-location-home Student's Home
Levels taught:
Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Sharing the words and wisdom of Irving Crane...

I have played billiards and devised inventions as well as new games over the many years. My mentor in the game and the art of pocket billiards was Irving Crane. Teaching the finer principles of the game and the psychology of performance at the billiard table is a legacy I would like to pass on in my life. So, here I am.

If you would like to learn how not to stress out over the last ball, how to breath properly, align your shot, aim, follow through and visualize the entirety of the shot- that is a good foundation. How to plan and treat the game as a chess board, think through many shots in advance and choose the right path as it changes... these are good building blocks. if you would like your blood pressure to go down while your opponent's goes up, its a good topper.

Most importantly, billiards is a game of the mind first and foremost. We play against ourselves before we play the opponent. Knowing your own process of feeling and thought is all important not only for winning the game but for having a good time doing it.

I will show you techniques and strategy for different games. You will learn a way to get a better feel for the hit of the ball, and to adjust for the humidity and speed of the cloth. But most interestingly, you will do it in good style - your style. Develop confidence and a noble attitude of a gracious winner.

I have trained 2-handicap players in the APA to reach 5 (7 being highest and 2 lowest) in a relatively short time, but results will of course vary with individuals. I will help you select the perfect cue for you based on your character of play and your preference of feel, weight and balance. I can also help you find investment cues.

Let me know what your ideal would be and lets strive for it together! This is a sport of a peaceful meditation at its best.

I recommend warming up at the table for the first half hour before starting your lesson online or in person. If we meet at a local tavern or pool hall, the cost of the table must be paid before the lesson.

I look forward to meeting you and to working together!

About Joseph B.

~ Teaching beginners to professional students and coaching professionals for over 30 years. All levels and ages are welcome! ~

Hello my friends!

I am an internationally respected concert pianist and composer who comes from a family of renowned musicians. I earned my degrees from the Julliard School in its top 1% of all performers. However, I also traveled much in my lifetime to study with other historic and remarkable musicians around the world. This gave me the unique opportunity to be the fifth generation in a direct line of students to Ludwig Van Beethoven. Some of my illustrious teachers were proteges of Josef Hofmann, Felix Blumenfeld (teacher of Vladimir Horowitz), D'Albert and Bussoni, Anton Rubinstein, and Franz Liszt.

It is marvelous to be able to find each other now online! You no longer have to spend years and hundreds of thousands of dollars on commitments of travel and expense for world-class education. I am glad to pass this precious knowledge to all who wish to learn and continue to keep it alive in the world!

Many of my students continue our great legacy on the most prestigious stages of the world including the Met, LaScala and Carnegie Hall. All students, no matter their initial goal, continue to love and deeply understand music for their entire lives.

Each lesson you take will feel informal and yet efficient in its momentum. Each person gets their own best shortcuts to their most effective technique and the most profound understanding of interpretive arts in the world of music. A complete musical literacy and education is offered but you are free to select the areas you wish to focus on and be comfortable to ask any questions as well as be sure to understand the reasons for the answers. The old world way of teaching which I do, makes sure that the student is fully aware and capable of feeling comfortable after the lesson is over.

The goal is independence and pleasure of progress. Personal goals will be encouraged whether they are to perform for family or on a stage. I enjoy teaching all levels and all ages. Each is an adventure and no two are alike. We are all unique individuals joined by the universal language of music.

I am happy to prepare my students and advise them for any exams preparation for university, conservatory, collage and participation in competition or festival. I am also able to offer professional advice and if appropriate an introduction in networking.

I teach and advise on instrument selection and upkeep, sound recording, music appreciation, conducting, composition, chamber music and many other subjects for fully well rounded musical education. (Take a look at all the fields I teach!) I have worked with special needs students very successfully and was invited to teach the faculty of many schools including an Al Sigl Center. My teaching has been endorsed by the Eastman and Juilliard Schools of Music.

My international writing is published by Carrol Publishing House in UK and other publications in the United States. My editing and consulting by Oxford University and my practice of personal performance system by Harvard University.

I invite new students to my family of students internationally and locally and welcome students of all levels and ages from around the world. I really enjoy meeting musicians from different cultures and countries. I am fluent in several languages but all we need is music to speak.

Following, are some reviews, videos and photos for your consideration. I look forward to meeting you soon!


“Charming playing.... His musicality, wide intellectual horizons and intelligence entitle him to take an important part in the musical life of this country.”

– Jerzy Semkow, Conductor

“I am most impressed with Mr. Brodtan's ability to get the message – his message of what he believes the composer is trying to say to the listener..... With his imagination and palette to create a wide array of tone colors, I believe that Joseph Brodtan will enjoy a long life as a pianist.”

– Peter Bay, Music Director of the Austin Symphony, Music Director of the Britt Festival Orchestra

“In my opinion, his artistry was on the highest level of virtuosity and musicality. He is a dynamic soloist, a gifted musician with a high level of awareness concerning music literature, styles and composition. I recommend him highly.

– Jeff Tyzik, Principal Pops Conductor of the Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra

“Joseph Brodtan's musical ability is well matched by his musical taste... a great talent.”

– David Zinman, Chief Conductor of Tonhalle Orchestra Zurich, Artistic Director of the Aspen Music Festival

“His performances are full of brilliance and poetry. Joseph captivates audiences with personal charm and profound thoughts.”

– Barry Snyder, Concert Pianist, listed in the book The Most Wanted Piano Teachers in the United States

“The best interpretation of a Chopin Ballade I have ever heard! Better interpretation than any recorded by Horowitz and Rubinstein, but still in a style that is all but extinct today. Singing tone, exquisite pedaling, explosive technique and supreme musicianship combined. This is the big league playing of yesteryear.”

– Ronald Broum, Music Critic for the Washington Post

“Exquisite playing! We desperately need this grand romantic ideal in these times.”

– David Dubal, Author of The Essential Canon of Classical Music and other acclaimed books, WQXR (NY Times) host of a classical program, former classical director of WNCN, Steinway Artist, Juilliard Professor of Piano Literature

“His compositions show great maturity and sensitivity and I predict some major works from this musician. He is an exceptionally fine pianist and an excellent all around musician... his teaching is first rate.”

– Samuel Adler, Composer, former Chair of Composition - Eastman School, Professor of the Juilliard School

“ I am very moved by this music, I must say am very deeply moved by this music! I want to know more of it! I would be most interested in hearing more. I especially like his instrumental compositions, which are very interesting. I believe that a full program of Mr. Brodtan's compositions would be very good indeed and needs to happen often. He is a well trained, young composer that brings forth music of true maturity and has a rare talent for melodic writing.”

– David Diamond, Composer, former Professor of the Juilliard School and historic composer of the 20th Century


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5 Reviews
Profile-location-online Online

Joseph has a wealth of knowledge about speaking, listening, vocals, etc.

He created a welcoming environment in our online lessons that made it easy to be vulnerable and get right to working on new skills.

I highly recommend for others looking to better understand their voice and communication style, and learn to hone them.

Posted Jun 3, 2020
Catherine K.
Profile-location-online Online

Joseph put us at ease immediately. Our first lesson included valuable information on how to warm up our voices, increase our range and protect our voices. We look forward to our next lesson.

Posted Jan 17, 2020
Profile-location-studio Teacher's Studio

I have been studying piano with Joseph for nearly five years. In that time, I’ve learned more about the piano and musical interpretation than I ever thought possible.

Joseph’s technical ‘short cuts’ are amazing! He illustrates ways for your hands and your mind to work that are tailor made for you. Learning from him is so fun it seems almost effortless.

The way Joseph teaches allows you to develop at your own pace. The atmosphere is always relaxed yet everything moves along quickly.

At the open classes I attend, his other students are progressing very rapidly too. After each class, we share our impressions. The mood is elated because it feels like we stepped back in time and into history.

Joseph often quotes inspired wisdom of his historic teachers in our lessons. He is a great inspiration on his own with great musical insights.

I’m playing Beethoven and Chopin works I never thought I could approach at this stage of study, with great depth of understanding. I now play with greater passion and skill, get compliments from everyone I play for, and no longer worry about playing in public.

I look forward to each and every lesson with Joseph. His encouragement and support makes learning so rewarding! Anyone who finds this musical treasure is a lucky person and I cannot recommend him highly enough.

Posted Nov 14, 2019
Profile-location-home Student's Home

Joseph shared his composition at the bedside of a dying man. Everyone listened and stopped crying for a moment. We were transported from the terrible tragedy into his world of beautiful music. His compassion and sensitivity of spirit touched us. When he teaches this gift to others, the world becomes a better place.

Posted Nov 12, 2019
Profile-location-online Online

A great teacher and an amazing pianist! This was an experience of a lifetime for me. I have studied for many years but have never met anyone who can explain and demonstrate with such depth and clarity. In one lesson I learned more than I have in the past year! I am so grateful and would recommend this masterful teacher to everyone.

Posted Nov 12, 2019

Photos & Videos

15 Photos & Videos


Feb 2001 - Present

Muse of Life Society, Inc.

Non-Profit 501C Organization for the preservation of Music and the Arts.

Head of Recording at Nightingale Studios and Muse Productions
Feb 1990 - Present

Muse Recording

Many recordings of great musicians and own recordings of CD sold at Barns and Noble, Amazon, HMV and other fine stores throughout the country. Internationally available. Analogue Mastering, Digital Post Production and Remastering. Sound improvement and over dobbing. Video sync.

Founder of the music school and teacher of music for over 30 years
Jan 1990 - Present

Private International Conservatory

With over 200 years of combined teaching experience and graduate degrees of every professor in violin, viola and piano as well as many other subjects like theory, history, composition, chamber music and ear training, master classes and performances every week for many years. Our family of professional musicians have taught music on three continents and has roots in the works and teaching of some of the greatest musicians of classical music history.

Music Director
Jan 1990 - Present

Nightingale Studios School of Music and The Arts

Touring the United States and Internationally with Master Classes at various collages, conservatories and universities as well as schools. Salon revival of the late 19C style and early 20C events. Gathering complimentary disciplines of visual arts, dance, spoken word, literature and poetry with music. Bringing classical education and high culture to communities in need and low income demographics. Our work has been praised in the media, on television, air and online. The thousands of children we inspired across the world with our Awakening Young Hearts programs continue to share their learning with their families and friends. A pebble in the pond effect has continued as reflected in the writing of the children after the programs were given. This program continues along with a new podcast to start next year online. Please inquire if interested.

Writer, Researcher of Health, Psychology and Metaphysics
Jan 1980 - Present


Body of work and research from subject and contribution to the field of health and spirituality including applied innovations in healthcare to philosophy and metaphysical investigations. Poetry, prose, assay and photojournalism in the field of animal and human interaction, self-improvement, communications and application of humor in anthropology. Editorial and scientific pier review work for the largest publication online. Currently at work on a volume of overview spanning 200 years of classical music across Europe and the United States. Application of music to everyday life in innovative techniques as applied over the last 30 years and developed by the author.

Acoustic Designer
Apr 2014 - Aug 2017

Muse Recording

Designed and supervised acoustic treatments and architectural renovations for health convention, spiritual center and concert space building in Rochester, NY. Final results approved and endorsed by former concertmaster of the Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra as now worthy of world-class reputation. Many private homes and businesses similarly equipped per individual request.

Photojournalist Writer Correspondent
Feb 1998 - Dec 2009

Gennett Papers

Photography, Articles and Music Criticism and Review. Remote Correspondent to Veil Music Festival for the Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra.

MVP and Persoanal Psychology Coach/ Advisor
May 2001 - Oct 2008


Inventor of methodology in training, inventing new games to sharpen the mind, the eye and the psychology of performance. As a performer in my field and a student of Irving Crane, who was a 12 time world champion and champion of champions many times, I have enjoyed bringing players to levels they have not thought possible. My own progress is akin to meditation and as such I improve while finding out more about the substance of things. I enjoy sharing this unique approach and process with my students. Some of the greatest musicians such as Mozart and writers such as Mark Twain have been known to admire and treasure this artful game. I have been fortunate to take my team to a point of going to Las Vegas for tournaments and to win money as prizes for their playing. However, it will always be a peaceful self discovery to me.

Host of Classical Music and Jazz/Blues Program on NPR
Mar 1998 - May 2004

WXXI Radio Station

FM and AM sides of the station broadcast included custom picked music and speaking freely on the history and meaning of performances which I selected for my audiences.

Director of Classical Programming at WRUR Radio Station in Rochester NY
Jan 1994 - Mar 2004

University of Rochester

Appointed by the student body and the council of the University of Rochester while producing and hosting the acclaimed program "Journeys Through The Arts." The program was on the air and on the web for over 10 years. My guests included Tony Randall, David Zinman, Itzak Perlman, Irving Crane and many others at the top of their fields. The common these was the psychology of performance and the thread of inspiration that tied all of these fields together in self awareness. I teach many subjects based on these principles.

Vocal Coach and Teacher of Piano Performance, Composition.
Apr 1992 - Sep 1993

University of Southern California

Coaching Opera Singers DMA and Post Graduate as well as Undergraduate Students and the University of Southern California. Working on a well rounded education as well as interpretive skills of the students from various countries and backgrounds.

Teacher of Piano Performance and interpretive skills in music.
May 1991 - Aug 1992

University of Michigan

Class of 23 students many of whom majors in other fields while studying at the University of Michigan.


Bachelor and Master Of Music Degrees
Mar 1984 - Nov 1990

The Juilliard School

Conducting, Composition and Piano Perfomance
Jan 1979 - Dec 1984

Eastman School of Music



Fluent / Native Proficiency


Fluent / Native Proficiency


Limited Proficiency


Professional Review And Historical Reference Placement
May 2014

Braavo Enterprises

Braavo Enterprises Review and Assessment: I've never heard live performance better than this. In comparison to historic sound recordings, it definitely surpasses Horowitz, Cziffra, and Ogdon in emotionality of expression and proportionality of form. The program is vividly presented in a cycle manner, typical for Liszt - like his 2nd piano concerto or Sonata - with the same theme passing transformations from dramatic sonata to lyrical slow movement, then grotesque scherzo and buoyant finale. The dramatic content here is passed through all these stages with amazing clarity, demonstrating different facets at each stage. This performance comes close to challenge alternative readings by Egon Petri, with his Busonish expressionistic "non-legato" inhumanity of Satanic evocation; or Alexander Brailowsky, with his irresistibility of dance; or Sviatoslav Richter, crushing with Mephisto's powers towards the end the seduced listener (1958 version). It is great to know that we still have an artist who can play like that today!
Enrichment Award and Program Director of WRUR radio station
Mar 2001

The Arts Council Nomination

Nominated for the educational work, forming the non-profit organization that was well received and reviewed in the media. Work with thousands of local children as well as travel to other countries with workshops, lectures and performances. Certified by the University as the Valued Asset of the City. Named the Musician of the Year in Rochester, NY.
.PRO Internet Qualification Background Varification
Mar 1998

Network Solutions

Background of Professional Resume was verified to receive certification in ownership of Classical Music.Pro and Music Lessons.Pro domains. We are expending our work to cover International demand and interest with the growing technology. These websites will offer online competition with prizes and performance opportunities for our many students of all levels. Education in little known history of classical music and the arts will continue to be more broadly shared to preserve its vanishing presence in our quickly paced world. We invite all to join our work.
Professional Musicians Musicians Union
Jan 1985

American Professional Musicians Union

As members of several professional symphony orchestras in the United States and Europe, our family of musicians have been members of the professional musicians union protecting the rights of the working musicians and the dignity of our profession.


Laureate of Beethoven International Piano Competition
Feb 1997

Beethoven International Piano Competition

Laureate of Pro Piano International Competition
Apr 1996

Pro Piano International Competition

Six Gina Bachauer Nominations
Apr 1990

The Juilliard School

Laureate of Young Artists International Competition
May 1988

Young Artists International Competition

Van Cliburn Fellowiship
Jan 1988

Van Cliburn Foundation

Laureate of General Motors and 17 International Competition
Nov 1983

General Motors and 17 International Competition

Ranlet Award First Prize Winner
Mar 1983

Rochester Philharmonic Women's Legue

Alec Wilder Award
Jan 1983

Eastman School of Music

Laureate of New York Philharmonic International Competition
Jun 1982

New York Philharmonic

Five Certificates of Merit
Mar 1982

Eastman School of Music

The Gold Medal Winner of the Canadian International Recording Competition
Jan 1980

Canada International Recording Competition


Music Teachers National Association
Apr 1993
The MTNA was founded in 1876 with the goal of advancing the value of music study and music-making to society while supporting the careers and professionalism of teachers of music. With nearly 22,000 members in 50 states—and more than 500 local affiliates—the MTNA is the preeminent source for music teacher support, where members embody like-minded values and commitment to their students, colleagues and society as a whole, while reaping the rewards of collaboration, continuity and connection throughout the lifetime of their careers.
American Federation of Musicians
Jan 1985
A labor union representing professional musicians in the United States and Canada. Founding in 1896 as the successor to the "National League of Musicians," the AFM is the largest organization in the world representing the interests of professional musicians.

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