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From Your Mind To Your Ear - I teach Objective Hearing That Puts You In Charge Of Your Speech!
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The key to reducing your accent is a sensitive, objective hearing. We hear what we project from our minds. Very often it is not the same as what comes out of our mouths. The listener is also a judge that effects our speaking and thinking as well as our emotional state. That as you may know, effects the way we speak and also the way we perceive what we hear. The accent actually changes every day. There is your first lesson and its free! There is much more to learn and to explore in accent reduction. I speak multiple languages and I am a professional musician with an unusually refined hearing. I possess perfect pitch, being able to identify frequency to within a range of a tuning instrument. As a conductor, I am able to hear which section and which instrument in that section is sharp or flat on a given note in the middle of playing a symphonic work. Why is this important? It is vital to being able to identify what and where is needed to be moved as you speak to reduce or eliminate the accent in your speech. There are some jobs in acting or broadcasting that prefer an accent but it should be under your control and desire to produce it and modulate as you wish. I arrived from Ukraine without any vocabulary (actually about 3 words) of the English language. Since, I have done voice over work, trained singers and worked with accent reduction for opera and lieder work on a doctoral level of a degree program. Taught voice and singing at USC (University of Southern California) and managed to remove any accent from the English language or the Russian language I speak as a native. My Italian speech has been praised as without accent as well. I offer my expertise in whatever project and goal you may have. The style of my work is laid back but effective. As I stated above, it is important to relax and enjoy your time to be able to hear well. I look forward to working with you.
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~ Teaching beginners to professional students and coaching professionals for over 30 years. All levels and ages are welcome! ~ Hello my Friends! I am an internationally respected concert pianist and composer who comes from a family of renowned musicians. I earned my Bachelor and Master of Music Degrees from the Julliard School in its top 1% of all performers. My Doctorate of Music work took me from University of Michigan to the University of Southern California. However, I also traveled much in my lifetime to study with other historic and remarkable musicians around the world. This gave me the unique opportunity to be the fifth generation in a direct line of students to Ludwig Van Beethoven. Some of my illustrious teachers were proteges of Josef Hofmann, Felix Blumenfeld (teacher of Vladimir Horowitz), D'Albert and Bussoni, Anton Rubinstein, and Franz Liszt. It is marvelous to be able to find each other now online! You no longer have to spend years and hundreds of thousands of dollars on commitments of travel and expense for world-class education. I am glad to pass this precious knowledge to all who wish to learn and continue to keep it alive in the world! Many of my students continue our great legacy on the most prestigious stages of the world including the Met, LaScala and Carnegie Hall. All students, no matter their initial goal, continue to love and deeply understand music for their entire lives. Each lesson you take will feel informal and yet efficient in its momentum. Each person gets their own best shortcuts to their most effective technique and the most profound understanding of interpretive arts in the world of music. A complete musical literacy and education is offered but you are free to select the areas you wish to focus on and be comfortable to ask any questions as well as be sure to understand the reasons for the answers. The old world way of teaching which I do, makes sure that the student is fully aware and capable of feeling comfortable after the lesson is over. The goal is independence and pleasure of progress. Personal goals will be encouraged whether they are to perform for family or on a stage. I enjoy teaching all levels and all ages. Each is an adventure and no two are alike. We are all unique individuals joined by the universal language of music. I am happy to prepare my students and advise them for any exams preparation for university, conservatory, collage and participation in competition or festival. I am also able to offer professional advice and if appropriate an introduction in networking. I have won and judged competitions including International Competitions for which I can prepare students. I teach and advise on instrument selection and upkeep, sound recording, music appreciation, conducting, composition, chamber music and many other subjects for fully well rounded musical education. (Take a look at all the fields I teach!) I have worked with special needs students and lectured the faculty of many schools including Al Sigl Center. I taught at the Eastman and Juilliard Schools of Music, University of Michigan and at the University of Southern California. Over the years, I have given Master Classes and lectures at numerous universities and schools around the world. My international writing is published by Carrol Publishing House in UK and other publications in the United States. My editing and peer review at Oxford University is published by Frontier scientific publication and my practice of personal performance system presented at the Harvard University. My concert performances as well as my teaching is historically archived at the University of Michigan as well as at Sibley Music Library at the Eastman School of Music and University of Rochester. It is preserved there for future generations. I invite new students to my family of students internationally and locally and welcome students of all levels and ages from around the world. I really enjoy meeting musicians from different cultures and countries. I am fluent in several languages but all we need to communicate is music. Following, are some reviews, videos and photos for your consideration. I look forward to meeting you soon! ----------------- “Charming playing.... His musicality, wide intellectual horizons and intelligence entitle him to take an important part in the musical life of this country.” – Jerzy Semkow, Conductor “I am most impressed with Mr. Brodtan's ability to get the message – his message of what he believes the composer is trying to say to the listener..... With his imagination and palette to create a wide array of tone colors, I believe that Joseph Brodtan will enjoy a long life as a pianist.” – Peter Bay, Music Director of the Austin Symphony, Music Director of the Britt Festival Orchestra “In my opinion, his artistry was on the highest level of virtuosity and musicality. He is a dynamic soloist, a gifted musician with a high level of awareness concerning music literature, styles and composition. I recommend him highly. – Jeff Tyzik, Principal Pops Conductor of the Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra “Joseph Brodtan's musical ability is well matched by his musical taste... a great talent.” – David Zinman, Chief Conductor of Tonhalle Orchestra Zurich, Artistic Director of the Aspen Music Festival “His performances are full of brilliance and poetry. Joseph captivates audiences with personal charm and profound thoughts.” – Barry Snyder, Concert Pianist, listed in the book The Most Wanted Piano Teachers in the United States "Joseph's intensity of life force contained in every beautiful tone, in his every single note was an event never forgotten. Indeed I have used his great performances as historic examples of intensity, spontaneity, detail and meaning to my many students during my decades of teaching at the Eastman School of Music. To witness such intensity of thought and passion, where the completeness of meaning in every single note became an event in itself - a memorable event with each note! Yet, all the while belonging to the whole of the phrase and interpretation with the most natural ease, the impression of Joseph's passionate concerts has stayed with me for my entire life!" – Verne Reynolds, Eastman School Professor Emeritus of Horn, Principal Horn of the Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra. “The best interpretation of a Chopin Ballade I have ever heard! Better interpretation than any recorded by Horowitz and Rubinstein, but still in a style that is all but extinct today. Singing tone, exquisite pedaling, explosive technique and supreme musicianship combined. This is the big league playing of yesteryear.” – Ronald Broum, Music Critic for the Washington Post “Exquisite playing! We desperately need this grand romantic ideal in these times. He is one of my inspirations in the world of piano literature.” – David Dubal, Author of The Essential Canon of Classical Music and other acclaimed books, WQXR (NY Times) host of a classical program, former classical director of WNCN, Steinway Artist, Juilliard Professor of Piano Literature “His compositions show great maturity and sensitivity and I predict some major works from this musician. He is an exceptionally fine pianist and an excellent all around musician... his teaching is first rate.” – Samuel Adler, Composer, former Chair of Composition - Eastman School, Professor of the Juilliard School “ I am very moved by this music, I must say am very deeply moved by this music! I want to know more of it! I would be most interested in hearing more. I especially like his instrumental compositions, which are very interesting. I believe that a full program of Mr. Brodtan's compositions would be very good indeed and needs to happen often. He is a well trained, young composer that brings forth music of true maturity and has a rare talent for melodic writing.” – David Diamond, Composer, former Professor of the Juilliard School and historic composer of the 20th Century

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