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Toshi teaches: Ages 10 to 55
Special needs
Teaching since: April 2004
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Welcome! My name is Toshi M. I was born in Hiroshima City and raised in Tokyo, Japan.

In 2014, I am currently working with a new project through Google called, "Ok Glass." It's a data collection project that leads to the betterment of Google products for voice search capabilities in their Google search engine, Chrome software and Google Glass. Google has chosen me to record, translate and transcribe for these projects within the Japanese division!

***Please read my entire page including the Cancellation, reschedule and late Policy carefully before purchasing lessons!!***

My tutoring policy is not just simply to teach the Japanese language as a Japanese. No, I always want to teach students more than the language.

If you are interested in the Japanese traditions as well as the language and traditions, then that is a good start for learning. Fun, interest and enjoyment are the best tools for learning with my tutoring.

You will not only be able to speak Japanese, but you will grasp the traits of the Japanese language, traditions, history, culture, and, most importantly, the uniquely Japanese styles of courtesy and customs simultaneously!

I teach practical Japanese so you can actually communicate and exchange proper responses with real Japanese with a sense of smooth conversation. My teaching method varies depending on the student's level.

Are you struggling?

Perhaps you went to a Japanese language school, but when you saw Japanese anime or movies you still did not understand? Then you wondered WHY, didn'™t you! After all, you paid so much money for school!

Here is the answer: most of the school are not teaching true and complete Japanese! Yes, they are teaching proper Japanese very well. but it only works for some test like a JLPT or speaking at work.

The SECRET is that Japanese people do not speak proper Japanese all the time. They usually speak casual, informal Japanese when they are talking with friends and family, and there are gender differences in spoken Japanese!

Japanese movies and anime cartoons, manga, are mostly stories of friends and family, NOT stories of formal work.

That is why you need to know proper Japanese and casual, informal Japanese both! The Japanese culture and language have customs and orders which you must know and understand completely!

I teach both of these structures at the same time. You need to know when and how to change from proper verbs to casual, informal verbs, and then you will begin to understand the Japanese anime and movies!

I am very strong in teaching proper Japanese, including reading and writing Hiragana, Katakana, and Kanji. If you are only interested in JLPT Training (any level) or AP Japanese Language and Culture, we can certainly work with that.

However, I also teach business Japanese, word beautification, gender differences in spoken Japanese, proper and casual conversations, polite language, humble language, and respectful verbs. This is necessary for improving your personal and business relations!

I also teach Japanese slang along with many other aspects of the Japanese culture. Whatever you need or want to learn, I am here to assist you!

Whether you are a beginner or an advanced student, I can tutor you in private lessons at your computer. I am experienced with teaching all levels and all ages!

I give a fun, relaxed lesson and work to teach the precise and gentle true Japanese way in a friendly and open-minded one-on-one session or group lessons via Skype.

I believe you will find everything you need, because I am focused on providing high-quality service and customer satisfaction. I will do everything I can to meet your expectations, and with a variety of offerings to choose from, I am sure you will be happy working with me!

I also teach ORIGAMI (Japanese art of paper folding), how to make SUSHI, and how to hold the Japanese Traditional Tea Ceremony. I am able to give you information about J-POP and traditional Japanese songs as well. We can have fun with those, too.

If you would like to have a lesson once per week or twice per week, let's discuss the possibilities!

I do not usually set up a specific 10-hour or 20-hour plan, because it all depends on the student's level.

I then find the best speed for each student. At that point, if you want to stop at 10 hours, that is fine, and you can stop! Or, if you want to continue to do the class, you can continue. You may stop at 8, 15 or 30 sessions... whatever is best for you!

Do you want to speak Japanese for a few conversations... or do you want to speak Japanese fluently? Or perhaps you want to take a Japanese Language Proficiency Test or AP Japanese Language and Culture Test? That all depends on your achievement!

You can let me know if you want to continue or not anytime! Let's go from there!

If you have any questions about my tutoring, please feel free to contact me through

Hope to see you soon, I look forward to lesson with you! :)


Have an awesome day and God Bless!


***Cancellation policy***
Class cancellations and rescheduling must be done 24 hours in advance before the scheduled lesson. If you do not reach me within the 24 hour period, you will be charged for the lesson. (You must contact me 24 hours in advance or else you will be charged for the lesson. It does not matter what the reason the is, you will be charged.)

If you cannot make your assigned lesson time for more than two weeks consecutively (for vacation, camp, or for any other reason) I will have to give your lesson time to another student. I work with many students and have a busy teaching schedule, which means that I cannot afford to hold a time slot with a student that cannot consistently show up for their lesson. If you would to start lessons again, I ask that you please chose your preferred day and time from my availability, and then let me know when you want to start again. I will then put you in my schedule.

If you are going to be late for your lesson, please contact me by text or Skype message before your scheduled class. If you are late 5 minutes or more to class (without prior notice), your lesson will be cancelled, and you will be charged for the missed lesson. No refunds given and you might be terminated from my calendar. Please note: if you signed up for lessons with me, you have agreed to my cancellation, reschedule, and late policy. Also, please read The 24 Hour Golden Rule by

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Google USA & Japan

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"The Church On The Way" Van Nuys Los Angeles CA

Apr 2004 - Present
Japanese Tutoring


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Daniel May 21, 2017
· Japanese · Online Thank you Toshi Sensei! At my first lesson I learned many basic expressions and sentence structures. Toshi Sensei is fun. I will be going to Japan in 3 months, and I know my lessons with Toshi Sensei will help me communicate politely and effectively. Can't wait next lesson!!!
Jaime May 17, 2017
· Japanese · Online A great experience!
Travis May 15, 2017
· Japanese · Online I have been learning from Toshi-sensei for about three years now. He does a good job assigning homework and providing that bit of pressure that pushes you to succeed. Thanks to Toshi, I passed the JLPT at the N5 level. I am now taking Japanese at the university level and will be studying abroad in Japan for summer 2017. Thanks to Toshi-sensei, I embarked on an amazing journey that keeps getting better.
Robert. E May 15, 2017
· Japanese · Online Toshi Sensei is kind, patient, and very skillful at teaching a foreign language. I would highly recommend him for his steady encouragement, caring nature and dedicated professionalism. Thanks to his tutoring, I find myself being able to convert my previous experience of learning Japanese into more organized, polished sentences. His homework assignments are especially targeted to help you succeed. I look forward to each week and getting closer and closer to maybe one day being fluent!
Samuel. D May 14, 2017
· Japanese · Online SOOOO Good. Amazing Tutor. I love Toshi- Sensei. Very competent and highly intelligent. Wonderful personality and friendly attitude. Very good at explaining things and helping you to understand.
Rusty May 14, 2017
· Japanese · Online Sensei is great. He makes me feel comfortable and confident. Our lessons about Japanese are perfect for me. He teaches with a smile and understands the struggle of learning a foreign language.
Adam Feb 16, 2017
· Japanese · Online Great experience, Toshi sensei does a fantastic job at keeping you motivated and guiding the lesson. Already a few lessons in and I am starting to have basic conversations.

Arigatou Gozaimasu Toshi sensei!
Cameron T. Jan 20, 2017
· Japanese · Online Excellant
Marie Sep 21, 2016
· Japanese · Online Toshi is a fabulous teacher to my 11 year old daughter. She absolutely loves her Japanese lessons and looks forward to them. She has 3 lessons a week with Toshi and has been going strong for 6 months. I love his teaching method, his attention to detail and his patience, whilst at the same time pushing forward and expecting the best he knows that his student is capable of. Toshi shares Japanese culture and information via skype or email outside of 'lesson learning time, which is another wonderful addition to lesson learning outside of actual lesson time'. Toshi is a rare find and I cannot recommend him enough for anyone wanting to learn Japanese.
Jennifer Sep 20, 2016
· Japanese · Online We love Toshi-Sensei! He is a professional, warm, friendly and so patient and very fun with the boys. He is always upbeat and enthusiastic. He helps the boys with their homework and writing sentences with their katakana, kanji. They love working with Toshi so much, and his gentle humor takes most of the drudgery out of doing homework. I love that he is there to help make sure they understand their work, as I don't know any Japanese at all. Toshi is BEST!
Toshi Morikawa
Toshi M.

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