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Learning a new language is to enter the world of one's unacquainted cultures for which the learner should have a great enthusiasm. Farsi, the language of a great civilization, which, to this day, stands on its own aesthetical values, historical duration and significant influence on vast ranges of great people from Johann von Goethe to Alexander Pushkin, from Thomas Moore to Friedrich Nietzsche and from Abraham Lincoln to F. Scott Fitz Gerald, has been opening to the eyes of mankind, views of unique vistas of artistic literature and horizons of reviving poetical beauty.
Learning Farsi, for those who want not to deprive themselves of a great and prominent artistic beauty and for those who want to be the everlasting young green leaves by keeping their connections to their roots; is a great opportunity to bring their wishes to life.
I have been teaching Farsi literature since I was in high school; never for money though, and I have had more than a hundred satisfying successes in teaching it to learners of different levels of knowledge, from illiterates to college graduates. My personal passion for teaching, flourishes in Farsi specifically, since I believe that any language, is the only way, with which we express ourselves, communicate with each other and understand the concepts unknown to us.
In the end, no matter from whom you choose to learn, I truly recommend, to give yourself a chance and a challenge of exploring the beauty of Farsi language, literature and poetry.
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Learning a new language is to create a pathway to one's unacquainted cultures, to which the learner ought to be eager; and this is the only prerequisite for such purpose. Talent, attention and dedication, all, come afterwards.
An eager learner, never feels incompetent or alone; with a dedicated teacher who can make him/her relaxed, fully attentive and innovative.
We, all, have unique ways of expressing ourselves, by using the same pool of words; which is what makes the concept of language a distinctive invention.
This has been the essence of teaching Farsi for me. To make each learner use Farsi as a unique effective tool of self-expression.
I started teaching Farsi literature to my juniors when I was 10 and ever since that has been one of my pleasures, which I kept doing during all past years. Having more than 10000 verses in different styles of Farsi classic poetry, editing books, articles, writing for amateur and professional newspapers, I have had learners of expanded range of age, education, and knowledge of Farsi, from illiterates to university students; all of whom eventually performed greatly.
The key was, to make them self-sufficient and independent by encouraging them find out, how they interpret the concept of language, and from then on, they had the joy of learning what they wanted to learn, facing challenges they loved to face, and the self-satisfaction anyone needs.
30 years of continuous learning, teaching and evaluating my students on different subjects, had shown me that whatever a human creates, can be taught, and whatever can be taught, can be learned.
In my teaching method, depending on the learner's age, goal, education, status of Farsi understanding and dedicated free time to study, different schedules will be set; and different tasks will be executed. The environment in which the learner will be trained surrounds his/her goals, and the expectations never surpass the abilities. It will be exclusively topic-related, which means learner will not be dealing with tasks outside of their functionality; so that anything taught, could be easily memorized.
The first session includes a free 15 minutes acquaintance, during which areas of interest in my teaching and learner's goals will be assessed to be sufficient, and then educational process proceeds.
At last, regardless of your choice of educator, learning Farsi is a great way of spending your time and effort to gain some valuable practical knowledge which makes you proud of knowing it.

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Sep 1988 - Aug 2009

I started tutoring to my juniors when I was 10; and that included all the subjects I had mastered in my former years of education; from math to general science, from literature to history, from geography to social sciences; and I continued to do so in high school and later on during my years in the university and afterwards; yet of all the subjects I taught, besides mathematics and algebra, my most personal passion was for Farsi language, which I taught and tutored to a very wide range of people; from a very basic level of teaching for illiterates to a highly advanced way of analyzing writing styles of prominent Iranian novelists for schoolteachers. Teaching Farsi to those who are eager to learn it, is a passion and pleasure for me, which I have sought so far and will seek as well.

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