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Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

Hi / Shalom / שלום,

I was born and raised in Israel, I moved to the US in 2001 and few years later I started to teach Hebrew. Something that started as a hobby and a part time job became my passion and a full time job for me. I feel very lucky and thankful to fill my days with the thing I like to do the most – help people learn Hebrew.

I have 10 years of experience in academic settings (university and college), face-to-face tutoring and teaching online..

To learn more about me, please visit my website and my school Facebook page – in both places you can also read what my students think about our lessons.

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Orit delivers an exceptional lesson experience and ranks in the top 15% of our teachers nationwide.
Teaches students:
Ages 10+

Teaching since:
January 2006

Hi / Shalom / שלום

I have experience with teaching beginners, intermediate and very advanced Hebrew students. I was and am teaching mainly adults of any age from 16- to 90-year-olds.

During my lessons, I use different methods to teach new material, to practice it and to engage the student in conversations in Hebrew. Following each lesson a summary of the lesson is emailed to the students. The summary includes review, my recordings in Hebrew, links and more practice options.

One of the focuses of my Hebrew teaching career between 2014-2016 was developing a program for teaching to read in Hebrew. The result of these 2 years’ work is an eBook “Learn to Read Hebrew in 1 to 8 Weeks!” – which is available in Amazon.
My brand name, “Ivrit By Orit”, includes Ivrit, which means Hebrew in Hebrew, and my first name Orit, which means 'light' in Hebrew.
After you sign-up for my lessons, I will forward you my website and FaceBook links where you can learn more about me, the Hebrew language, and Israeli and Jewish culture.

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Hebrew Private Tutor for Adults
Jan 2005 - Present

I tutor one-on-one and small groups (2-8 students).

Hebrew Instructor
Aug 2009 - Dec 2015
Johnson County Community College

Hebrew instructor
Aug 2010 - May 2011
Kansas University


Teaching Hebrew as a second language
Feb 2011 - Aug 2011
Mofet institute – on line
B.A Economics
Feb 1986 - Dec 1988
Tel-Aviv University, Israel


Professional Proficiency
Fluent / Native Proficiency
Professional Proficiency

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Introducing my self.
Teaching to read Hebrew.

35 Reviews

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Orlando Aug 29, 2019
Hebrew · Online

Orit is not only a nice instructor that put me at ease, bu also very good at correcting and explaining my mistakes.

Ed C. Jul 4, 2019
Hebrew · Online

I have been studying with Orit for several years now. She is a great teacher and does a super job at adapting to my learning style and helping me meet my particular goals.

Ed C. Apr 18, 2019
Hebrew · Online

I have been studying with Orit for several years. She is the best!

Saif (Alia) A. Feb 12, 2019
Hebrew · Online

Pam Aug 19, 2018
Hebrew · Online

Orit is awesome! Best instructor ever. She is very structured and able to communicate at my level as I progress. She is an all-round lovely person.

Ed C. Aug 9, 2018
Hebrew · Online

Have been studying with her for 1 1/2 years - all of my Israeli friends keep telling me how much my Hebrew has improved (and I spoke some Hebrew before I started with Orit)!

Benjamin Jul 23, 2018
Hebrew · Online

Great instructor! Kind and patient, so helpful

Benjamin Jul 9, 2018
Hebrew · Online

Saif (Alia) A. Jun 6, 2018
Hebrew · Online

Sandra May 22, 2018
Hebrew · Online

Great beginnings. Looking forward to many more

Eric Apr 13, 2018
Hebrew · Online

Orit is a great teacher! The teaching flows together very nicely.

Ed C. Jan 4, 2018
Hebrew · Online

I have been working with Orit for over a year. She gives 110 percent to her teaching, and my Israeli friends all comment on the progress I have made with my Hebrew. She is the best!

Allen B. Nov 29, 2017
Hebrew · Online

Lisa Sep 11, 2017
Hebrew · Online

It was very good. Orit asked great questions that allowed us to have a good conversation. It was fun to practice what i do know, and I am ready to learn all that I do not know. thanks Orit!

Gideon Sep 7, 2017
Hebrew · Online

Steve I. Aug 31, 2017
Hebrew · Online

Ed C. Jul 27, 2017
Hebrew · Online

Have been taking lessons w/Orit now for 7 months - she is AWESOME!

Jenny Jul 12, 2017
Hebrew · Online

Adele Jan 22, 2017
Hebrew · Online

My daughter Adele enjoyed the lesson. Looking forward to being able to speak Hebrew with her.

Gideon Jan 15, 2017
Hebrew · Online

Steve Jan 12, 2017
Hebrew · Online

Ed C. Dec 22, 2016
Hebrew · Online

First lesson, so not a lot to go on - but I think she is excellent! I am somewhat fluent already in Hebrew, and she was able to match my level with her instruction.

Olesya Nov 5, 2016
Hebrew · Online

Orit is a great instructor, very knowledgeable and accommodating.

Pam Oct 15, 2016
Hebrew · Online

Orit is great! Every lesson has a real structure and you steadily build on past knowledge.

Rachael Sep 20, 2016
Hebrew · Online

Great first lesson and I cannot wait to learn more with Orit!

Giulia Sep 5, 2016
Hebrew · Online

Fast pace, been learning so much in such a short period. I am loving it!

Emily Jul 31, 2016
Hebrew · Online

I took 120 hours of classes with Orit between June and August. In that time I went from knowing no Hebrew to being able to read, write, speak and understand conversations as well as short stories. Orit was always punctual, and I loved the well-developed course materials. We covered much more material than we would have been able to in a large class. Overall, a great language learning experience!
למדתי עברית עם אורית בשנת2015. עכשיו אני יכולה ללמוד, לכתוב, לדבר ולשמוע עברית. הקורס היה מצוין!

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Raviv Jul 22, 2016
Hebrew · Online

Orit is a wonderful teacher! She is extremely patient, knowledgeable, and kind. She has a very clear lesson plan and continually reinforces topics that I have learned/am studying. I'm excited to continue my studies with her. Highly recommended!

Dolores Miller Jul 15, 2016
Hebrew · In studio

Having years of college teaching experience myself, I am happy to recommend Orit's courses in Hebrew. I have enjoyed and greatly benefitted from my Hebrew learning with her. She has made a difficult subject easier to comprehend, beginning with simpler steps (the alphabet) and script writing, building up to idioms and vocabulary, and ultimately sentences and conversation.
The classes are small enough to be relaxed and informal, even fun! Personally, Orit is very kind and patient with all of her students, including this 83-year-old senior with hearing problems.
Dolores Miller, PhD

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Raviv Jul 15, 2016
Hebrew · Online

Orit is a wonderful teacher! She is extremely patient, knowledgeable, and kind. She has a very clear lesson plan and continually reinforces topics that I have learned/am studying. I'm excited to continue my studies with her. Highly recommended!

Jordan Jun 26, 2016
Hebrew · In studio

Orit is an incredibly resourceful, helpful, and present teacher who never delays to help her students in any and every way she can. She is thorough, kind, and incredibly patient, no matter the capacity or lack of former experience of the student. She has the ability to meet everyone where they are, and is gracious, gentle, encouraging, and resourceful. I have met many, many Hebrew language educators, the majority of them Israelis, and Orit is one of just a few who have the level of kindness, patience, endurance, and competence to teach to a multitude of levels of students.

I have had Orit in class as a teacher and learned much, but afterwards in my personal travels to Israel and in teaching my own students, Orit was and continues to be a valuable resource and connector in expanding my horizons and making the impossible possible. She is constantly teaching, whether on or off the clock, ready to answer, or go find the answer to any question I may have pertaining to Israeli culture or the Hebrew language. She inspires all her students to pursue Hebrew and discover the wonderful world of Israel. I highly recommend her as a teacher, no matter where you are in your Hebrew journey!

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Yiskah Jun 22, 2016
Hebrew · In home

Your class was one of the best things for me. I learned a language that I love and continue to study and I made friends that will be friends for life.
There is something wonderful about being able to communicate in this beautiful language that has no time to it. A language that has always been and will always be. Both an ancient and a modern language. And making new friends along the study, friends that share a similar passion, is something that is hard to find anywhere else. Thank you, Orit! You are great teacher and friend. Shalom, shalom

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Stephanie P. Jun 21, 2016
Hebrew · In home

I have taken beginners Hebrew from Orit and can only say wonderful things about her class and the way she teaches. The material that she made for our class was easy to understand and enjoyable to learn. I had taken Hebrew online before taking her class and I can say that Orit made learning Hebrew easier and more understandable. From taking her class I learned the Hebrew alephbet along with the correct pronunciation. This was such a tremendous help to me learning it for the 2nd time. I can say that her material and instruction was just what I needed to solidify my knowledge of beginners Hebrew. I highly recommend her class along with her learning material to anyone who is interested in learning the Hebrew language.

- Stephanie P.

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Kathleen Jun 20, 2016
Hebrew · In home

I participated in a Hebrew Reading class taught by Orit Kamara. It was a very enjoyable, stimulating and challenging. Orit’s presentation was very clear, organized, and concise. The content progressed from simple to complex and study materials reinforcing content well. She provided a relaxed, non-threatening environment for learning. I would highly recommended Orit’s classes.

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David Jun 14, 2016
Hebrew · In studio

As a teacher Orit is magnificent, patient and so generous! I was learning and experiencing Hebrew from day one!! I can't wait to continue studying with her online!!! Hands down the best teacher ever!!! :)

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