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Discover Greek Language and Culture with an Experienced Teacher Raised in Athens, Greece!
Hello! I'm Niki. My name's alternate spelling in English is "Nike." Yes, like the sports brand. It means victory. Why is this important in Greek culture? Work with me and find out! I believe that today's Greek culture matters as much as that of ancient times. With me, you can learn about everything: from old traditions and myths, slang and pop culture, to politics and even how to make the perfect Greek coffee, or moussaka. So if you need a versatile teacher with an Athenian (neutral) accent and clear speech, with great knowledge of Greek grammar, syntax, culture, as well as literature, let's work together. Having taught European, American, Latinx and Chinese students by now, I understand how people from different cultures/countries can have completely different learning processes and challenges, due to their mother tongue and collective experiences, in addition to their personal ones. Lastly, having taught solfège singing, I often use my music skill-set for accent-coaching. As for my background, I was born and raised in Athens, Greece. I graduated from the prestigious Arsakeion High School, where I studied intensive ancient and modern Greek, literature, Greek philosophy and Latin. I then studied musicology-pedagogy at the University of Athens, where I lived and taught music until I was 26. In addition to my private Greek tutoring studio in Chicago, I also taught Greek to second-generation Greeks (preschoolers and K1-2) at the Cathedral School of Boston.
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Your learning experience is about you. It is about your interests, personalized lesson plans, your learning style and aspirations. I look forward to working with you! A little bit about me: I was born and raised in Athens, Greece. I like traveling a lot. I moved to the U.S. in 2013 to continue my studies. I compose classical music for a living, so I can teach you how to create your own music. I have sung and played the piano with many different professional bands (from rock and pop, to blues and ethnic). In addition, having been a classical piano teacher for over a decade in preparatory schools (from pre-school to high-school), running my private piano/theory studio and currently teaching music majors in college (Northwestern University, New England Conservatory previously), I can confidently say that I have dealt with a large span of ages (3 – 45), personalities, cultural backgrounds and levels of students, especially aged 8 – 21. My teaching style is enthusiastic, humorous and theatrical, always focused on each student’s interests and approaching learning in an interdisciplinary way, incorporating singing, composing, movement and anything the student relates to. I believe in interactive learning and in giving the students the power to create their own curriculum. I will give you a solid technical jumpstart, you will learn to read and write music and we will have cross-genre playlists because we love all music. As for my education and current professional life, I'm a classical composer, a PhD candidate in Composition at Northwestern University, with a bachelor's degree in musicology, classical piano and theory. I also hold a master's degree in composition from New England Conservatory in Boston.

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