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Japanese with Masaki K.

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Teaches online
Teaches all skill levels
Age: 12+
Speaks English, Japanese
Teaching since 2013
Bachelor's Degree in Business Marketing

    Learn Japanese from a native speaker.

    Do you want to understand your favorite anime show, movies or Japanese culture better? Do you want to learn to crack jokes in Japanese and win any crowd over? Would you like to do business in Japan and need someone who can not only teach you the language, but cultural differences and etiquette so you can win over any client? Japanese and English are polar opposites in many ways. Sentence structures are upside down. English is written horizontally left to right, but traditional Japanese is written vertically right to left. Communicating can be difficult when what can be spoken directly in English has to be said in more subtle ways in Japanese, and this miscommunication can cause relationships to break down. My passion is to help people cross cultural barriers and make new friends. Learning a new language can build confidence and expand your mind in ways you never thought possible! One of the signs that you have truly mastered a language is to understand the humor. I can break down and explain jokes and humor to the point where you’ll be captivating a crowd. I want to build you up, not only in your speaking, listening, reading and writing ability, but in your confidence, because I believe confidence and charisma is the foundation for communication. I have also trained in acting and script analysis so I like to use movies and TV shows to teach language in a fun and interactive way. Let me help you master Japanese!

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    Teaches Online
    Teaches Online

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    About Masaki K.

    About me. I was born in Fukuoka, Japan and moved to the US when I was 18. I studied ESL then got a degree in marketing and worked in Real Estate and Finance for many years. I learned English from scratch when I moved to California and am now completely fluent in English, so much so that people can’t believe I’m not from here. My work takes me back and forth between Japan and the US, and I am so grateful to have a deep understanding of both the Japanese and Western way of life and be able to celebrate the two.
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